Show up to life, and then stay there.

As I continue finding my way, learning my definition of balance, priorities and imperfection, I am continually amazed at some of the words I’ve been reading by the creator of the “Slow Down Challenge,’ Jeff Goins, so much so, that I am definitely in need of reading his book, “The In-Between,” because just the snippets I am seeing so far have blown me away.  My beautiful blend Lindsay sent me this read today and it hit every single thing I have been working on, struggling with and in some cases, railing against.

I am sharing snippets here, with my thoughts in bold. And? Watch the video at the end, it’ll blow you away.

Only recently, I have learned how pointless the pursuit of perfection is. All these seemingly ordinary moments, the less-than-remarkable times and things, are all we have. How do embrace where we are, no matter where that is?

We must let go. There is great freedom in acknowledging we can’t control every detail. Because a mess-less life is no life at all.

A mess-less life is no life at all. Wow. And all these years, I’ve focused on perspective, and embracing what life has thrown at me, embracing divorce, and starting from ground zero on almost every aspect of my life, yet, I have somehow lost that, just a little bit, in my inability to let go of control and embrace ‘mess’ more, and perfection far, far less. 

We must learn to be present. It means showing up to life and staying there, even when it feels normal. I’ve realized that there are no big moments, no huge epiphanies. There is only now and what we choose do with it.

Show up to life and stay there. No matter what happens, that’s really what it’s about, isn’t it? Stay in the life you’re in now, embrace the busy, embrace change, embrace new, scary, hard, different. Don’t rail against it. Our lives are here, right now, so focus on that, not tomorrow, not next week, or even next year. Because when that’s all you do, you’re not living. You’re yearning.

In other words, this is as good as it gets. Right here, right now — in the middle of the mess. This is perfection, if we choose to see it that way.

This life IS as good as it gets, and despite the noise surrounding us, the doubts, the imperfections,  the challenges, the struggles, it’s how we handle it, embrace it, use it as a catalyst for change that matters Perfection…redefined.

15 thoughts on “Show up to life, and then stay there.

  1. As someone who is a bit of an expert on messy living, I say, live messy! But seriously though: you are right on track here. You are in such a good place and I think that the only thing left to do IS to just relax and enjoy it. Leave the dishes in the sink, metaphorically speaking. That said, there is no harder lessen to learn than to live in the present. I have not been able to get this yet. I still keep waiting to arrive somewhere. We could all stand to be a bit more Buddhist. 😉

    1. You are so right! we totally could stand to be more Buddhist! ha. Good way of putting it AND letting the dishes get dirty, so to speak. Good one for me anyway, as I can’t rest amid mess and I should get over that 😉

  2. I’ve been listening and reading a lot of Pema Chodron, Susan Piver and Brene Brown lately. And everything you just said? YES!

    Love you!

  3. This is very zen of you. Life is about being in the moment… and Thad is the one thing that has allowed me to be right here. Right now. Because I can’t stand to miss a moment or a smile on his dirty face that tells me that here is where I’m supposed to be. Best of luck on your journey!

    1. Zen. Huh. I never imagined I’d be zen. Isn’t that scary? But it DOES feel zen. And it makes SO MUCH sense, yet it has always been hard to do because I am a doer by nature and just sitting and not doing a zillion things is hard for me. But those are almost always where the best moments are! thank you!! 🙂

      1. It’s totally zen! Being in the moment is what it’s all about, but this simple task is soooo hard to do in today’s world. I have a ton of books on Buddhism because I took a class in it just for fun, and they’re the books that both Mark and I always turn back to when we feel overwhelmed and the need to slow down. One thing you may want to try (and it will help with your journey) is meditation. I am not very good at it, but Mark loves it. A great (free) app is Headspace on-the-go. It guides you through ten days of meditation (only 10mins each) and it’s a great way to get a taste for it.
        Best of luck and I can’t wait to continue hearing about your journey!

        1. Thank you Carli! You are the second person to mention meditation and I LOVE the sounds of this Headspace on the go app! I think I shall download it 🙂 The books sound great too. Thank you!!

  4. YES!!! I am so in the middle of the mess and I’m really focusing on it in a good way. I’m one that lets the mess take over, get overwhelmed/frustrated and then that all leads to clutter. I’m now embracing the mess and letting it lead my life in a good way. Stop wishing these moments away and really enjoy the little things that are going on right in front of me. Love you friend!

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