On taking a chance…three years later.

Three years ago today, I walked into a restaurant, anxiously awaiting my date to arrive. It was my self-proclaimed ‘last ditch effort’ at match.com, after almost two years of on and off online dating, I was ready to throw in the towel and do some soul searching. But there was this guy that caught my eye, as if every single word of his profile was written AT me, and I couldn’t resist, I had to take one more chance.

He walked through those doors and I had nervous anticipation. What if he wasn’t who he said he was. What if he wasn’t what I expected him to be. What if…it was another letdown. But as soon as he got closer, all of that melted away. Because he already *seemed* to be who I thought he *might* be. And when he greeted me, I looked into his eyes and I saw…him. And it felt right, and familiar, in a way, and my anxieties quickly dissapeared. As soon as he guided me to our table, placing his hand gently on my lower back, I melted. The small touch of chivalry…just spoke to me.

And from that day forward, three years in the making, here we sit. That was the beginning of my first (and last ‘first!’) date with M, the man I was meant to meetΒ andΒ  marry. It blows me away every time I think about the last three years. Of where we have been together. Of what we have experienced. Of the love that we have cultivated. Of the best friendship that we have built. Of the life we brought together. Of us. Of the home that we now live in…and? The marriage that has united us, forever.

Three years ago, there was no way I would have ever guessed that, fast forwarding to today, my life would be what it is today.Β Five years ago, I would not have believed, or perhaps trusted, that my life then, broken, alone, heart shattered, would transform into the life that it is now.

It honestly makes me speechless. It gives me chills. And a wave of thankfulness, blessedness and happiness washes over me.

Three years with the man that has made me believe in true and utter love, to the soul love…the love that you see with the catch of an eye, the turn of a smile, the comfort of a hug and the passion of a kiss.

Love that – had I not gone through what I did, had M not gone through what he did – that would never have happened. Love that came together because of what we both went through. And again, that brings us both to the realization, yet again, that we were brought together because we were meant to. Because we trusted, had faith and took a chance.


30 thoughts on “On taking a chance…three years later.

  1. Love this. I also believe that certain “hardships” in our life are there to simply teach us the lessons that we need to learn to be right for future experiences. Much like you and M, CBG and I had lessons that we had to learn before we could be truly right for one another. Such a great way of looking at it. πŸ™‚

    So glad that you’re so happy, my friend. You both deserve every single bit of it. xo

    1. I completely agree with you! Hardships teach us what we need to for the future. It is the best – and only – way to look at it, as far as I am concerned. XOXO to happiness πŸ™‚

  2. My daughters and I were watching a movie last night about 9/11 and we talked about the tragedies of that day. Then I started to tell them of the good that came from it…. how some widows and widowers from that day have since met and married each other. Now they certainly didn’t choose such tragic events in their lives but it did lead them to each other.

    Kind of makes you think differently about where life is leading you all the time, eh?

    Happy anniversary, you two. xxoo

  3. Thanks, Jo, for keeping on posting these types of posts even after you have found M and are married, even! It’s inspirational. I believe in love… I just don’t know that I will have it in my life. Luckily, I am really happy with me… I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally. The kind of love your describe is all I’d want after being happy with me & single. Even so, the title of your post says it all… taking a chance… even when I’m happy now. It’s kind of work and risk combined in one to stay open to going on dates, being a part of online dating, and putting yourself out there. I keep hearing you say it’s worth it and I believe if I find the kind of love you have always described having with M it will be. Thanks always for sharing.


    1. Thank you so much Julie!! I am GLAD that you are happy and content being single and that you love yourself! it is scary to put yourself out there, but very much worth the chance πŸ™‚ XO

  4. I can’t believe it has been three years? Did we ever imagine we would be where we are at?! So happy you two found one another. What is truly meant to be always finds a way!

    1. Isn’t it crazy? I never EVER would have thought that three years later, this is where I’d sit. Of course, I dreamed it, but to have it happen? the best. XO

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