FEF: 5 things I won’t miss about moving.

It’s FEF this week, folks (finally effing Friday, for those that haven’t read these funny posts before. Hehe). And on this gorgeous Friday morning, where honestly, the week treated me pretty well (totally embracing being home this week since I was initially supposed to travel to Vegas for all of a hot second, but that got canceled, yay!).

But as we collect boxes and begin getting serious (in mode: GSD aka get sh*t done!) about packing for our move that is just about 3 weeks away (wheeee! ahhhhh! yayyyy!), it occurred to me there there are a few things I won’t miss about moving for this apartment that we’ve lived in together for almost two years.

I won’t miss, um, moving. No, really, I won’t. I’ve moved four times in the last four years and I am all SET with moving right about now. From the boxes, to the upheaval to routine, to the mess that just naturally comes with moving (sh*t everywhere, trying to figure out what to keep, what to toss, and what to pack and when to pack WHAT). This move, though, signifies more than just the end of this streak of constant moving, but the start of where our story continues, and in that sense? I am embracing moving and all the sh*t that entails as much as possible.

I won’t miss lugging groceries up three flights of stairs. It never fails – I go to the store for ‘two things’ and come home with 5 bags, and 5 heavy bags at that (including a whole watermelon, kabocha squash, two seltzers and a bunch of cat food) and naturally want to carry all of that, plus my giant iced coffee in one trip. I attempt it, swear at myself as the bags dig into my arms as I teeter up the stairs trying not to drop anything, then try to unlock the door without putting anything down (why I can’t just put the bags down, I have no idea…or make two freaking trips up the stairs!), struggle to unlock the door, half unlock it, doesn’t open, and then have to try again, all whilst swearing at myself and hoping no bag breaks and my coffee doesn’t spill everywhere, only to drag everything into the hallway, where one bag proceeds to break (thankfully just the bag broke, and it didn’t include any seltzer that would then splatter everywhere!).  I typically tend to ‘time’ grocery shopping trips for when M will begrudging go with me, and then *he* tries to be the groceries hero and bring about 20 bags up those three flights of stairs. Nothing short of comical….and sweaty, every.single.time.

I won’t miss paying rent. When I first moved into an apartment, it was my first apartment ever. I had lived at college, but moved home after, and then moved right into a house when I got married the first time (I feel fortunate that I was able to do that – not live in apartments for the last 10ish years!). So this was my first experience paying rent and that feeling of ‘oh, this money is going nowehere’ feeling every single month, vs. a mortgage, where you are at least paying FOR something you get to ultimately keep 😉

I won’t miss our tiny pantry. While I admit that this is the first time I have HAD a pantry, it’s almost useless as it is super narrow, and horribly organized (if you can even call it organized). I probably say this because I eye the big walk-in pantry we will have at our new house and will soon become wayyyyy too used to having it. (I admit that will feel super spoiling!)

I won’t miss highway noise. Our complex is set against a golf course, which is quite pretty, but behind that is a major highway. I don’t mind a little road noise, I find it comforting, in a way, but with all the windows open in the spring and summer, it is almost ALL you can hear, especially at night. Nothing more romantic, or awakening, too, than a loud Mac truck rumbling down the highway at 2 am 😉

This post is really meant to be funny, more than anything, and in jest, as honestly, this apartment has treated us very well over the years. You notice I did not say noisy neighbors, annoying complex management or random fees etc., because there just hasn’t been any issues while living here. It’s been quiet, private and really the best ‘next step’ towards a house  that we could ask for. It’ll be surreal to move and leave this home, but at the same time? So very exciting, I can hardly contain myself. Blessed.

Cheers friends, happy weekend.

24 thoughts on “FEF: 5 things I won’t miss about moving.

  1. bahahahahahaha I’m DYING over the grocery debacle — I did the same thing this morning. Albeit I have three measly stairs to walk up to get in the front door, but still. I at least was smart and brought my giant ass coffee and water bottle inside first and THEN proceeded to load up both arms with as many bags as possible, I felt like I was squatting 100 lbs with each step and THEN could barely lift my arm to turn the handle on the front door to get back in. The final trip included the whole watermelon under my right arm, three more bags on my left arm AND a 6-pack of paper towels (I was down to my last roll, holy stressful) and kept thinking to myself please-don’t-drop-this-damn-watermelon-please-don’t-drop-it-and-then-swear-at-yourself-for-being-too-stubborn-to-make-one-more-trip LOL. THANKFULLY I made it inside without dropping it all over the ground. I think I would’ve cried. LOL.

    In other news — YAY ON THE MOVE!!!!!

    1. LOL we really are sisters aren’t we?! 😉 So funny, I would have paid to see the look on your face if you dropped the watermelon!!

  2. Oh yeah, you were supposed to be gone again! Ugh, I hate moving. Hate it hate it. Thankfully, we found our home and haven’t moved in 12 years. If we do ever move, that’s gonna REALLY suck! And I don’t have to lug groceries up flights of stairs, but I refuse to go back to the car. So I totally weigh myself down with all the bags to the point of teetering.

    1. 12 years yeah – I would NOT want to move either!! that will be a feat if and when that happens 😉 I am glad I am not the only one that does the ‘carry everything at once thing!”

  3. How have we never discussed this before? My old apartment was on the third floor too and I did the grocery dance every week. Ugh!! The worst. I think my arms are still scarred from loading up the bags. Good riddance!

  4. I don’t know how people do it. My sister lives on the 3rd floor, too, AND has to walk to get groceries – so she’s walking from the store with her bags and then up 3 flights of stairs!
    Yay for a house!!!!!!! It’s the little things, right? 🙂

  5. I’m jealous of your new pantry and I don’t even know what it looks like. We have a major lack of cabinet space going on over here.

    Digital Summit is next week. I’m sad that I don’t get to see you again this year. 😦

    1. awww!! are you going to the Digital Summit again?? I wish I was going so much!!! So much to catch up on 🙂
      (I’ll extra enjoy the pantry for you!)

  6. ohmygoodness yes to the groceries!! Living in NYC, I’ve nearly dislocated my shoulder a million times trying to lug too many groceries at once! The first thing that I thought when we bought our place was thank goodness we never have to move again!!

  7. What IS it about groceries? We have a townhouse so we have stairs up to the kitchen.. and we do this EVERY TIME. Even when I want to get in steps… I must bring all the groceries up at one. It is insanity.

    1. Right?? It’s the worst! You’d think I’d want the steps too, but I just HATE lugging them in, get it done, once and DONE!

  8. Yeah, I do the same thing with the grocery store shopping. As much as I loathe shopping with the kids, it is helpful to have them lug in the groceries!

    So excited about your move! I know you’re just ready to be moved, unpacked and organized!

    1. It IS so loathsome isnt it?! I def try to time it so M can help 😉
      And you know me well, I will be unpacked and organized WAY faster than it’s taking us to pack…

  9. The groceries! Oh my the groceries! I’m with you on that one 100%. I go at it like a pack mule every time and I don’t know why. I’m also with you on the rent thing. Years of money out the window to pay for what? My landlord’s kid is going to school at Berkley so that is probably what I’ve paid for:) You are on the home stretch!

    1. LOL! I just burst out laughing at the pack mule comment! I am dying, maybe I just needed a good laugh today. SO funny!! Home stretchhh!

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