I vow to shift my focus.

Sometimes, shifting my focus is harder than others. But as I have gotten the hang of it as I have needed to shift my focus and perspective at times, I am at a point where I want to make it a vow…to always shift my focus. Because when you do, it does wonders for the soul.

For example…

Instead of dreading my Sunday morning flight to the annual sales kick off for my company in Southern California, complaining that I *only* have one weekend day and will be sad to leave M….

I will shift my focus and embrace every minute of my abbreviated weekend, I will plan ahead, I will pack early, I will get settled so I can thoroughly enjoy what I do have. Teaching at barre n9ne (yay), seeing a few open houses (double yay!) and then a leisurely date night in dinner (triple yay – recreating the first meal M ever made for me!).

Instead of stressing over un-routine while away Sunday – Wednesday…

I will shift my focus and embrace it, plain and simple. There is nothing I can do to change it, so I will adjust, I will plan ahead, I will be normal, and I will go with the flow (something incredibly difficult for me but I am learning!!). I will also enjoy the 60 degree temperate jump (from the 1 degree it was here yesterday…) even though it will rain almost the whole time (shifting, shifting…)

Instead of complaining about having to travel for work…

I will shift my focus and give myself a huge dose of reality: this is my last work trip alone for the foreseeable future (M will be with me on my trip in April, yay!) and let’s be honest: I work from home. I have flexibility with my job (and it is a job I love!), and when I do travel, it’s to sunny, warm Orange County. Seriously right now?! Self: stop being lame.

Instead of wishing and wanting to run longer, farther, better…

I will shift my focus and realize that my IT band is getting stronger, and I got to run TWICE this week with ZERO pain (yay!) and I am able-bodied to do so many other things – spin, walk, barre…this is just a blip in the radar, and far bigger issues in this world than the inability to run for a month or two.


Writing out my thoughts sometimes helps me process them, of course, but also see how strong the mind really is. If you let it go haywire, you will lose perspective, harness a skewed reality, and focus on the wrong things…and be negative.

If you shift your focus and really see the bottom line on the things that nag at you? You will harness them into a better, happier, more positive reality – the REAL reality of life…that in the grand scheme of it, these ‘things’ or frustrations are just that – things. In the grand scheme of it, life is amazing, and every obstacle, frustration or challenge is an opportunity to flourish and prove to yourself what you are capable of, in mind, body and soul.

I vow…to shift my focus. Always.


27 thoughts on “I vow to shift my focus.

  1. What a wonderful reminder! I need to do this this weekend especially because I was supposed to be going to dc for a friend weekend and now can’t thanks to a freak snow storm. I’ve been bummed all morning, but I’ll try to shift my focus to the fact that I can get some extra rest now and hopefully see a friend here in pittsburgh i haven’t gotten together with since before christmas. I hope you have a wonderful weekend love!!

  2. Agreed. I used to moan about having to drive my kids around when I would rather be relaxing on the weekend. Then I started to think about how this drive time gave me extra time with them. Sometimes just two of us in the car alone.
    We could talk. Or I could talk and hope someone was listening. And with long drives I could make my point over time and not have to dump it all in a few sentences.
    I came to see that even silent time alone with them in the car was time I may not have gotten oherwise.

  3. Love the quote at the end.

    And yes, I’ve been shifting my focus for a couple of weeks now, as you know, and it does wonders for my soul. You and I are both working diligently at going with the flow. I’ll remind you if you remind me. 🙂

    Love you!

  4. LOVE. Shifting focus is probably one of the most important — yet most challenging – changes that you and I have both been working towards the past year. It is INCREDIBLE what a change it can have when you truly do embrace the ‘shift shift shift’ mentality and see a situation from a new angle or lens. I LOVE the shifts you describe here sis — it shows huge growth and perspective. I dig it. (but ps I’ll still miss you tons while you’re away…hmm what should I shift that thinking to??)

    1. It is so hard to shift sometimes!! But worth it to do and I thank you sis for reminding me to do that too when I start steering down the wrong path. Let’s shift to some plans next weekend together? I’ll miss you!

    1. We are! I mentioned it briefly in a post a few back, yes 😉 You are right, I am not traveling as much at all, which is a relief all around 🙂

  5. It really can be hard to shift the focus but man it can feel so good when you do. Embrace this trip and enjoy a little unroutine for a few days – and the weather. Something to look forward to right? And I know how you feel with the running right now. Gotta think of it as “at least I CAN run.” Enjoy your Saturday!

  6. Ahhh, it’s the annual sales meeting time for everyone (except me). Enjoy your trip to SoCal. The weather has been very Spring-like lately! And so glad to hear the IT Band is getting better. Think of it this way – through this injury experience you have learned more things about your body and how to care for it (it’s taken me a lot of injuries to shift my focus that way). Safe travels!

    1. SO TRUE about learning more about my body, I was just thinking that on my drive home from PT today!! funny! And yes, sales kick off time it is! You luck out and don’t have to go?! 😉

  7. As you can probably imagine, I have a hard time shifting my focus at times but when I can and I do, a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. So much more positive energy flows. I’m glad to hear that your IT band is getting better (yay for running!!) and enjoy the warmer weather, k?

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