Gestures and reminders.

Sometimes, I look over at M and honestly just stop, look, and wonder how on earth I could have possibly met such a wonderful man, a man that as I learn more and more about him in the years that pass, the more deeply I fall in love with him, and the more I thank God for not only him, but for the opportunity to have fallen in love twice in my lifetime.

I wrote about this before, but it came up in a conversation recently…and to this day, I truly do feel so thankful to have loved more than once in my life (and re-reading that post from November 2011, I never would have fathomed that today, we’d be teetering on the edge of home ownership as well as marriage (note: no, that does not imply we are getting married next week too. hee! #tease).

…but then again, I knew our love was everlasting then, and I truly know it now, without a shadow of a doubt, that this love is lifelong, everlasting and the purest love I have ever felt. 

His gestures continually blow me away.

…from emailing my grandfather today and wishing him a happy birthday (and referring to him as Mr.[last name]…so formal, yet, in a sense, so…fitting, of his style and modern day chivalry that always makes me swoon) today…

…to taking the time to call my brother in law and wish him a happy birthday (vs. just a text or a Facebook wall post), to making sure to talk to his parents every day, and asking – gently – how his mom is (some health complications etc) and making sure she has the right medications, that the doctors she goes to are giving her the right advice and care…

…to seeking the advice of my mom in some of the house questions we had as we entered this process.

He just…cares. And does. And acts. And doesn’t put his head in the sand <-one of my biggest peeves.

His selflessness…which comes naturally. 

…to give me whatever I could ever ask for or need, to never saying no, yet also knowing when the right time *to* say no is.

…to want for us, and our (future/possible) family, to work hard, and harder, to help build a life for us, and make sure his family, and mine, have what we need.

…to even enabling allowing my Lululemon addiction…purely because he knows it makes me happy. (wink)

This man, I just cannot put into words how much I love him, and the magnitude of that sometimes creep in through the smallest gestures and reminders, and makes me want to run into his arms and never let go. (and realizing I don’t ever *have* to let go…that he is mine? is simply priceless.)

I am blessed. And sometimes I just need to write it down. Even though I know it’s a post written purely for *me* and even though I *try* not to write about him as much here these days…there are times where I just can’t help it. I am blessed. I am loved. And I want to shout it from the rooftops.



16 thoughts on “Gestures and reminders.

  1. I may or may not have just teared up at this. I have those feelings every now and then, like, is he sure about this? These are the love notes of our time that our grandkids will look at and think “yep, what they had was a one in a million type of love.” You deserve every bit of it too. Well, so does M also, he deserves every bit of how wonderful you are!

  2. Awww sis, I LOVE this. I LOVE that M is all of this and even MORE. He is just such a rare breed, a wonderful guy, a caring and gentle guy but also one who happens to have the most hilarious sense of humor too. He is just FUN and LOVING and AWESOME. All the things you deserve and MORE in a soul mate. I am so, so glad you two found eachother and can’t wait to celebrate all of that and more together sis. Love you guys!!!

    1. He IS a rare breed, isn’t he? and he makes me laugh in so many ways, and feel loved, and safe and just so happy 🙂 Cannot wait to celebrate either 🙂 🙂

  3. Awwwwwww……… two are so sweet. I’m glad you’ve found the love of your life – you deserve to be this happy! The world is an amazing place sometimes. 🙂

  4. This post nearly brought me to tears yet again! You’ve truly found true, everlasting, real love & boy does it shine through in this post 🙂 So happy for you always. You desserve this feeling. Relish in it 🙂

  5. I just told Tony on Sunday night on our drive home that I’m completely blown away by how much my love grows for him everyday. It’s actually a strange feeling. It’s a fairytale kind of love and I really didn’t know that something like this could be real. As much as I struggle with the lack of love from my side of the family, knowing that I’m unconditionally loved and taken care of really makes me feel so incredibly safe. I’m so happy for you my friend. You and M are incredibly beautiful people. xoxo

  6. I’m so happy for you and M. Truly. I mean, your love and contentment and love just shines through.. So many exciting things on the horizon for you. xox

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