Living with intention.

My last post touched on this a bit, on authenticity and being our own people, but this is truly my goal for 2014, 1000%.

Intention. Purposeful living. Honesty. Reality.

Doing what I say I am going to do, not *just* saying it and striving for it, but doing it. That means more slowing down, more simplicity, more back-to-basics.

It means *not* striving for perfection but excellence and actually standing behind those words and actions. Walking the walk. Easing up on myself more, letting go, relaxing the rules sometimes – more often than a once-in-awhile. Less rigidity, more fluidity.  <–this is TOUGH for me.

It means being honest. Even when honesty is the hardest route, but the right one.  I struggle with being upfront. It is far easier to just let stuff fester, to ‘let it roll’ when that’s the last thing I should be doing (in some instances…when in others, my (in)ability to ‘let it roll’ steals my own joy).

Living with intention also means being nicer. Yep, being nicer. Sometimes, I am not so nice. I get bitchy. I get nitpicky. I get – wait for it – naggy. And those are ugly traits. I don’t want to be that way. But I get that way when I hold stuff in, when I get too uptight and when I try to be everything to everyone. And I refuse to do that anymore. It’s just not worth it. To me, AND to those around me. It cheats everyone in my life, to be honest.

While last year I determined 2013 to be the year to ‘just be’ – and I think I lived up to that in a pretty good sense, there is still work to be done in the first category I mentioned – being still and believing in myself. And I think intention has a lot to do with that, being purposeful in the changes I want to make – in my thinking, in my actions and in my words.

So…that’s where I am heading, mentally, into 2014. I plan to post more on this as the new year comes about, but as this topic is actually more the one I thought about just as I drifted to sleep the other night (and I finally remembered it!!), I wanted to chronicle it before it drifted off yet again.e51b150511a762284bbc067745f37440

It feels empowering to live with intention…it ties together everything I stand behind and want to embody: authenticity, balance, and a less-is-more mentality. Because when you do one thing well, it is 100x better than doing 10 things just ‘meh.’ 


10 thoughts on “Living with intention.

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that you remembered what you wanted to write about. And this post? Totally get it. Intention was my word for 2013 because I wanted to do things with a purpose, something that connected my head and my heart – not just say I’d do something but actually do it or not do something because I felt like I should or had to and my heart wasn’t behind it. But I love the other parts that this encompasses to – the being nicer and being honest. Those are things I definitely need to continue to work on. Here’s to a happy happy 2014!!

    1. I forgot intention was your word for 2013!! And I LOVE how much you lived that this year, and I really want to do my best to shed some bad habits and just DO that more this year. Cheers to 2014!!!

  2. Nitpicky nagging must be a girl thing! I try not to do it too, but SO do sometimes. I’m always striving to create my best self and work on the things like sometimes being a nagging b*tch too lol 😉

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