On run sherpa’ing.

Today, I ran 9 miles with M.


Suddenly, my mileage has crept up without even so much as planning, just quietly adding on to our usual route the past few weeks, one more mile each week.

And why? 

Because I quietly want to support my sister Jess and brother in law Scott, on their quest for 26.2.

So I anointed myself ‘virtual sherpa’ duties. To run ‘out of my comfort zone’ every Tuesday morning as they set out for their long runs, runs that each week set them out of their comfort zones into continued PDR territory. 16, 18 and today, 20 miles strong.

I’ve gotten up, laced up my sneakers and simply ran, these past few weeks, in particular, strong(er), happy, and sending as many vibes, strength and faith their way as they conquered more miles.

And unintentionally and unexpectedly, I’ve found myself embracing longer distances. Slowly ticking away. Gaining confidence. And wondering. How many more can I tack on? M and I ran quietly much of the time today, calling out bunnies (fewer and farther in between lately, sad face. But I told Jess I sent them her way this morning, as they saw NINE bunnies on their run. See? Even the bunnies are sherpa’ing!), and having my own personal jukebox as M sang out random tunes that were stuck in his head.

I ran proud. For my sister. For my brother in law. For M. And last but not least, for me

Quietly sherpa’ing. Quietly supporting. And being the proudest sister I think I have ever been. The spotlight’s on her, and I love it. I love every minute of it. No comparison games, no ‘wishing it was me,’ just support. And that feels incredibly rewarding in itself.

39 thoughts on “On run sherpa’ing.

  1. I love this post! And I love how you are rediscovering a love for longer miles. It’s amazing how being of service to others helps us rediscover what we truly love.

    1. Aww thank you Naomi!! It is crazy to think I am loving this too, and it really is because of support and service to others – such a great point 🙂

  2. Aw sis, you made me cry!! You have been nothing short of amazing this entire time…not that you haven’t always been an amazing and supportive sister, but this? You’re sending me (and Scott) such strength and love and support in ways i don’t even think you fully realize. You are such a blessing to me sis, love you!!! (even saying that doesn’t seem like enough…once again, at a loss for words, the right words…to fully describe all that I’m feeling throughout this journey). xoxo

    1. You made me cry too! In your comment here, and in reading your post, and just seeing our sisterhood grow with each passing sherpa week. It has really brought us together even more too, and I just love that, sis. I am so incredibly proud of you both and cannot wait to cheer you on like a crazy person in October. Love you!

  3. I love that you are supporting Jess in such an amazing and thoughtful way! And it’s awesome that your mileage is creeping up. You and your sister have an amazing relationship, I love it!

    1. I LOVED your sherpa post!! And I love how supportive and caring YOU are too as a fellow sherpa in crime. And I love that this is helping my running too. Like night and day!

  4. Ah that’s so lovely you’re supporting Jess in her fabulous running journey. So nice that you both have a close bond and such a strong respect and support for each other.

  5. I know you two know how incredibly great you have it! What an incredible support system you have. You all are incredibly inspirational and today’s run felt amazing knowing I was’t alone! Thank you for sharing that moment with me! There is nothing better than quietly knowing you have an incredible support system.

    1. We really do, the best relationship, sisterhood, and friendship. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I try my best to not take it for granted either, even when we do argue over the stupidest things sometimes 😉 (she will know what I am talking about!). I am so glad YOU shared in this too, what a fun morning!

  6. So awesome that you are supporting your sister this way. I call Josh my Sherpa, but that’s because he bikes alongside me on my long runs and carries my food and water. Way more materialistic than the way you are describing it.

    1. It was the best! And I love that he supports you too, how great is that. Carries it all for you! M does that for me too, carried our water and the keys. So nice 🙂

  7. I love this so much! All of the sherpa talk truly makes me so happy, and I am so inspired by everyone’s support for Jess (and for each of us in different ways)! I think it’s pretty fantastic that you ran 9 miles this morning!! And love that M is right there running with you… ❤

    1. I love it too, friend! I love how we just spontaneously came together on this and at it from all directions, all different miles, all for the same cause 🙂 And I loved that M was with me too, made it so SO much better!

  8. That’s awesome that you are able to support your sister and even better that you are really enjoying it. 9 miles is no joke!

  9. The people that are quiet are the most deadliest:) You are amazing! Look at you. I think someone may have some marathons in their future?! Shadow running is always hard and you’ve done such an awesome job cheer leading and showing your true support.

    They do say that bunnies know how to multiply!

    1. Quiet are the deadliest! haha! quiet is the way I like to roll 😉 No expectations, just surprises 😉 No marathon for me, but I guess never say never, right? 😉

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