Where our story continues.

Last night, M got down on one knee and proposed.

And I, of course, said yes.

I can’t even believe I am writing this out, it still feels surreal (and I most definitely woke up this morning and felt for my ring, wondering if it was all a dream, and a smile spread across my face, when I realized it was, in fact, not *just* a dream).


I had just come back from a coffee ‘date’ with the fabulous (seriously, she is awesome, so glad we finally met, side note!!) Amanda, where we ironically talked about marriage and how we met (since we both met our partners on match.com, how cool is that?!). And M came home from work just after I sat down to get back to work. He walked in, smile on his face, flowers in his hand and a card in the other. I thought to myself, ‘how cute, he brought me flowers ‘just because’…I LOVE that!’. He told me to open the card, which I did, after giving him a kiss. As I read it, it said at the end, “I love you more than anything” with an arrow to turn the card over. As I flipped it over, it said “Will you spend and share the rest of your life with me?” 

As I read those words, he pulled a ring out of its hiding spot in his desk, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.

To which I replied, “yes, of course. yes! babe, really? wow, right now? wow. I don’t even know what to say, yes! yes!”

And then he slipped the most beautiful, perfect ring on my finger.


And come to find out? He’d gone ring shopping with my sister Jess and accomplice brother in law Scott on Friday (!), and they all kept THAT a secret all weekend, despite spending oh, almost the entire weekend together. Poker faces. ALL of them. Even Jess. And she cannot keep a secret from me for the life of her.  He picked up the ring Tuesday night, and was going to wait until Friday, but couldn’t. So yesterday, September 19, he asked me to marry him.


I made call after call last night, sharing our news. Sending out texts. Receiving texts. Sharing, sharing, sharing.

I called my grandparents (and especially wanted to speak to them as my best friend’s grandfather passed away yesterday morning…the same friend whose house burned down just a few months ago. Sigh) and shared the news. They were so sweet, very supportive, and my grandmother joked “well, this wasn’t a surprise was it?” (cute). My grandfather asked to speak to M. And when I heard what he said, my heart melted.

“M. Congratulations. (pause). You are a very lucky man you know. Welcome to the family.”


These are some of the words in the card he gave me:

“Since I met you, all I can think about is making you happy. I want to see you smile and hear your laughter…I want to memorize the sound of your voice and the dreams of your heart. More than anything else, I want to make you happier than you’ve ever been and give you all the things you deserve. I love you more than anything.”

And this morning? As he left for work, he said:

“Last night was the second best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life.”

I smiled and (naturally) asked what the first one was.

He said “going on a date with you two years ago.”

Words cannot express how I feel, I am truly overwhelmed with love, happiness, and the most amazing, supportive family and friends. Thank you, from both of us, from the bottom of our hearts.


82 thoughts on “Where our story continues.

  1. He couldn’t wait until Friday. How awesome is that? There’s nothing better than a man who can’t wait to let you know he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

    SO happy for you both!

    Many congratulations! XO

  2. Ok so I have been following for a long time (your old blog and now this one) and I am SO incredibly happy for you. Best wishes to you both, you deserve it

    Side note, I too met my fiance on match.com!

  3. YAAAAAY!!! I LOVE this!! I cannot believe Jess was able to keep quiet, I would be bursting!! and that he couldn’t wait until Friday, OH so sweet!! ❤ congrats to you both!

  4. I’m with Lindsay! I got chills!!! I’m crying. 🙂 Of course. I am so incredibly happy for both of you…for all of the same reasons. You’re both lucky to have each other, and I’ll be honest with you…the kind of love I’ve seen you express is the kind of love others admire. It’s the kind of love that last beyond the days we live. The kind of love that’s remembered not only by you two, but by all those that love you. I was just telling the beautiful Mrs. Cotter that I love that I’m surrounded by women like you, Jess, Lindsay, and Heather…you all have strong, loyal, supportive relationships. It’s really important to me to have friends that believe in the power of a marriage like that. ❤ Congratulations, friend. xoxoxoxo

    1. I love your comment so much and your observation. You are right. It is a love that few have the opportunity to experience, and I wish so much those that are looking for it and wanting it, find it. Or it finds them. Because it is truly the best. XOXO love you!

  5. Dammit. I should *not* have read this at work…on my fourth day at the new gig, while trying to cram lunch down my throat in my cube. I am welling up with tears…choking back a sob, even. This makes my heart absolutely SOAR with joy and happiness and love for you BOTH. I felt so honored to be a part of this process sis — to be with M as he poked through the rings at the jewelry store, trying to find the one that spoke to him, and once he did, I told him to go with his gut, to choose what he wanted you to wear to signify your commitment for the rest of your lives. From there, he calmed a bit, and focused on finalizing the details, on making sure it was just right. And just right it was…and is. Not just the ring of course, but all of this — you two are meant for eachother and I firmly see that every single time we’re together. I love you BOTH and cannot wait to help you two celebrate not just this moment but lots and lots of moments and memories throughout your lives together. xoxoxo

    PS I’m so proud of myself for keeping this on a secret, go me 😉

    1. awww, this made ME want to sob too sis. You are truly amazing. All of your support, love, guidance and advice over the past two years has been nothing short of incredible. I am pretty sure M and I would not be as close and as best as we are together, communication-wise and everything if it weren’t for that guidance and support. Truly. And thank you so much for going with M and guiding him, but letting him go and choose what was right for him, in his gut. So so sweet. Love you guys, so much! And yes, GO YOU. Damn, I have no idea how you did that.

    1. Awww! I LOVE that it was the day and literally, RIGHT after we met, that he proposed. what a great story! and I love that Mike proposed early too!! XOXO

  6. Ok Lady…..when I read what he wrote in his card to you, I tear up! And I am NOT a crier! So sweet:-) My heart is over the moon for you. Just from following your blog for the past few months I can read in your words the true and honest love that you have for each other. It’s a beautiful thing. Enjoy and embrace friend….and CONGRATS from my heart to yours.

  7. Congratulations!!! So happy for you! I stumbled upon your old blog as I was going through my own divorce two years ago. By the time I found it, you had already met M. Reading your journey gave me hope that I would be happy when it was all said and done. Now, I am in a wonderful relationship with someone I also met on Match.com. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Best wishes!

    1. awww! Thank you so muuuch Tina!! My heart is full of joy just reading your comment. Thank you for your ongoing support over the years, and your faith. Love you!

  8. I am so happy for you! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Of course that it happened is no surprise, but how sweet and precious that it came as a surprise seemingly out of the blue and he couldn’t wait another day. And kudos to Jess for being able to keep it a secret (it prolly nearly killed her to do so, lol!)
    I look forward to finding out the date, venue, seeing pics, etc!

    Congrats to both of you on this next chapter of your life.

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