Two years ago, I taught my first barre (n9ne) class.

…and it was the best decision – and opportunity – I ever made (and had).

Every single class, every single day, I love what I do.

1901957_10152256648681170_1447480675_nIt brings me joy every single time, and there is no better feeling than to pay it forward in the form of helping women get into the best shape of their lives.

It gives me gratitude to put together a class that challenges, that inspires, that motivates.

And equally, when I have the chance to step into a class as a client myself, and get my own ‘me’ hour to focus, work, and sweat.

It touches me when a client looks for advice, suggestions, encouragement and asks me. To this day, I am always honored to help, to advise, to inspire and motivate.

And it keeps me on my toes – no pun intended, seriously hehe – to continue on my own journey, in maintaining this fit life, this balanced life, this happy life that I lead. It’s not a diet, it never has been, and never will. I have reached that happy place with food and my body, and you can’t quantify how good that feels.

It feels like I was meant to do this. Because I was. And I am. And I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.  Thank you Tanya for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime, and to the barre n9ne community, for being you, for your inspiration, loyalty and committment. I say it all the time, but there truly is no community like the barre n9ne community. You can’t make this happen, it’s created.

(in other news, I have a scary amount of selfies, but it was way too fun putting together this flipagram!)

19 thoughts on “Two years ago, I taught my first barre (n9ne) class.

  1. I love love love loooooove this post — it’s *exactly* how I feel about this two year journey we’ve been on together. I adore everything about the studio, the clients, the classes, the fitdate fun, all of it. I am honored to teach every single time I set foot into the studio and feel like it’s a dream come true, a dream we were meant to live out. And doing it together? Amazing. ❤ #b94lyf!

    1. I wish you could too!! Bucket list 😉 Hehe. If you can find a barre studio near you, I clearly highly recommend 🙂 And thank you so much!! it’s been such a journey!

    1. Thank you friend! Yes, can you believe it!? two years!! I think we NEED to be in Austin 😉 Abby can be our barre ringleader and YOU too!! XOXO

    1. yes!! please do try it – barre 3 is relatively similar to our classes, I’ve noticed, of any of the franchise barre studios out there.

  2. I love this! You and Jess definitely inspired me to pursue teaching yoga. Your enthusiasm for this and love for this is so infectious, you know? And your flipagram makes me want to go shopping for more workout clothes!

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