Progress…(somewhat) under wraps.

First of all, thank you so much for your kind words, well wishes, and support for us as we launch into our first home together! It truly means so much to have so many, near and far, care, send support, and pray for us. More than words can say.

(and reading, and rereading all of your comments just makes this feel so much more real, I can’t even stand it! wheeeeeee!!)


I feel as though – again – I’m silently moving ahead with our plans, to live, to marry, to be and I am not quite sharing it all here. Yes, it is purposeful. Yes, it is with some sense of intent. And yes, it is worth doing this the way we want to do it, and moreso, for ME to do it this way. M knows about my blog, of course (though he used to not, as some of you know!), and supports whatever I decide, in terms of how disclosive I am here, and in ‘real life’ with regard to…well, us.

But at the same time, I *miss* sharing some of this excitement and progress here. And I plan to post more on these things, but probably more so after they have happened, similar to discussing our house plans. Partially out of fear of the proverbial ‘jinx’ and partially because privacy is often underrated, I think. And I need to respect that  – for me, and us – more now than I ever have before.

…just know that good things are in store. Big things. Fabulous things. Uniting things. Soon. Relatively soon. And it’s so damn awesome, I can hardly contain myself. Clearly.

Progress…under wraps.

*file under: being secretive* <–though it is so damn hard!!


In other not-so-secretive progress ‘news’ – it’s amazing how each day, I feel more and more in tune with my body. More ‘in love’ with me, versus writhing against who I am, my body, my habits. I feel like I own them more, I am confident behind them, and don’t need as many crutches as I have in the past.

I own my eating habits. I know my body. I know what fuels it. I know what it likes. I know how to keep it balanced. And that has taken so long to get a handle on…but it’s been so worth it!

I continue to focus on balancing the ‘smarter, not harder’ mantra, especially when I want to tiptoe over that line because I love what I do so much. I love to teach, yet I love to take classes, yet I love to run. But I can’t do it all, every single day. I need to choose, be selective, yet still get my ‘me’ workouts in where I can and where makes the most sense. Some days are harder than others to realize this, but then I go back to two things: be smart. And embrace the ability.

And, I continue to focus on being my own best friend, loving myself for what it can do, not for what (I perceive it to) not be able to do or look like. Nobody is perfect, so why not strive for excellence, balance, and happiness, instead? Life is too short for perfection, IMHO 😉


So…life progresses. In so many good ways. And also in some upcoming challenging ways. But I feel ready. Far more ready than I ever have. And that is worth rejoicing, and embracing, isn’t it? 


26 thoughts on “Progress…(somewhat) under wraps.

  1. I know this feeling! Someone told me that you can’t let everyone know what you intend to do & invite them in to possibly belittle, criticize or discourage you. More than that, you don’t want to have to publicly endure the hurt when it falls through. It’s so hard not to share your excitement on what almost is, though. There are some things I am dying to share, but I’m waiting until they are done deals. Enjoy hugging your progress to yourself while you can. Protect and nurture those new things until you’re ready to share. Excited to hear about all the progress in due time 🙂

  2. ahhh – this is SO refreshing! I know I am one who just shares “the fluff” of life on my blog, I don’t get into much. I sometimes feel weird sharing updates about my dad, but SO MANY are continually praying for and asking after him, so I do share just the basics. and he knows.

    I appreciate that you keep things for YOU – to rejoice and embrace! XO

    1. never feel obligated to share, but know we are ALWAYS here for you. Besides, i always pry and ask. LOL! Jo, this is your special time. You can hog it all you want and savor the secrecy. xxoo

    2. Thank you friend! It is hard to just share ‘the fluff’ of life when I have done the opposite of that for years on this and my old blog, but right now, it just feels like the right thing to do, even as I burst at the seams 🙂 (and I cherish your updates on your dad!! Glad you are sharing them!) XOXO!

  3. Oh this post makes me so happy and excited for you and all the good things underway and in the works. I hate secrets so tell us!! haha. Just kidding. I totally love and respect how you are approaching this. I also love your progress – so much awesome progress.

  4. Ahhh I love how joyful your words are sis, you are SO HAPPY in so many areas of your life…seriously living the dream, YOUR dream, the one you were meant to live and I’m SO happy for you and for M. And seriously, be as secretive as you need to be — cherish the private special moments with M and share whatever snippets you like after the fact, I dig it 🙂

    1. It is a joyous life, it really is and that’s partially why I want to share so much…but then don’t. at the same time. all in due time 🙂

  5. I am thrilled for you my dear. And I love the concept of being your own best friend. It is so true. No one will be harder on you than yourself. So if you can truly love and accept yourself, you can find peace. I genuinely believe that we can love others more when we first find that peace.

    1. Thank you! SO true, we HAVE to be our own best friends because we are our own worst critics too, and there needs to be a better balance there.

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