On intuition.

Lately I’ve been struck by my sense of intuition on some things. Some of which I won’t share in detail (such a tease, I know…), but a few that I think are just more ongoing ‘a-ha’ moments for me as I grow as a barre n9ne instructor and student and as a mindful, intuitive eater.

Intuition lately has been telling me to not rush things.

Not try to ‘can’t wait’ past the very present. The moments that matter.

The in-between moments that will otherwise be lost, forgotten or not even noticed to begin with.

It feels like an incredibly special time in my life right now, from my life with M, as we move forward towards uniting our lives forever, to continuing to focus on balance and prioritizing what and who matter, like my sisters, my niece, the friends that ‘get’ me most.

Intuition is telling me to keep focusing on ‘feeling the room’ when I am teaching a barre n9ne class, ease up ever so gently if there is struggle (beyond the point where it should be, where form suffers), offer words of guidance and support, help clients refocus and snap back to the present, as they too can drift off and not focus and push and break through barriers. (it also is a gentle reminder to me, when I am a student in class, to channel the very words I speak, and work and hone).

Intuition is telling me when to eat, and when to stop. It is telling me when I am hungry, and when I am bored, or stuck in a habit. It is an ongoing, lifelong process, but this intuitive eating thing…gets easier and easier the more I listen to that intuition and mindfulness. It’s about peace. Not struggle.

Intuition is also telling me when to ease up on my own workouts, on my body, and well, on myself. Stop trying to be do it all or be regimented.

Intuition is urging me to let go a little. (M is also really good at helping me practice this, just by nature of how chill he is. About everything. From getting married, to what to make for dinner!) I need to be more vicarious because the more planned I am, the more boxed in I feel and the less I enjoy any of those carefully made plans (my favorite pin lately on Pinterest? Something along the lines of, I can be spontaneous if it is carefully planned <–that is so me!).

Most importantly, intuition is guiding me in my life. Intuition of the faith variety. It helps me feel centered. It helps me realize when I am losing sight of what is important, or getting caught up in the details or the excitement of something and not looking at it realistically. (this is where the vagueness comes in…). Intuition is telling me that ‘life is never simple. But don’t fret. It will all work out as need be.’ <–wise words of Ms Lindsay yesterday as I tweeted out some frustration. Thank you friend, it was e-xactly what I needed at that very moment.

I think this year, while it has been one of the best years of my life so far, it has also taught me so very much in terms of listening to myself, my body, my intuition. Letting it guide me. Breaking past the stubbornness. And letting go just a little bit more. Living more freely, and ‘sitting down’ when I need to.

31 thoughts on “On intuition.

  1. Such a great post. You and Lindsay both hit on living in the moments today. Great reminder for all of us. It’s so easy to get caught up in looking ahead and trying to plan everything. But like you said, that can box you in. You can miss so many other opportunities that way.

    1. Thanks friend! I LOVED her post today too, read it after mine, and loved how on the same page it was.It is hard to plan everything – I HATE being boxed in. You’d think I’d learn by now 😉

  2. YES. This is exacttttttly where my head is at too right now. As you know — on simplifying, imposing limits (The good kind), all while still evolving and embracing the areas of my life that I am LOVING the most right now…like barre n9ne, like my relationship with Scott and those friends that mean the WORLD to me, like more niece and sister time. All of it. Focus, listen to that gut instinct and roll with it. And learn to be more ‘chill’ like our men are! We need to channel them more, seriously!

  3. I am right there with you on this one. At this moment I feel at a crossroads (I really need to blog-it-out!), and I am trying to just breathe, embrace, and trust in the moment (and the gut!). Such great points in this post, points that I take to heart.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard to realize when my gut is telling me something…like no. I hate no. But sometimes, it has to be done! It has been an incredible year!!

  4. Your life, right now, is a moving meditation. You are being fully present. It makes all the goodness so much brighter.

    Love you.

