Practicing what I preach: universal truths

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve felt a bit of an internal struggle of practicing what I preach, not because I am being a hypocrite, but because I am human. And because there are things I have experienced this week in particular, that have made me question a few things I’m calling my ‘universal truths.’

Patience is a virtue. 

Also known as: rest your knee, it hurts. Backing up, on Christmas Eve, I convinced M to run outside with me in 30 degree weather at 7:30 am, after I taught at barre n9ne studio. I was excited to run outside even if bundled up, to breathe fresh air as I ran, not rank gym air. A mile in, knee pain set in. Mild at first. Then fierce. Like whoa. To the point that I had to stop. And walk. And limp. The walk back home was brutal. The wind cut through our bones, M refused to keep running without me (reason #6784 why I love him so!) so we walked. Slowly. I tried to run again. Two steps, stopped. Pain. Walking up the stairs and back down them four times that day to various holiday celebrations was nearly impossible.

Fast forward to today. The last few days of resting my knee (the outside of my knee is where it hurt) has done wonders. But my internal battle with myself – ‘it feels better today, I could run.’ ‘I want to run, I am missing cardio!’ ‘I want to run, now I know in a small way what injured runners feel like’

Bam. Patience. Overrides stubbornness. I still haven’t run. IF it feels better tomorrow, I will, but if not? I am going to roll with it and Patience is a virtue. Embrace it.

Be kind to yourself.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve had a rough week self-image wise. I’ve let my overthinking take over, something I’ve worked so hard to quell and really control almost to non-existence. Maybe it has a titch to do with the aforementioned want-to-run-but-I-can’t urge. Maybe it has to do with allowing myself to indulge in the huge-ass cinnamon roll sex-in-your-mouth ‘dessert’ on Christmas Day (worth it, however, WORTH IT! Commit to the treat!!). And maybe it has to do with the fact that this is an ongoing journey, with no end game. And I still need to keep my mind and habits in check now and again.

This is me reminding myself to be kind to myself, treat myself as a friend, not an enemy. 

Faith in humanity.

198651033533305479_ReWG0Zr8_cSometimes things happen when you just lose faith in humanity. Sometimes it’s for awhile, sometimes it’s for a split second. Today has been one of those days. But then? I look around and get re-inspired by all those good in the world, those that pay it forward, those that spread their love, faith, passion and commitment  And I realize that one flash in the pan of lost faith in humanity  is just that – one flash in the pan – compared to all the countless good souls in this world that do so much GOOD to so many.

This is me reminding myself to not dwell on the bad, to channel that energy and pay it forward. Spread the love, the passion, the GOOD. And don’t waste a second thought on the negative. 

Happy weekend friends. Make it a good one, ok? Cheers!


18 thoughts on “Practicing what I preach: universal truths

  1. Awe, my friend, I think this is just a universally tough week! If I could gift you some of my indulgence and laziness so that you could stay off that knee, I totes would. Sit on the couch, it won’t hurt you. 😉

  2. Keep being kind to yourself, love, and rest that knee….it won’t be worth it if you hurt me on that one. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend 🙂

    1. I know, it’s so true, it’ll only make it worse, so why do I even put myself through the torture of wanting for the run, ya know? rest it and it’ll be all that much better when I can run again!

  3. Yessss Yessss Yesss on all of the above universal truths. I have nothing more to add than this: amen sista, amen. This is a never-ending journey and one that will have hiccups and bumps because yes, we’re human, and yes, we’re allows to indulge now and then and without guilt and yes, sometimes people do things that surprise us (and not always in a good way). But big picture? Life is too short to waste on those trival, mean moments and instead life is a gorgeous thing meant to be celebrating in big and small ways and as often as possible. I love this post!

    1. I needed to re-read this comment today sis, as more of those doubts and angst-y thoughts come crashing in. Life is too short for trivial, meaningless thoughts that torture me sometimes. Just silly to waste my brain cells on this stuff sometimes. XOXO thanks for reminding me!

  4. Hope your knee is getting better. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough few days image wise but just think of all the people you inspire with your fabulous barre teaching. I love the barre photos you have, they inspire me to workout when I’m feeling lazy and sluggish. Can’t wait for the future DVDs.

    1. THANK YOU Susan! I needed to hear that too, the part about inspiring…I don’t realize it sometimes, I suppose, and shouldn’t dwell on the negative, or make UP the negative, when there is so much positive. Future DVDs, I like the sound of that! XOXO

  5. Rest your knee. There will always be time to run later but if you really injure yourself by running again when your body isn’t ready to, it’s going to take a lot longer to get to that point.

    I hear ya on the indulgence thing. But you said yourself that it was worth it. Life is too short to not indulge sometimes and you made the right choice by choosing something that was indulgence-worthy. (Unlike myself who got the wine munchies again last night and ate that stupid brownie brittle stuff!)

    1. Always time later to run – YES, no kidding, right? Why do I do this to myself? Not worth risking more injury by trying to rush the rest on the knee. Thank you for the reminder!

      Life is too short not to indulge sometimes, you are right. Not OD on said indulgence, but to enjoy it, commit to it. Stupid brownie brittle stuff! I saw that in the store the other day and ALMOST got it but then realized I would probably do the same thing!

  6. Oh, amen amen amen! I have felt the same way of needing to practice what I preach lately. My mind has done the same of going to negative places (definitely think its tied to the not running thing for me too) and also just needing to respect how my body feels. It can be a rough mental game. But we both know how to take care of ourselves physically and mentally, so let’s do it together. Hugs, friend!

    1. Respect how the body feels- AMEN, Tina! It is such a mental game, and definitely tied to running. Running is such a crazy mental thing, isn’t it? It’s not the be-all-end-all yet my mind has a funny way of making it seem that way sometimes. Hugs, we can do this together! Yes please!

  7. i think that is one the hardest things to do PERIOD! Our minds and our thoughts take over. We need to reassess what our main goal is, not the instant gratification. James is so good at that, i am not. You can do this though! we are all working on it together!

    1. SO right. Our minds and thoughts take over…if we let them. I can’t let them do that anymore, it’s ruining me, and only I am doing it to myself! James is so smart – I love that, reassess our main goal not instant gratification. LOVE that sentiment! XO

  8. This described my entire week! While I indulged in apple pie I was feeling a little burnt out and didn’t force myself through any tough workouts. While I knew it was the right thing, the guilt still nawed away at me. But you’re right – it’s human to feel like this and I’m sure many of us did the past week!

    Take care of yourself and your knee! I hope it’s feeling better! {it kinda sounds like what I went through this year so if you want some advice, I’d be happy to share}.

    1. It IS human, and we are the abnormal, when you think about it, the amount of working out we normally do, that a couple of ‘lighter’ days off feels weird or wrong, and that’s not right! So it’s a shift of the mind to remember that and realize that we do so much normally! a few days off won’t kill us. I need to take my own advice more (hence – practice what I preach!). As for the knee, it is feeling much better! I may email you to see what happened to yours though, see if it is similar?? happy new year!

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