Thankful things Friday

As I have been trying my best to participate in the 40 days of thankfulness challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this month, I thought it would be fitting to share a few things I’m thankful for on this Friday (FINALLY EFFING FRIDAY, I should say – longest.week.ever.)

First up? I’m thankful to have the best boyfriend fiancee ever. <–still getting used to this. I hate the word fiancee, actually, but it does sound like a wonderful ‘upgrade’ from boyfriend, doesn’t it? Since he is so much *more* than that. I honestly don’t think there is a day that doesn’t go by that he doesn’t surprise me in some way, show me love in a unique or even, funny, way, or make me laugh hysterically.

On the ‘one-month’o-versary’ since we got engaged (like that moniker?!).Last night, when I got home from teaching my third barre n9ne class on the day (#nevergetsold #b94lyf!), as I was attempting to make my ‘ice cream reward’ (Oikos frozen greek yogurt vanilla, with a spoonful of Chobani vanilla chocolate chip yogurt, a few strawberries and a sprinkle of M&Ms!), he pulled me into his arms and hugged me, kissed my cheek and said, ‘you are the most beautiful, smart, loving, hot woman in the world, did you know that?’ Swoon. (and he says this to me quite often, of some variation, but in the most unforeseen moments. #thebest).  And this morning? As I was rushing out of the shower (yes, we do shower together most days – TMI, perhaps, but with such a huge tub, it just makes sense, right? And it’s our morning time together before we start our days!), trying to skirt around him as he was all soapy, he lathers soap all over me and laughs, ‘see, now you can’t get out! you’re all soapy!’ wise guy. 



My sisters.

Duh, this is a no brainer, right? But seriously, we had the best time on Monday at a long-awaited ‘sister dinner.’ Just us three. No distractions. Not even the best niece in the world. Just us. Out to dinner, wine, chit-chat. Catching up on our lives, talking about Jess’s marathon, Jen’s foray into her new job, and well, marriage ideas 😉 We giggled. We finished each other’s sentences (and Jen’s wine hehe). We bitched. (nothing bad, just stuff that only us sisters would get amongst ourselves about random things!). We just had fun together. And it is one more step closer as I simplify and make more time for those I care so much about. Like my sisters and my niece.



Today is my last day of work until 10/29. Wheeeee! M and I are heading to Playa del Carmen at the uber early time of 5:30 am on Monday to celebrate this girl’s wedding!! We are staying Monday-Friday and her wedding is on Wednesday. Beyond that? Not planning a damn thing. Beach, books, talking, sleeping, enjoying. Perhaps a run or two. Perhaps a barre n9ne-for-one, but beyond that, simplicity.

This is the first vacation that M and I have gone on together, alone. We’ve traveled together quite a bit over the course of our 2+ years together and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to do that, but this time? It’s just us (oh and a wedding to attend hehe and celebration to be had hehe!). I couldn’t be more thrilled.


Happy weekend AND week ahead, friends. Do something to simplify this week, mmk? And I’ll be sure to drink a glass of wine or 17 next week for all of you suckers stuck at work (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Cheers!

I’ll take chair #3 please 🙂

21 thoughts on “Thankful things Friday

  1. LOVE everything about this post. You are SO happy sis and that makes my heart smile. 🙂 You and M are the cutest – love the soap story, hehe, typical M 😉 PS. this post reminds me we need to pick our next sister dinner date, let’s discuss mmk? PPS Gonna miss you SO MUCH next week while you’re in Mexico, live the sh*t out of it for me!!!

    1. I AM so happy. and I thought you would giggle at the soap story. Totally him, right? 😉 Can’t wait for our next sister date too! I’m going to miss you toooo!

  2. Tony does similar to me with telling me how beautiful I am or how much he loves me out of the blue. The unconditional love I get from him makes me the happiest girl around. I don’t know how I deserve that, but I’m holding on to him forever!

    Enjoy your vacation you lucky duck!

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