On being at peace with food.

Yesterday, it hit me.

I am finally at peace with food. 

No emotional tie or ‘pull’ 24/7 towards more, more, more.

No food as happiness, but food as fuel (it can still be fun, though!)

No ‘fighting’ the log, in terms of calorie counting (yes, I still count, but I also allow for life to happen and sometimes that means loosely tracking and being mindful).

No deprivation.

No wishing I could eat this or that. Because I can eat this or that. I can eat anything I want, truly, as long as it is balanced by the rest of my eats for the day.

And that has become my magic bullet for success. Combined with the barre n9ne 60-day challenge, joining the barre n9ne family and running, I am reaching that state where I am at peace. With food. With my body. With my approach to health.

No comparisons. No numbers. No fixating

Peace. Peace. Peace.

As I wrote in my 60-day challenge retrospective, there is no end game. This. Is. My. Life. And it couldn’t feel more right, more focused, more fun and more balanced. It’s amazing what being at peace with food can bring, truly. Harnessing mindfulness in this crucial area has completely spilled over into other areas of my life and while I am still working on that mindful balancing act in overplanning etc., having a strong foundation in all things food has really been key for me.

So, if you find yourself struggling with want, want, want, and more, more,  more, take a step back, think about it and ask yourself “why?” And the more you do that, the more you listen to your body’s cues on what will fuel and satisfy you. It takes time (a LOT of time!), patience and determination, but once you reach that pinnacle, it’s like a lightbulb flicks on and it becomes intuitive.

Being at peace with food is so much more than ‘just’ food. It’s simply…peaceful.

35 thoughts on “On being at peace with food.

  1. So glad you have found this peace. It’s never good to deprive nor obsess over something like food. It’s fuel, but that doesn’t mean it has to be blah right? It’s just a different perspective. Though, there are still times when chips and cheese dip are a must 😉

    1. Exactly! Sometimes I WANT some of M’s doritos and dammit, I’ll eat them and enjoy them 😉 Same with cheese. And um, wine. But 9 times out of 10, I just feel at peace with whatever decision I make food-wise. Hope that came through in my post, but if not, that’s also what I meant by being at peace. Not depriving, enjoying too, just primarily not focusing so heavily on it as joy or something solely. mmm now I want cheese!

  2. YES!!! This is EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now too (shocker) — so settled, so comfortable, so at peace, so NORMAL about my approach to eating and fueling and counting and ALL of it. I love this lifestyle of ours, I love every single thing about it. But most of all? I love how HAPPY we both are, peacefully so. Such a blessing. Truly. (and I still have YOU to thank for getting us into that barre n9ne spokesmodel challenge to begin with!!)

    1. Exactly! I love this, and love that we aren’t fighting our food anymore, and enjoying it too. Treats as well, but not 24/7 or eat anything whenever, since THAT approach never worked for us before either hehe 😉 And yes, you do, what are you going to buy me as a thank you? JK 😉

  3. I wish it was that easy for everyone, but sadly it’s not. I wish I could get to where you are with food. I am all over the map when it comes to it. I am happy to see you write this, it still gives me great perspective.

    1. It isn’t easy. You’re right. I never said that it was and don’t think that it is, it takes a lot of patience, time, and trial and error to find the right balance. It’s been a year and (almost) a half of learning to come to peace with food, something I struggled with quite a bit in the years prior (in large part without ever realizing the emotional connection I had with it). Please do have hope and know that if you dedicate yourself to it, it’ll come, in time. I am glad this gives you some hope/perspective and I hope my point came across that it is NOT easy, but it is worth it. XO

  4. I love this! It reminds me of something I learned in YTT. David said often we want something to fill a need. Some people shop to deal with feeling lonely, some might eat to deal with their emotions. So David said why not just skip the middle step and get to the end result. For those shoppers, it might be skipping shopping and joining a social group. For the eater it is skipping the eating and learning to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. You’ve figured out how to deal with the want, want, want and you get what you need without overindulging or overeating. And as a result you feel peaceful about it! I LOVE it!

    1. LOVE this! What a great point, skip the middle step and explore the why behind the pull, whatever it is! It feels so good to feel at peace, and know that whatever I do, I am doing it smartly and mindfully and YES still enjoying what I eat, just not as the sole focus.

  5. I can relate to this. I am mindful of what I put into my body, but not because of the calories or whatever. I am mindful because of how I know it will make me feel. It is important to be in tune with your cravings, while also putting in things that will fuel your body healthfully and properly! So glad you wrote this.

    1. Exactly! Another great way of putting it and looking at it – your ‘make it your own’ way of being in tune with your body and how certain foods make you feel!

  6. This is beautifully written. Finding peace is the key to happiness in all areas of your life. I am so happy for you that you have found that place! I have finally gotten to this place in my life and it’s kind of an overwhelming sense of calmness…in a good way.

    1. Thank you Sarena! It has been a really big part of breaking through to finding peace that has bled into all areas of my life. Funny how when something finally clicks, everything else starts to fall into place. total calm. Exactly.

    1. It is hard. Really hard. Like, a full year+ of working on it, falling back, taking steps forward, and back, and forward, until it finally clicked.

  7. this brings tears to my eyes because I can REALLY relate! for me it was years and years of struggling, over-thinking, depriving, restricting, etc. – and I finally feel free from all of that! I still have moments – but they are very few and far between. I bet we could talk for hours about this. 🙂

    I’m so happy that you’ve found your peace with food, and I love you for sharing with us here!

    1. Dorry, I swear, the more I read your posts, and tweets and instagrams, we have much in common, don’t we? We could really talk for hours about all things life!! MUST make it a priority to meet…bucket list 🙂 I am equally as happy that you too have found peace with food as well. It is enlightening!

    1. Thank you! It is something I think MANY people have and may struggle with without even realizing it! And you are right, this doesn’t even come close to shedding light on how long it took. Perhaps for a future post.

  8. I love seeing and hearing where you are in this journey and the balance that you’ve found – that food is about fueling our bodies but that doesn’t mean that we can enjoy it either. I know that it’s been a lot of hard work but to hear the peace that you express, it almost feels like a huge sigh – contentment really. I know that this is definitely something that I struggle with and reading this makes me feel hopeful that one day too I can find the same peace.

    1. Exactly. We can enjoy it, but primarily looking at it as fuel has helped me get towards that peaceful state. A huge sigh of contentment is a great way of putting it!! I know you will get there too, I promise. Just takes time, time, time.

  9. This makes me so happy…and so jealous. 😉 I’m still not there. I have to admit it. I’m still so mindless when it comes to food, and while my goals used to be to lose weight, they aren’t centered on that anymore. Without a peaceful “relationship” with food, I’m not going to get there. I let my sweet tooth get to me way too easily. (I got addicted to Kit-Kats over the move. How’s that for AWESOME. Ack.)

    I love that you’ve begun savoring what food has to offer in life…its taste, its ability to fuel. This year, I plan on taking on finding that peace…and I’ll probably be coming to you for support. 😉 Love you, friend…and I love everything you have going for yourself right now.

    1. Thank you friend! It has been a long journey to here and to peace, but it has been so worth it. It’s HARD to be mindful. It’s HARD to say no. It’s HARD to choose between yummy for an instant (kit kat) with yummy for hours (chobani!) for example. And sometimes, you just need the kit kat. or the wine, or whatever it is. It takes time and you will get there, and you have come so far! XOXO!

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