  5. haa, carefully planned spontaneity! I am that way too… I try. I love when I have big things to look forward to, and I sometimes have to remind myself to enjoy the journey, be present in the now WHILE I look forward to the thing. and if I have too many “the things” to look forward to, I get overwhelmed and have to reign in the enthusiasm anyway 🙂

    intuition is a powerful thing… I try to listen to mine always, there are times I question it and then D’OH! should have listened…

    1. Enjoy the journey – absolutely. NO matter what. It’s hard to do, really really hard. Same as trying to NOT plan. Really really hard. But worth the practice!

    1. It REALLY is His way of telling us what we should be doing, that ever gentle nudge we need 🙂 XOXO thank you for your inspiring and faith-filled words, always!

  6. I love this post! It’s crazy how when we just listen to ourselves we feel so much better in general. Letting go is so freeing…going with the flow and being more relaxed can feel so good. Michael does the same for me.

    1. It IS freeing!! Reading your posts about yoga teacher training is also giving me such good insight and food for thought. You are learning so much and sharing that with us and I just love that! XO!

  7. beautiful! I share a lot of this sentiment, and your words just resonate so deeply with me on so many levels. I’ve cut way back on running – my intuition told me it was wise to give my body a break and so more low impact workouts. I’ve been focusing on my faith as well (ongoing!), but certainly praying more and just letting go of my need to control – Billy also helps me with this. I’ve also been so in touch with my sisters – and feel so grateful to have these “built-in” lifelong best friends. Girl, I wish we could get together and share a bottle of wine – I know we could talk for hours. xo

    1. Oh this comment made me smile!! Dorry, I completely agree, we really could chat for hours. We must must must meet this year/next! Has. To. Happen. I am so glad you have Billy to help with you letting go. M is really good at that too, such sherpas for us, aren’t they?? I am so glad you have such a close relationship with your sisters, built-in lifelong best friends is SUCH a good way of putting it! ❤

    1. It is not easy to balance at all, sometimes more than others. And especially when it comes to fun stuff. I just want to do it all. but cramming in too much makes it NOT fun!

  8. Intuition is such a hard thing for me. I always say “my guts have sh*t for brains”! I constantly struggle with what’s real and what’s made up in my head or what I believe is the ideal situation. I’m learning every day, but at least I’m trying.

    1. That is the BEST quote ever – guts have shit for brains. So true! I know, I second guess myself too, all part of the overthinking thing 😉 Keep working at it, trust yourself!!

  9. I love this post too and love that you listen and embrace your intuition the way you do. It’s amazing how our intuition really just know what we need to do sometimes and that we just get in the way of ourselves sometimes. I’m working on letting go of control a bit more and finding that elusive balance.

  10. Would you believe I actually pasted my comment from this post the other day onto a notepad, because when I got home from dinner we had no internet?:

    Oh, imagine that…our heads are right there together. The post I wrote today was based on my intuition. I’ve been so caught up in “second half, second half, gotta do it, gotta do it” that I’ve been neglecting what’s been in my heart. What I know is right for me and my body.

    You’re smart for listening…and lucky to be in tune enough with your body to know what it’s asking for. 🙂

    (See…been sitting on my computer screen since 3PM. Haha.)

    Haha. I’ve been uber sick since yesterday morning, so this is the first time I feel like doing anything but sleeping. Loved this, friend.

    1. I am glad that you are listening to your body even when your stubborn head is saying something else!! you can do this, friend, stick to your intuition, it truly won’t ever steer you wrong. Love you! XOXO!

  11. This is really going to be an awesome year for you and it’s definitely wise to get yourself to focus and slow down like walking through your neighborhood instead of driving…you experience SO MUCH MORE.

    1. It HAS been an awesome year already, and so much more to come. I love what you say about walking through the neighborhood vs. driving. SO TRUE! good analogy for life 🙂

  12. So glad you did follow your intuition on stuff recently:) I think it worked out for the best. It is hard to slow down and trust it sometimes but I think you have done a fabulous job of doing so lately:)

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