Run-imations: run-volutions.

I haven’t done a ‘run-imnations’ (ruminations – get it, I’m so punny…) post in awhile and on the last handful of runs I’ve had, I’ve really thought about my ‘run-volution’ of sorts over the past few months in particular.

Coming back from a bit of an ITBS injury that kept me not running for almost two months and slowly coming back into my regular runs (3-4 days a week), I am amazed at how differently I run now. Not only physically run, but mentally, too.

It’s no secret that I am a mental runner. I am almost always fighting being too in-my-head, fearing a bad run, stressing over steady breathing, a side cramp, anything that would inhibit a good run.

But now?

If I start to head down that path, I ask myself “are my legs ok?” The answer is almost ALWAYS ‘yes.’ And it’s mental. My legs feel happy, strong, NOT tired, so why am I worrying?

Run on.

I used to mentally add up how many miles I was running per week and aim for XX miles, adding too much emphasis and importance on a number than just having a good run.

But now?

I don’t run in miles. I run in minutes. (a la Lindsay, who does this oh so well and inspiring!) And I run happily whether it’s 30 minutes, 45, an hour, or more.

Run on.

I used to panic when I start breathing weird, or just struggle with breathing, depending on the air conditions (too cold, or too humid are typically my vices!) and get mad if I needed to walk it out.

But now?

I will stop and walk a few minutes to even out my breathing and – this is the key – not label the run bad because I had to stop. M is constantly reminding me of this when I try to call a run bad if I stop and walk it off, and tell me that we are ‘just running’ – it’s okay if we stop, we are just enjoying the run and the time together. Yes, yes, he is so right. Every time I try to venture down that path. (side note: M truly IS my run-sherpa and lately, I have realized that more and more, I am so grateful that we do almost all of our runs together each week, it truly is a special time and I adore every minute of it!)

Run on.

I used to want to ‘run happy’ and actually BE happy when I was running. And more often than not, I’d find myself in my head, struggling, breathing wrong and well…unhappy.

But now?

I run happy almost always because I am SO happy to be running, to not be sidelined with an injury, and now, to be running outside, fresh air, working hard with that ‘legs feeling worked’ oh so good feeling, and sweat dripping down my face. THAT is happy running.

And it is something that I don’t think I ever truly achieved before I couldn’t run.

It’s amazing what an injury can do, no matter how big or small that injury or recovery is.

And today, as M and I finished our run and I almost run into someone running in our direction – because I was SO letting go and just running, I didn’t even notice – that never would have happened before!! – I thought ‘that was a tough run’ but instead of a frown, I was smiling. A tough, but GOOD run. A happy run.


20 thoughts on “Run-imations: run-volutions.

  1. LOVE this shift in you as a runner!!! I am SO glad that you’ve gotten past the “good run bad run” thing and are more focused on just enjoying the miles for worked miles, and not for xx miles or whatever. Running freely and without anxiety is the ONLY way to run if you ask me. I’m so glad you can see that now and are finally experiencing it for yourself. I knew it was only a matter of time 🙂 yay for run-volutions!! #runnerd

    1. I know, I am really glad I got over that mind-game thing…yes, I still get into that headspace sometimes, but it’s different, not as bad as before or as OATTy!

  2. You know I completely relate to this post. I’m so glad to hear things are going so well. That quote you posted is so true. I think that has been what has changed with me lately – running with my heart vs mind. Love this!

    1. I am SO GLAD you relate to this! I though you might, we are similar runners in several ways, I’ve noticed recently 🙂 XO!

  3. it’s so freeing, yes? just running and staying in tune with the body and mind. I pray and let all my thoughts go as well. Gah.. so good. Like mindful running??? perhaps?

  4. “I run happy almost always because I am SO happy to be running” YES I think that’s so much of what it really is. Just the ability to do it. To be out there running period. I really think so many people have this misconception that running is all rainbows and bunnies…just happy happy happy. It’s hard. It can kind of hurt. It makes you breathe heavy. It’s not a walk in the park. So then when you feel that way and your expecting that it should be easy breezy it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong. Or for me anyway. Now I just go with it. If I’m pushing myself, hell yes it’s going to kind of suck. If it’s crazy hot and humid, stop, walk, get back under control. It’s not like it’s a race. It’s ok to do that, necessary even.

    1. I think you are right about that! that some think running IS all puppies and rainbows (and bunnies hehe) but it’s supposed to be hard and that means it won’t always be exactly fun, but it should be as fun as it can be, considering what we are doing. if that makes sense 🙂

  5. LOVE this! Isn’t it great to just run because you love to run and not judge yourself?! I’m so in love with it right now and am kind of afraid to sign up for a race because I don’t want to ruin!

    1. TOTALLY! I was judging myself, that is exactly the right way to put it! I love that you are following your own running flow too 🙂

  6. Oh I love this – your run-imations and run-volutions. Incredible what a difference a little time and perspective can make, yes? I have found that my perspective on running has similarly shifted – more grateful and less rigidi and hard on myself for not having a “perfect” run. I think that injury probably has something to do with it. Happy running friend!

    1. YES! grateful and less rigid – same for me!! I think injury def has something to do with it! Glad you are in a good run place my friend!

  7. This is awesome and oh so inspiring. I think I am a lot like you- my biggest run-issue is that I am so up in my own head. I obsess over my breathing, my legs, whether I am too hot, too cold, running too fast, too slow- this list goes on and on.

    I love “run on”. I think I may start chanting this to myself. And it is so wonderful M is your run-sherpa. It is so special to have that time together and to share something so life affirming and so healthy! This made me smile 🙂

    1. Getting out of our heads is the key to unlocking good runs, I think. And having a good sherpa 😉 seems you have one too!! 🙂

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