12 redeeming miles.

Yesterday was yet another ‘sherpa run’ – at the tune of 12 miles.

I let it ‘marinate’ overnight before posting today, and just let the joy sink in.

For the very first time, I loved every single mile. I felt strong. I felt fast (for me!). I felt confident. I event caught myself smiling as we ran.


I never smile.

People walking their dogs or jogging past us probably think I’m either a) a huge bitch (even though I always wave and say good morning!) b) that I hate life or c) that there’s a bear chasing me and that’s the only reason I’m running.

Because I can imagine I look miserable.

But truthfully, I just am focused on my breathing, and ‘listening’ to my body, seeing how it feels, and well, running.

But yesterday? I could feel redemption almost from mile 1 (and mile 1 is ALWAYS my worst mile).

It was ‘chilly’ comparatively speaking to last week’s dreadful mental 11 miles, all of 50 degrees and I wore crops for the first time, rather than shorts. My hands were even pretty icy feeling at the start of it! But the air was thin, cool and absolutely perfect.

And the route tweaks were also worth doing. Rather than one long continuous route (which, as you know, I tend to favor over the same route looped!), I mashed together two different routes so the only ‘repeat’ road was one mile long (though the turn where we usually head back to our apartment complex was REALLY tough not to take!!), and that proved successful!

Fueling was also much better. I brought some honey stingers this time (thanks sis!) and my trusty healthy bites (thanks Lindsay!) and we brought two water bottles this time. Perfect.

I ran free, I ran joyously and I run-sherpa’d my heart out. M run sherpa’d ME perfectly too. He kept pushing me, told me how great we were doing, how we were pacing really well and to keep going, don’t stop, and charge up that mofo hill I hate. And I did. I hit every hill and didn’t stop. 

When we set foot at our complex, 12 miles later and in about 2 hours (!), though I was hurting and exhausted, I was thrilled.

We did it. Again. And redemption? Is so very sweet.

Next up…I think you know what, by now. Next week’s run is the milestone. And I can honestly say I can’t wait to tackle it.

*As I write this, my sister and Scott are *still* running their 22 miles…so mind-boggling as we texted bright and early at 5:15 am, as I headed to the studio, and she headed for her run. That is a long-ass time to run, just saying. Go sis and Scott, go!!!*


32 thoughts on “12 redeeming miles.

  1. Air being thin – love that description. I’ll be glad to feel that again! I am so happy for you with those miles. Sometimes I think you can concentrate too much ya know? Sometimes you gotta just let it all go and enjoy, enjoy the other joggers, the cute dogs (leashed hopefully), the beauty of the morning. I’m almost always a smiling fool running. Sometimes just smiling can make it better too 😉

    1. I definitely concentrate too much sometimes!! Does the reverse, oddly, doesn’t it? I need to channel your smile like a fool mantra more 😉 hehe! love that!

  2. So happy for you! Sounds like an amazing run. I like fall runs, they are inspiring to me and this sounds like one of those runs!!!

  3. I had 12 redeeming miles yesterday also! I am running a half in less than two weeks and have not been training and totally dogging any long runs. Yesterday I did 12 beautiful miles and loved them and loved running again!

  4. Fantastic! It is always great to see that you have made progress and that the hard work is paying off. Good for you. I took part in a relay race this weekend and had a great run. I’ve been working on a hamstring injury for about 6 weeks now. My good run over the weekend really boosted my confidence.

  5. And now I’M the one with the big goofy grin on my face — so so so so SO proud of you sis!! THIS is the runner I always knew you could be if you’d just trust yourself to do it without fear, without anxiety without doubt. You KILLED IT!!! I never had a doubt sis. Ever, ever.

    PS. This might be my favorite line EVER in your blog: “People walking their dogs or jogging past us probably think I’m either a) a huge bitch (even though I always wave and say good morning!) b) that I hate life or c) that there’s a bear chasing me and that’s the only reason I’m running.? <—LOLOLOL

    1. Thank you sis 🙂 Big goofy grins all around. I am still smiling, three days later! And LOL on that line, it’s true, I probably look like an ax murderer!

  6. Yay! So happy for you…you’re making me SMILE BIG. Those good feeling runs are such a natural high, aren’t they?

    My running friends always make fun of me because I’m so focused during runs. If they pass me on the running trail/path we often use, I often don’t hear and they say I make such attractive faces. And I even LOVE to run. Haha! We would be quite a pair running together, huh? 😉

    1. Thank you Tina!! It was SUCH a natural high and I still feel it! Hope to carry it into the next! I love that you are really focused when you run too, we’d look SUPER funny together running, wouldn’t we? Angry, stone faced, focused runners 😉

    1. I’d like to be a sherpa of the year! hehe! I think that goes to Lindsay, first and foremost, though hehe! I know, I know, a race…it’s just not my thing, though it does creep into my mind once in awhile. Thank you for the vote of confidence, as always!!

  7. haha. I love your description of how you think others see you on your runs. I feel very much the same way. I typically have a scowl on my face. I love love love that you had 12 strong and smiling miles. I was thinking about all of you Tuesday morning when I woke up and it was nice and crisp and cool. My first thought was, “They are going to have awesome runs.” Such a well deserved redemption run.

    1. Scowl – yes! that’s exactly what I feel like I look like! Ha! And I love that you thought of me on Tuesday when you woke up and felt the weather. So cute 🙂 Thank you for your vibes and sherpaing 🙂

  8. Girl, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind and heart to. The past few years of knowing you has taught me this.

    GO girl. Indeed.


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