Sometimes, you prioritize.

Sometimes, you prioritize.

…when you sleep in slightly before teaching (nursing a sick M back to health with extra cuddles? sign me up) rather than squeezing in some much-missed running. Because, sometimes you priorize, and a sick love is more important than an extra 30 mins of cardio any day.

…when you schedule a barre ‘fitdate’ (with this girl!), sign up to (finally) take a class ‘as homework,’ or simply need a ‘me’ hour at the barre and *again* nix running, you prioritize. Because sometimes you remind yourself – again – that quality trumps quantity and one rushed run won’t be any better (or any good at all!) than one, strong ‘comeback’ run another day instead.

I am continually a student in this quest for balance between my own workouts, the workouts I teach at the studio, and making sure I create the right mix for myself that is smarter, not harder and not doing something ‘just’ to do it, or because I planned to do it. I vow to prioritize, learn to embrace flexibility and that one less run, workout, etc, won’t be a dealbreaker. Prioritize. 


…when you choose to answer that phone call from your sister even if your hands are in the middle of making dinner, because if it’s a call, it’s usually important. To then be greeted by a FaceTime chat with the most beautiful niece in the world? The right priority, at the right time. Especially when you say ‘I love you!’ and she says’ wuv ooo!’ and you melt into a trillion pieces. ❤

…when you choose to clear the decks of and all weekday plans (even if that means also midweek date night in) for sister dinner, because sisters sometimes trump *even* that midweek bit of ‘us’ time I love so much, because my sisters are my soul, and sometimes the need to be together is even stronger, and right now is one of those times. Sisters unite. Forever. ❤

…when you (sadly) realize how much less you prioritized sisterhood for a good portion of 2012, and never want to feel that regret again.

It’s hard to admit when you don’t prioritize something you actually really do feel is one of the most important things *to* prioritize. But I did for a bit. Life got so busy and something had to give, and it ended up being sisters, and well, the wrong thing to ‘let’ give. Not going to happen again. I promise, sisters.


I never realized how rigid I can actually be sometimes when it comes to my schedule and my routine. I thought I had squashed the rigidity when it comes to my routine (I have, to an extent) but in letting that go a little bit and taking a step back to prioritize, it’s already feeling like a wonderful, empowering, and happy change. In my quest to BE this year, which also includes being balanced, prioritizing has, and will continue to be, a huge way for me to BE the best I can be, for myself, my sisters my (future) husband, and all of those around me, from friends, to clients, to co-workers.

Because sometimes, you prioritize. And it’s always, ALWAYS worth it.


25 thoughts on “Sometimes, you prioritize.

  1. Amazing post. I too
    Decided to “prioritize” this year. I must not get addicted to fitting a workout in 2x a day 4 days a week. I must not get addicted to taking a shortcut to dinner. My new mantra is my best is good enough. Thanks for thinking for me at times. Because when unread your blog I say-hey what a great idea!

    1. Your best is your good enough – I love that! And love that you are prioritizing workouts too! I am glad this spurred some ideas for you!

  2. Aww sis, I ‘wuv oo’ — and sadly have to agree that I let sisters take a back seat a bit at times this year too. Life DID get too busy for awhile where I just wanted to crawl into a hole and ignore everything, even my loved ones. NOT the right approach obviously but what it DID show me was that I needed to slow down, cut some things out of my life that were NOT needed anymore (including some friendships) and shifting my focus to the right things and people in my life. I am so glad we both hit that break-point sis, and I can’t wait for our next sister dinner. The best ever. (and the FaceTime/Skype chats? THE BEST. She kept saying “hi auntie, hi auntie, hi auntie’ and as soon as Scott popped into view, her smile got even BIGGER (I got jealous hehe) and she said “UNCLE!!!” Wuv her 😉

    1. I wuv oo – cutest thing EVER. And I think we each had our reality check moments this past year with being too busy and just needing to stop the madness and see more clearly what the right priorities are. I LOVE that Isabel knows us so well know, and that already feels so rewarding for doing what we’ve done to make it more of a focus! family first. XO

  3. Finding that balance can be so hard. I think it’s easy to fall into that “ME schedule.” And I always pick up the phone when my sis calls. Even if I might be initially annoyed, just hearing her voice…yep…worth it.

  4. This is so beautiful, and I totally agree with these. What a great reminder! I especially like cuddling a sick loved one instead of going for that run & taking the time to pick up a phone call from your sis even if it’s not at the best time. So great. Live in the moment!

    1. Thank you Rachel! At the end of the day, it really is what matters, cuddling your loved ones, in any way you can, literally, by picking up the phone, texting, emailing, whatever it may be. XO!

    1. Thank you friend! It is a sucky feeling when you realize it, but it also motivated me to work on ways to move past it and focus on the right things for 2013!

  5. Just from your writing and my own feelings and thoughts, I know that we are both working on this and getting BETTER at it!
    And that is a WIN!
    When I lay in bed at the end of a day, I want to know that I lived that day with intent and purpose. I want to feel good about where I invested my time. Thanks for holding me accountable to this! Let’s keep growing at this in 2013 🙂

    1. We are SO on the same page again, huh? “when I lay in bed at the end of a day, I want to know that I loved with intent and purpose’ – amen, my friend, preach on!! YES. We can do this!

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  7. How did I miss this post? So good. I definitely can be a slave to my own schedule or what I think I should/need to be doing. But these priorities? The best.

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