Holiday traditions anew.

Last Christmas, our first Christmas living together, we cobbled together our decorations from our past (those I’d purchased at random when I lived alone, on my little “Charlie Brown”-esque Christmas tree, his from the first Christmas we were together, that I forced him to buy, so he’d have a tree decorated at his apartment) and put up a half-leaning tree (we discovered we lost one of the legs to the stand of his, in the move, so thus it leaned, half-haphazardly against the wall, so klassy) and a random assortment of decorations. Needless to say, it looked okay, but not well-put together and was just enough to get us through the holiday with a little glitter and festivity.

This year, I decided we needed to start anew. Start from scratch. Buy a bigger, better tree (not the lame tree we accidentally purchased…), buy coordinating ornaments, and a few

personal ones. And, almost most importantly, new stockings that we could hang from our mantle (I ALWAYS wanted to have a mantle to do that, it just looks so pretty!). So, last night, on our mid-week date night in, we put together our newer, bigger, and better tree (that M so kindly got exchanged at Target, despite not having a receipt!), placed our new coordinating ornaments up (silver, white and blue), and a few fun ones, including a glittery ‘2012’ and a couple of martini glasses (I am still on the hunt for a couple of wine glass ornaments, those are a must!), and – begrudgingly – placed the scary looking Nutcracker M insisted on buying, on our countertop.

After, there we sat…we listened to Christmas music, we drank some wine, watched the fire glow from the fireplace, and everything looked so…perfect. Sparkly, glowing, warm, and festive. We talked about our marriage plans, we talked about BEING married. And just sat there….settled.

Holiday traditions anew…and it feels like the culmination of a magical year for me, for him, and for us together. Feeling incredibly blessed.


27 thoughts on “Holiday traditions anew.

  1. Awwww this is almost like your first ‘real’ Christmas together — you two are going to make SOOO many memories this holiday season, I can’t wait to see it, be part of it and watch you two continue to blossom, it’s so much fun to watch. I LOVE IT.

  2. chills and warm fuzzies at the same time… I love the thought of building YOUR holiday decor, and building memories as a couple.

    Jason and I have had many Christmases together, from a tiny tree in our tiny walkup apartment downtown, to now, our new house and our first large tree, first time hosting the family holiday at our place, new firsts… this weekend we are decorating the house with exterior lights, SO excited!!

    enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your holiday together ❤

  3. Sounds and looks absolutely wonderful 🙂 I don’t think there is anything better than starting new traditions with someone you love’

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! Building traditions is what is at the heart of a home. Joe and I had an ‘our first Christmas’ ornament last year (being married that is) and we are going to go pick out another one that symbolizes this past year. I think it will be great going thru the memories each year as we put up our tree. And we always watch Home Alone while we decorate. It’s our favorite Christmas movie:-)

  5. I just got chills! I love that you are so happy! I love building traditions with my family. It seems so strange growing older and created memories for our family. I’m so excited for you two starting your family memories and traditions!

  6. I love it. My mom’s tree theme is blue and silver too. I love the stockings too. I am also excited to have a fireplace again this year. It just adds the right touch! And the scary nutcracker made me laugh. 😉

  7. I was going to go to bed early tonight…but suddenly got a second wind…and knew I had to visit the blogs of my favorite people.

    I’m so glad I did.

    This is beautiful, friend. You know, I’ve been sitting here seeing “Ew, why can’t people hold off on Christmas for a little while? Why so soon??” pop up on my FB and Twitter feeds, and all I can do is wince. Christmas isn’t about consumerism for me. I put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas to me is exactly what you have written here. It’s about living in a cozy, glittery, warm moment with the people you love. Not just for one day or for one week. It’s a SEASON. I get all warm and cozy the moment it feels like fall in the air. That’s when I know the magic of the holidays is coming…and the best part about it is sharing it with people you can’t imagine living without.

    So glad you and M are settling into your traditions. ❤

    1. I used to be one of those ‘it’s too early’ naysayers too..but this year feels different (and in part because we are away for the next 5 days and then I am away again for 4 more, and I want to have some time to enjoy the decorations!!). I thought you’d like this one, you are traditional and full of spirit for the holidays and it is contagious! XO!

  8. I think it is a must to restart with Holiday decorations. I think no matter what it is, tree, stockings, etc, they hold huge memories and feeling. It is better to have fresh ones. We did a lot of that last year. it is such a great feeling to sit amongst the holiday sparkle like that in the evenings:) YAY!

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