Perfect 10.

Today, M and I ran 10 miles. 

I hit my ‘secret miles’ goal of 10 miles today and didn’t tell a soul (well, except M…and maybe my sis, hehe. but that’s a given!).

It’s a complete switch for me. To set a goal for myself and well, keep it to myself, primarily, until I accomplish it (I *may* have mentioned it in this post, but sort of snuck that in there, didn’t I?). And I did it this way because I wanted to do it quietly, no self-inflicted pressure, nothing. Do it, then share it.

I think about this time last summer, I was beating myself up after a craptastic half marathon performance (my second – and likely – last ever) and floundering with my run-goals. Where to go from here, what to focus on, what do I want my ‘run personality’ to be? I was in heavy comparison mode. Total compare-itis.

Fast forward to now? To running happy miles. To running to run. To enjoying every run, and run sherpa’ing my sister and anyone else that jumps in to this wonderful group of women we’ve cultivated (Dorry, Lindsay, Heather, Spabettie, Amber, Melissa, Meaghan, and of course, Jess!).

And most of all?

To supporting Jess and Scott in their marathon 100%. And then some. When she told me she was running a marathon, my first reaction was “I wish I wanted that. I wish we could share it together” (and in the back of my mind…fears that my old comparision-itis fears would come back to haunt me and I’d be jealous, to be quite honest). But you know what? We ARE sharing it. Just in a different way. And I honestly think that ‘quiet support’ I’ve found, combined with really focusing on happy, smart runs, has made all the difference.

The lightbulb has flicked and I am running happily and most importantly, running well, almost every time. Sure there are still mental runs (running is naturally just mental, let’s face it!), sure some are better than others, but I run because I love it and love what it does for me, not because of any other outside factor (cue run-mesia!).

This morning’s run was a perfect 10. Perfect 10 day (low humidity, cool morning in the upper 50s (!), rested legs). Perfect 10 miles. Perfect 10 time spent with M. Who sang to me, hopped like a gazelle over trash or sticks (man, I hate when he looks so damn oblivious to the fact that we are running and running wicked far – heehee), and kept me going the entire time.

When we walked outside to get started, still slightly dark, a little baby bunny went scampering right in front of us into the bushes. I squeaked and whispered ‘hi bunny, hi bun bunnnn, so cuuuuute’ and M proceeded to shake his head and call me crazy, saying ‘even the bunny is a little uncomfortable at how happy you are to see him’ <LOL! But then said ‘that bunny is a sign that this is going to be a good run.”

And good run it was. Perfect 10, in fact. 

18 thoughts on “Perfect 10.

  1. High 5’s my friend! So glad you had a great run this morning. And having all of your sherpas definitely helps with encouragement doesn’t it? And I really do love that you realize that you are sharing the marathon with Jess in your own way. You are being her sherpa and you’re also finding your inner runner confidence along the way.

    1. Thank you! The sherpas definitely helped! And knowing you were also long running helped immensely! I love this support team and being supportive of Jess this way WHILE finding more running confidence!

  2. 10 miles! Awesome! I love this post….feeling happy with WHY you run and RELISHING in a goal meant for YOU! How great is that?! Very proud that you found peace with running and that you ran your own miles….and OWNED THEM! Woo-hoo!

  3. I really love how we’re sharing this marathon experience together — in different ways, yet we’re still in this together. Absolutely and totally. I wouldn’t have it ANY other way (‘cept maybe for you to be running beside me on Oct 7, hehe). I am SO SO SO proud of you for doing this your way, on your terms, and with your own sherpa by your side, making you giggle, keeping you pre-occupied and being that silent support that you’ve been to me this entire time. I love you sis, for all that you are and all that you’ll always be to me now, on race day, forever. xoxo

    1. I know, I love this too sis, it’s bringing us together in a different way but for the same reason. support, love and fun. This has been such a great experience for ME watching you flourish and grow and unexpectedly finding myself growing too. XOXO

  4. You’re definitely still experiencing the marathon with Jess, just in different ways like you said. Plus, 10 miles is no joke and something to be very proud of.

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