On travels…and wow, this is really happening.

I came back from our whirlwind Northern and Southern California travels and kind of didn’t know which end was up!

From wine tastings, fabulous dinners and even a little sun, to a long-awaited epic meetup (with the beautiful Heather AND Dorry!), showing M around my work digs and well, working, it felt like quite the 7 day excursion!

A little taste of our week:

942409_10151564262831170_287925320_n 575479_10151564262881170_318069578_n 485596_10151564263291170_380816240_n 942627_10151564263241170_1345008355_n

Only to come home and realize…holy wow, this is really happening. In less than 30 days, we will move into our home that will become the next stage in our lives for as long as…who knows. The longevity and permanence, in a way, of this move is finally starting to sink in, and let me tell you, it just feels pretty incredible.

Every time I start to get overwhelmed with the thought of packing and moving, I take a step back and smile.

Every time I start to think of our future together as we continue planning  our marriage, I take a step back and smile (even bigger!).

Every time I start to think about my life and how firmly planted right where I am meant to be, I smile (the biggest).

This life has truly taught me so much over the last (almost) five years, I cannot even put into words. All I can do is continue to be grateful, continue to step back and continue to thank God for the life he has now put in front of me.

Cheers friends, have a fantastic weekend. ❤



23 thoughts on “On travels…and wow, this is really happening.

  1. <3<3<3
    This gave me goosebumps — just thinking how right your path all feels, its just awesome sis. And I LOVE that you're embracing the upheaval right now with the move versus getting all anxious over it. This is GOOD change, exciting change, awesome change!! yayyyy!!!

    1. Thanks sis – it really is coming down to the most important few months of the last few years for me, in many ways and it’s all just hitting me at once. I love this change, for once, I am embracing it all 🙂

      1. Girl I am so happy to have finally met M. I know we didn’t get to chat too much, you know trying to catch up with you and Dorry an all. But he seems like such an incredibly kind person. Perfect couple!

  2. St. Anne’s Crossing is one of the sister wineries to the winery that I’m a member of! 🙂 I’ve still yet to visit. And hooray for all the positive changes!

  3. I really appreciate how in touch you are – how In Awe of This Life you are!! I see some people doing through lives without ‘getting it’, without feeling. This journey is to be felt, the whole way! enjoy ❤

  4. Love seeing the scenes from your trip but more than anything, I love how everything is falling into place – right here and right now. I’m so ridiculously excited for you!!

    1. Thank you so much friend! it means SO much, more than I can even express, how touched I am that you are so excited for me, and everyone’s support really, has just been tremendous!!

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