Happy things Friday

It’s yet another FEF up in here people. Finally Effing Friday, for those that are just tuning in 😉

Good GRIEF has it been a long long LONG week of travel. Let’s see, 4 planes this week, 3 planes last week, thousands of miles in between, and I am toast. While the first leg of two weeks of travel was for pleasure, this week was just.so.tiring. So I think I deserve to revel in the fact that I am home, I am in my own home, my own routine, my own FOOD.

So here are a few things that are making me happy – beyond the fact that I am home 😉

Getting a promotion!! I had my review while I was in the office this week in California and not only did I get a pretty sizable raise, I got a promotion! I was floored. I was hoping it would be coming soon, but had no idea my boss had been working on this for months.

Feeling like a hugely valued employee. Combine the aforementioned with the nicest, most heartfelt, most complimentary email I have ever ever received from ANYONE and I am a very happy employee. My boss’ boss (who becomes interim boss for me when she is on maternity leave – again – next summer) sent me not only a Christmas card with a gift card inside, he sent me an email that said – in effect, this: Perhaps the most special thing about you and many won’t realize, is that you are making people around  you better than they were before they met you.  I can guarantee you that in their next job they will take the things you have taught them and they will look much smarter and accomplished than they are…some will give you credit, some won’t, but I will know they are improved because they worked with you.

Um, wow. Speechless. Utterly.

(with such a tough travel week, and feeling challenged by the time change and inability to choose my own meals 90% of the time, the aforementioned, plus feeling like I ate so mindfully this week and so peacefully felt like a huge accomplishment!!)

68176_10151285028751170_1225021644_nMeeting the one and only Lindsay Cotter (AND her dog AND her husband!!) While on my cross-country ‘tour’ this week (first in California, and then in Austin), I was extremely fortunate to meet Lindsay Cotter. Finally. It’s been years of following her blog, and really becoming friends – aka blends! (blog friends!), so I was thrilled to finally meet her. We walked around the lake, we talked, we met up with James and her brother in law and their cute as hell pup at the dog park, and then I got a treat by seeing the Whole Foods HEADQUARTERS store, oh em gee. I could spend all day in there. It was a perfect afternoon and capper to one long ass week. Thank you Lindsay!! SO much! (AND for the Healthy Bites treats you gave me for my flight!!)

And a weekend ahead that is almost planLESS. Yep, you read that right. An almost planLESS weekend. I. Cannot. Wait.

Happy Friday, friends, make this weekend a goodie!

30 thoughts on “Happy things Friday

  1. oooh CONGRATS on the promotion and raise! well deserved, it sounds like – such a nice feeling that really invigorates your work environment, right?

    and YAY for spending time with Linds – those two (I haven’t met their pup, but they met mine!!) are such gracious hearts.

    happy to hear you are home safe and sound – enjoy the planless weekend!

    1. Thank you! it does feel invigorating!! Perhaps not today, since my brain and body are SPENT but yes, it will spur on a great 2013 🙂 I love Lindsay!!! And I would love to meet you sometime too!!!

  2. I am so happy for you!!! Sending much love from Michigan for a celebratory, planless weekend. You clearly deserve it!

  3. SO PROUD OF YOU sis, for all of this — particularly the raise and promotion and just being SO VALUED at your job because you so deserve to feel that way. Always. Valued in all that you do at home at work at barre n9ne, as a sister and friend and niece and girlfriend (er, fiance?) too. SO glad you are home, I’ve missed you. PS jealous as all hell that you got to hang with Lindsay, love her face!!

  4. Congratulations hun!!! This is wonderful news to hear on a Friday 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend 🙂

  5. Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. And that email? Wow. That is an incredible compliment. So fun that you got to hang out with Lindsay and James and their pup! Loved seeing your two faces together. Enjoy the weekend and yes, FEF.

  6. That’s fantastic news! I’m so happy for you 🙂 *high fives*

    I pretty much just had the reverse happen to me – I’m feeling quite redundant (luckily not literally!) after a 3 month holiday that was very much needed after an exceptionally cruddy year – but I’m treating it as a challenge. Onward to 2013 and better and brighter things!

  7. Congrats on that promotion Lady! I love that your company values you and rewards you so for all of your hard work. And even though we have yet to officially ‘meet’, I can tell that your that your boss’s boss knows what he is talking about – such truth in those words – so OWN them!
    Congrats Lady! I hope that you uncorked a bottle to celebrate 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! you are truly the sweetest! Big heart! Would love to meet you as I know Jess would too 🙂 Definitely celebrated over some champagne 🙂

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