There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years.

The other day, I was chatting with a few barre n9ne clients after class, about buying a house, and getting married, and mentioned that I had been a homeowner before, years ago, and had to short sell my house, but this is the first time M is going to be a homeowner. Oh and this is the second marriage for me, and for M. And oh, by the way, we are both *only* 33.

As I said those words, and they remarked that I didn’t *look* 33 (why thank you, lol), I thought to myself. Huh. We’ve done a lot in 33 years, the two of us, haven’t we? So many big ‘life events’ yet, we are *only* 33.

2d04c3725130d6be2dcfab65cde40d27I walked to my car and thought about it even more…and ya know what? There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years. 

And as I read this guest post that I wrote for Healthy Chicks, I thought about it even more…we’ve lived a lot in our years, haven’t we??
I’ve remarked on this before that while of course nobody *wants* to get divorced, or take a (huge) loss on a house they purchased, I actually feel pretty fortunate to have experienced those things. Marriage. Home buying. And even divorce and selling that house for basically pennies on the dollar for what we paid for it.
As M and I take one step closer each day towards marriage, and buying our first home together, I just feel as though my life, every single step of it, has been so ridiculously intentional, with so many lessons meant to be learned, that my heart feels as though it might burst with love, happiness, and gratitude. n’t regret those decisions. Fortunate because I am truly a better person, a stronger, happier, more confident person. And fortunate because so many in life may not have had the joy of marriage, or buying a home. And I never want to look at those experiences as negative or a black mark in my history book.

I just want to soak in every minute, even the stressful and chaotic ones, and think about my life the way it has been laid out for me to live. There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years…and so much *more* to be lived.

Embrace it.


28 thoughts on “There’s been a lot of livin’ in those years.

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Every day is a lesson in my opinion, even though it’s hard sometimes to be grateful for the not-so-good. But like you said, even those things can end up being a blessing in the end. Such a great way to look at things Jolene. I am SO happy for you right now… you are absolutely glowing and I can feel it 🙂

  2. This is PROOF that God always has a plan, always has a path set forth for you — even with the ‘bad’ or ‘hard’ that dot that path, there is always, always, ALWAYS a reason, and a higher power at work behind the scenes. Pretty amazing to see how your path has rolled out for you, based on His intent for your future, M’s future, and yours together. Pretty awesome stuff sis. xoxo

  3. Love this post! As someone who was divorced, and is now married to someone who is also previously divorced, and has sold a home for a major loss…I can honestly say I wouldn’t change it. I have learned so much about myself, what I value during these times, and it makes current life all the sweeter!

    Sending celebratory thoughts your way for all the goodness in your life! xx

    1. Our lives have many parallels, don’t they?! I wouldn’t have changed it either, at all. Makes me realize it and enjoy what I DO have now, so much more too!

  4. you sure have, and i like to think of you as Kelly clarkson song… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, haha . NO really! STRONG NOW! Look what God has brought you through1

  5. I was thinking about that “falling together” quote. 🙂 Very appropriate. And yes, ma dear, I know exactly how you feel!


  6. I think it’s totally true that when one door closes, another one opens. I don’t know if that’s exactly the right expression, but things do have a way of falling into place.

    Also, I never know how to react when people say I don’t look my age (which is 34, almost 35). On one hand, I’m flattered but on the other hand, I feel like they are like, “You don’t look THAT old!!”

    1. I love that expression, because even if the door doesnt open right away, it eventually does 😉 I am with you on the age thing, I don’t know whether to take offense 😉

  7. LOVE this, “Fortunate because I am truly a better person, a stronger, happier, more confident person.” I am that girl that is really trying hard to take the bad stuff from my past and turn it into an opportunity to grow and become stronger. Ironically, I feel younger than I have in a long time. My life has not been the easiest, but it really hasn’t been the hardest either. I am so much happier with negativity out of my life. I just need to keep looking forward and know that every moment I spend in my happy place I am making happy memories…if that makes sense?

  8. I love this post! It kind of made me well up with tears but it speaks to my mood today for sure. I’ve been thinking about this too…life is full of livin. I keep thinking about the choices we make, the things we share with people and then wish we had maybe kept it to ourself, the mistakes, the victories, all of it. The funny thing is the bad isn’t always bad, it’s usually a lesson in life to help us be better. And the good, like your wedding and house, just are a pleasant reminder that true love and happiness surround us everyday. I hope you soak up every minute and embrace it!

  9. Great post!!
    I tell people all the time that my past helped me learn who I really am. Going through all I did (like you) actually freed me from being tied down and let me spread my wings. Best thing that ever happened to me. 🙂

  10. We must be sharing a brain recently, because even though we haven’t been chatting much, it’s like we’re on the same wavelength. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently…about what I’ve been through as a 30-year-old. The things H and I have been through especially recently, that would have been lovely NOT to have endured…but we did endure them, and they’ve made us stronger. I truly believe in the notion that all things happen for a reason, good or bad. Really wonderful things can come out of painful (at the time) occurrences. Disappointments lead you in the direction of “meant to be’s”. I’ve made bad decisions. I’ve messed up lots. But I literally live with no regrets. Sounds like you don’t either.

    Love you. ❤

    1. ((hug)) I’m sorry you’ve gone through some of this lately, but you are right, it makes you stronger, it tests you, but that’s ok, we are MADE to be tested, right? Life isn’t meant to be perfect, it’s meant to be lived. XOXO! Love you too!

  11. Yes, that is a lot of living in those years. But you know what I love? How you’ve taken so many lessons from these experiences and truly embrace them as opportunities to grow. Most people would be grumbling about how crappy this or that but all those experiences have led you to where you need to be right now. PS loved your guest post over at Healthy Chicks!

    1. Thank you friend! I saw your comment on my guest post, I am touched that you read it and liked it! And you are right, these are opportunities and when you look at them that way, they don’t feel so bad or daunting or negative, ya know? XO!

  12. Definitely a lot of living- but I think sometimes, even the “bad parts” are important. We are never given more than we can handle right? Although often, I forget that when I am feeling a bit overloaded. I love this post- it’s easy to try and forget the past but being able to learn from it is so much more important..

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