What does living a ‘super awesome life’ mean to you?

If you had to answer the question – what does living a ‘super awesome life’ mean to you? What would you say?

I had the opportunity to do just that as Ashley’s first in her inspirational series, profiling those that are living a ‘super awesome life’ after going through difficulty, challenges, etc.  This was o fun to do, and I feel honored to be her first guest!

Take a look, if you have a chance, and I’d love to hear the first thing that pops to mind when asked: what inspires you to continue living a life you love every single day?



10 thoughts on “What does living a ‘super awesome life’ mean to you?

  1. Colin is who I live for every single day. I strive to be my best because I truly believe that a happy mom = a happy kid. I want him to have great memories of his childhood, so I work extra hard on the “little moments” (jumping on the bed, random dance party, etc). 🙂

  2. I need to check that link out. I think super awesome life is enjoying all the little things we tend to overlook. I think it also means finding that something, that passion and making that your career so it’s less work and more enjoyable. Life is too short to be miserable.

  3. What a great question and you are an awesome person to have kick-off the series! I definitely think my kids inspire me to live a full life every single day. Not sure who or what I was living for prior to their arrival!! haha. Can’t wait to read your post.

  4. I have been reading your blog for a long time and that was truly one of my most favorite posts that you’ve shared. I feel like I got a glimpse into your soul. It was so honest and hopeful – I’m inspired.

    1. Your comment gave me chills Naomi! THat was the nicest comment I have ever received, it truly made me smile, and my heart happy. I am so glad you liked it and got a further glimpse…and some inspiration. XOXOXO 🙂

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