An update on simplifying.

It’s been a few weeks of reallyreallyreally focusing on simplifying. Everything. Life. My schedule. My workouts. Every.thing.

And I just gotta say, I already feel so much more at ease, more relaxed and with more time. Not even literal time so much as time to breathe, observe, notice things that I wouldn’t if I were crazily jumping from one planned thing to the next.

Like when M hugs me extra tight on his long days at the office (Tuesdays, when he gets home after 8), or the ability to really focus on putting together a ‘refreshed’ b9 class with just a few teeny tweaks that sometimes make *all* the difference (I always change my classes up, everysingletime, but taking time to step back and do something just *slightly* differently has felt like a treat!). Or looking at my calendar for the weekend and realizing I don’t have ONE thing I HAVE to do. Just stuff I *want* to do.  This weekend was BLISS because of that. One of the most fun, fulfilling, enjoyable weekends in a long time.

A month ago, I felt jammed into a corner and overscheduled in every sense of the word. And the worst part was that I did that to myself. Nobody did it for me. 

I realized that I was making plan after plan, I was the one taking that initiative and I guess, taking the initiative perhaps a wee bit too far and not prioritizing enough.

I was shortchanging life by trying to do too much. Counterproductive, much? 

And as I sit here thinking about the things I want to do, that I’m inspired to do, it conjures up all sorts of other things I’d love to fit into my life naturally, with the freed up time I have (and no, not to then go and overschedule myself again!).  See the friends that mean the most to me. Make my workouts as intentional as possible, not out of ‘have to’ or ‘need to,’ continue to expand my repertoire of yum foodie creations with my latest obsessions – lentils, butternut squash, dates. (pinterest, come to me!). Finish that book I started in Mexico. See my sisters regularly (check! sister dinner this week and hopefully becoming a weekly or bi-weekly thing ongoing).  And, plan that marriage I keep ruminating about.

It’s sad to me that I was so scheduled that I was missing out on things that I most wanted to do. And I never really want to fall into that trap again. Who’s with me on this quest for simplicity? Join me, will you? Do one thing to simplify your week this week, or conversely, DON’T do one thing to simplify your week this week. What is it?

25 thoughts on “An update on simplifying.

  1. I need to channel you sis — I find myself getting sucked into ‘do/be everything to everyone’ mode a lot and I need to end the cycle, and end it fast. Simplification is the way to go — like you said, the things you’ve been missing out on, the simple things, are so worth the ‘making room for’ that you’ve been doing.

  2. SO with you on this!!! It can be so hard, especially when we live in a world of over-committing and constantly running around. I sometimes feel lazy, or like I’m not living up to my potential but I just need to sign off Facebook, blogs, and all the other things that perpetuate this and focus on myself. Then I realize, how much I love the simplicity I have. I was just thinking about this today…we are so in sync!

    1. It’s SO hard not to overcommit, especially to fun activities, but it makes even those NOT fun because you are too planned. Ironic, isn’t it? LOVE how in-sync we are!

  3. Yes! Shortchanging life by trying to do too much. I love that you are so much more at ease and relaxed and simplified! I know that I’m definitely overcommitted and I know that I’m 100% responsible for that. I totally realize that and now I’m trying to move to the point where I can actually simplify things.

  4. Yay for simplifying. I think it’s great that you are trying to pencil in more downtime. It is important to invest in yourself and veg a little, especially with someone with a schedule like yours! You deserve breaks and I would agree that we do it to ourselves sometimes when we overbook and it just adds to the stress. Good for you Jo.

    1. I am trying to take a page from your book, friend, and doing less in doing MORE, if that makes sense. overbooking makes no sense and I just get crazy over it!

  5. Simplcity – what a great thing to focus on and the perfect time to hone in on it, right before the bustling holiday season. I think when we do this we feel more peace at the end of the day. We sleep a little better, feel more refreshed and ALIVE. We ENJOY life! It’s the right track in my book!

    That said, it so easy to get sucked back into the BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. So yes, it takes a conscience effort. I like how there seems to be a theme among some of my favorite bloggers lately that it is a-okay to slow down, making life more INTENTIONAL and not so much MORE, MORE, MORE. Thanks for helping me stay focused on this!

    1. YES! Especially before the holidays start, I want to tone it down a few notches and really get to enjoy it. You can do it too, I know it!

  6. You must have read my mind. I’ve been trying to do the same thing – saying no to social events I just don’t want to go to, “unfriending” and “unfollowing” people on FB and Twitter who I never interact with. It’s all just kind of cathartic and makes me want to nurture the relationships that truly mean something to me.

    1. I am a good mindreader, ya know. 😉 I am decluttering my social feeds too, just to those I want to connect with, the rest feels like noise.

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