For real this time.

That secret?

That house news?

Well, friends, it’s for REAL this time!!

Today, we signed the purchase and sale on what will become our new home!!!

After a ‘false start’ as I call it now – and a huge lesson in hindsight is 20/20, this home, we feel, is truly meant to be ours. It has everything we could possibly imagine and more. It’s almost 1000 MORE square feet than the last home we ‘thought’ was ours, it has FOUR bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an office (and one of the bedrooms is already floored for a workout space with shock resistant flooring – um hi, do these people KNOW us or what?!). It has a yard, it has a killer kitchen, it really and truly has it all.

And we close on May 30 and move on June 1.

Things are truly falling into place, more than you could ever know. This timing is incredibly perfect for us, as we walk forward, hand in hand, towards the next stage in our lives together.

Feeling incredibly blessed.



49 thoughts on “For real this time.

  1. YEEEEEEEE !! oh, I am so So SO excited for you guys! and it sounds amazing – a workout floor?? (geez, whatever will you do with that?) πŸ˜‰


  2. You know I love the house! So excited for you. I bet you can’t wait for June to get here. Well until you start packing and have way more to do than you thought. But this will be so worth it. God is good, for sure!

  3. Oh HAPPY day!
    What an exciting season! New beginnings (especially those that come in Spring!) are wonderful. Thinking of you as you transition into your new home with your love. ENJOY!!!

  4. so happy for you! I read this post days ago, but had to come let you know how excited I am for you and M. it’s amazing how God’s timing works out, yes? cheers to new chapters in life! xo

    1. You are so sweet! THANK YOU for taking the time to read, of course, AND come back and comment. You are so supportive!! God’s timing IS amazing. Incredibly so!

  5. Congratulations friend! I am so happy for you! And incredibly jealous of a built-in workout room – and all that space! So sweet!

  6. Congrats- this is SUCH wonderful news! As I told you on Twitter :), we just SOLD our house. It was the worst process ever and I never want to sell a house again, but at least it’s DONE. And even after the initial contract was signed, we had to wait another month until we could REALLY be 100% confident that it was really sold.
    I hope that you totally fall in love with your new house- that’s so exciting!!

    1. Thank you, food twin πŸ˜‰ I can’t even IMAGINE how much harder it is to SELL a house than to BUY one (OR even worse – buy AND sell simultaneously!!). It’s hard to breathe that sigh of relief till it’s signed sealed and delivered!!

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