A barre n9ne ‘barre-o-versary’ of a different kind.

One year ago today, I stepped into the studio at barre n9ne, and taught my very first barre n9ne class.

As I stepped into the studio this morning, I couldn’t help but think back…

After teaching my very first class!
After teaching my very first class!

...to stepping into the studio for the first time, an opportunity of a lifetime (unknowingly) ahead of me.

…to experiencing success for the very first time, in my fitness, self image, and learning what it means to go for the touchdown and *not* just the field goal.

…to getting certified in the barre n9ne method, after hours and hours of training, learning, practicing and gaining confidence.colleage 1

…to helping launch the second location of barre n9ne studio, a studio I now call my second ‘home’ (and a mere 5 mins from my true home!).

…to experiencing what Jess and I like to call #everysingletime where no matter what mood, time of day, etc. we ALWAYS feel like a million bucks, like we helped our clients work towards their goals, that we inspired, welcomed, pushed, and enjoyed every.single.minute.

…and to being part of a family and community of clients and instructors that care so damn much about each other, that motivate, support, and truly care for each other. I firmly believe that to achieve that level of community is incredible difficult, it cannot be replicated, it cannot be forced…it just…happens. Naturally. 

And, more than anything, after now teaching hundreds of classes, meeting hundreds of clients, and experiencing day in and day out such a passion, I truly feel so blessed to be doing what I am doing. It feels surreal…and one of my biggest blessings, one that I vow to continue to pay forward day in and day out. Because I believe in it, I love it, and I cannot imagine *not* being part of this family.

As we lovingly say…#b94lyf. And to Tanya…thank you. A million times over.

barre5(and check out my new page – all about barre n9ne posts – I loved looking back at these posts!)


27 thoughts on “A barre n9ne ‘barre-o-versary’ of a different kind.

  1. Every. Single. Time. #b94lyf. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This is what brings me SUCH JOY every single day. barre n9ne, the community we’ve built, the joy we bring to our classes and ultimately, doing this together. It’s been a dream come true. And I am grateful every single time. Just like you are. Just AWESOME. LOVE. ❤

    1. exactly!! EVERY time. It’s seriously the best, and I love that we share this together. such a dream. Every day just gets better and better 🙂

    1. YES! WE MUST!! I mean, this is just crazy that we haven’t yet. but it will happen 🙂 there really is nothing better, right? I LOVE that we ‘share’ this experience in a sense!! XO

  2. i have one word that describes this past year, okay maybe two… GROWTH and INSPIRATION! You have grown into an EVEN more inspiring teacher, woman, friend, runner, and sister…. oh and FIANCEE

  3. I so love that you and Jess have found you home at barre n9ne. Such an incredible journey and story. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Happy Barre-niversary!

  4. I remember when you wrote about how you and Jess won the contest. What a wonderful journey it’s been (and continues to be)! I love how you went in with tangible physical goals and came out with so much more! xoxo

  5. Happy Anniversary! I just love the passion that you guys have for this. One of these days I will take a Barre N9ne class!

  6. Happy Barre-iversary! We are so lucky to have you in Andover. You have been such an incredible inspiration in class for me. And seriously, all the barre running ladies- with you and Jess at the helm- have been an incredible inspiration! You guys rock. I literally cannot say it enough.

    1. THANK YOU Steph!! That really means SO SO much. I am SO GLAD to inspire and happy to hear that. You are doing an incredible job with your challenge and journey, and you are shrinking before my very eyes 🙂

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