Resetting and rejuvinating.

After last week’s unexpected disconnect-to-reconnect week in Mexico, I have tried not to let old habits creep back in. But scarily, it’s so easily has, but I have caught myself and just And walked away.


M actually wrote a post on this very topic as he gets back into blogging and some other goals for himself and this topic was something we talked about a lot last week during our time together, focused on just us, those around us, and the breathtaking surroundings. Hitting the reset button.

Looking at our lives, the current season of our life, and taking a fresh look, resetting goals, refreshing our routines and focusing on simplicity. Harnessing that as much as possible (as hard as that is more often than I care to admit, even though it is what I want most – simplicity! balance!).

Part of that is letting go of feeling the need to be connected to everything and everyone so much. Paring that back. Focusing on those that matter, not broadening so much that it becomes quantity over quality. Focusing on those I love, the friends and family that mean the most, and not trying to be everything to everyone.

Part of that is looking at my routine – every aspect and reviving and rejuvinating it. Letting go of what doesn’t matter, in the grand scheme, that the house look perfectly neat allthetime, and realizing that sometimes letting go of that ‘need’ will mean less anxiety and less undue stress. (silly, I know, but it happens to me too much!) Looking at my fitness routine and going back to smarter, not harder, and staying at peace with food, harnessing mindfulness while eating, running and b9’ing ‘happy’ (if that makes sense!). And part of that is thinking about my next goal, and finding a smart way to weave it into my ‘refreshed’ routine. (because part of refreshing the routine means making room for the next goal…at least for me…without sacrificing balance).

I’m looking forward to resetting and rejunivating my life, my routine, my relationship with M, my sisters and my closest friends. It’s time.

24 thoughts on “Resetting and rejuvinating.

  1. It’s crazy how hard it can be to disconnect. You enjoy that interaction on FB and/or twitter and even blogging. It feels like you’re chatting and visiting with friends. But it’s so easy to just get so wrapped up in that online world you forget to enjoy the real world you are in.

  2. I notice it too — that I was doing really well with unplugging, disconnecting and NOT thinking about what I was ‘missing’ while being disconnected, this happened right after that unplugged weekend we took last winter in Boston. I felt so much more free that weekend, more relaxed, less anxious. But since then, I’ve let bad habits creep back in too – the need to constantly be checking email, facebook, twitter, etc. But WHY? WHY do I need to always check in, always be ‘in the know’?? Anytime I have truly disconnected, I realize afterwards just how little I did miss out online and how much more I DIDN’T miss out on because I was so very present and in the moment in REAL life instead. It’s a very, VERY hard habit to break and one I continue to work on too. I think it’s good that we’re both moving into this mindset because let’s be honest, we feed off of eachother and the disconnected thing sometimes too, you know? In all, this won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen. It needs to happen. It’s time to reset, just like M said. SO SO true.

    1. It IS so funny how little I really ‘miss’ or miss IT, when I step away. I just need to be better putting my phone away, and honestly, part of why I always have my phone near me is for texts from you or Jen or M! Not even for Twitter or whatever, so maybe it’s also about more phone calls, less texts, so I don’t feel like it needs to be in sight all the time! We can do this together sis!

  3. It is so so so hard to disconnect.. But then when you stop and ask yourself “why you care so much”, it’s really hard to come up with a good reason. How much do you TRULY care about what the daily happenings are to your 500+ twitter followers, or you 200+ Facebook friends? It’s almost as if the actions are showing that those people are AS important as your family members, closest friends, in your case M, etc, etc. And it seems so backwards. Yet we all do it, and so easily allow ourselves to slip into bad habits. I agree with Jess, a disconnect, and/or distancing from the constant connections NEEDS to happen, but it won’t happen overnight.. xoxoxoxo

    1. e-xactly. WHY care so much. I mean, YES there are plenty of people I value and want to connect with virtually, but there is a difference in that and just scrolling through random updates incessantly! XOXO

  4. I’m with you on this. I don’t know why it takes a week of disconnecting to force me to do so but I have been trying to let go more since I came back. It does help that the stress of the wedding, for the most part, is over. Keep it up:)

  5. I think we all get caught up in the insanity. I think it has to be a conscious decision to stay present, constantly.

    Good luck!

    1. It definitely has to be conscious. I am trying to remember that every time I pick up my phone. WHY am I doing it. Pay attention to my surroundings.

  6. Can I tell you how much I love this post? And the last few as well?? It’s funny but the notion of a reset button has been on my mind a lot lately. I feel like I’ve gotten caught up in a string of “bad” habits or dependencies (sounds worse than it probably is but you know what I mean) and I want to pause, stop and reset and rejuvenate (such a great word). The technology dependency and Twitter twitch kill me though. Why does it feel so necessary? I wrote about Blogger’s Guilt last week and since then, I’ve been OK with letting go more. I can’t be on 24/7. It’s impossible.

    1. It sometimes DOES feel more necessary than it actually is, doesn’t it? And when you are away from it, intentionally or not, you come back and realize you didn’t really miss MUCH except all that is around you, instead. THAT is what I try to remember when I get the urge. I hope the reset button works well for you, I know you are in the process, and you will reset and rejuvinate…like whoa. XO

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