Where our story continues…the details.

It has been so much fun sharing the details (read them here here and here) of our wedding, finally, after keeping them largely quiet for so long! I thought I would share some fun details from our wedding week fun 🙂


Special wine glasses for our guests (I freaked out when I realized two days before we left that I had neglected to do ANYTHING for those that came on our trip, but thanks to etsy and an awesome seller that was able to overnight these to the house we rented at a really reasonable price, we made it happen!)

"When wine enlivens the heart, may friendship surround the table" - the most perfect and fitting quote ever!
“When wine enlivens the heart, may friendship surround the table” – the most perfect and fitting quote ever!

My something borrowed, something new and something blue? A bracelet my sister Jess wore when she got married nine years ago, from my mom (doubling as ‘something old’ because I forgot the necklace my Nonna gave me years ago, that I intended to wrap around flowers, but as I ended up deciding against flowers anyway, it worked!), something new, the Alex and Ani bracelet I wore on the right arm, and my something blue? My most fabulous shoes of course 🙂

Since it was going to be about a bazillion degrees out (clocked in as the hottest day of our entire 10 day trip – 105 degrees! figures, right?), I planned ahead and bought a cute white sundress and white bikini. I think it is one of my favorite bathing suits this summer! Why not wear white all summer right?


And the bachelorette-but-I-didn’t-call-it-a-bachelorette party? I hashtagged it #shenanigans and it would the most fun night ever…complete with the most epic hangover of my entire life. But seriously worth it. (note to self: champagne and prosecco give a MEAN HANGOVER!! Tasting room manager at one of our fave tasting rooms gave me a tip: look for small bubbles! the bigger the bubbles the bigger the hangover. Noted.) We stayed in Boston, gussied ourselves up and enjoyed an evening of dinner, drinks, and girly girl time. It was fabulous. I LOVE this picture of us all at the Liberty Hotel!

bachAnd finally? Our honeymoon. No, our trip was not our honeymoon 😉 Go big or go home, right? We booked that for October 2014 (a mere 18 months away…!) in St. Lucia. This way, we extend the fun and excitement, celebrate not only our one year (plus!) or marriage, but also BOTH of our 35(!!!!)th birthdays! (since we were born 3 days apart and all). We are very excited!!

So, there you have it, a few more details for the most perfect 10 days ever, and the most amazing and incredible start to our marriage that I could have ever asked for. Feeling loved a million times over. ❤

15 thoughts on “Where our story continues…the details.

  1. The shoes! I love the shoes and the bracelets. Such a perfect touch. I also love that you guys planned a trip for next year. Perfect way to extend the joy 🙂

    1. Thank you friend! You and Tony SHOULD do a big ole trip for your 20th anniversary! that in itself is crazy awesome…20 years. you two are the best.

  2. Smiling here as I read over your beautiful wedding posts. I’m so happy for you and glad your day was so special and intimate and in one of your favorite places. How cool that M mentioned it before you were engaged. St. Lucia will be wonderful next year and if you can take the helicopter to the resort, it’s totally worth it. I did the helicopter to the resort and regular transport back and it was definitely worth it to have just the best views over St. Lucia. So happy for you xxx

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