FEF: what I’m loving.


Or – finally effing Friday.

Yes, folks, I am crawling into Friday today. And the sentiment seems to be overwhelmingly similar, whereever I look. Longest.Week.Ever.

Perhaps it is the #lakation that is taunting me (Wednesday night- Sunday!!).

Or the humidity that is effing up my running mojo.

Or the fact that as of tomorrow, I will have taught 7 b9 classes and my legs are on fi-ya. #hurtssogood!


I personally love the quickie ‘Friday Five’ ‘Things I’m loving’ ‘Friday Fun” type posts that I’ve been reading today so I’m throwing another one of these together cuz it’s what’s swirling. Go with it, shall we?

I’m loving all things subbed-with-Chobani lately. (of course, we must include a foodie ‘love’ in this post!)

Like this amazingly delish egg salad. Rather than mayo, I used plain Chobani greek yogurt. Oh Em. Gee.

Egg Salad Extraordinaire! (not even being dramatic…THAT GOOD).

I also ate Chobani as a snack this week and added a tsp of nutella in it and Oh. Em. Gee. X1000. Di-Vine. (but THESE concoctions look even better! MUST visit Christine and go to Chobani SoHo!).

I’m loving seeing what I refer to as ‘running angels’ on this week’s runs.

Given humidity is in high effect right now, several of my runs were downright brutal. Completely mental. But every time I run past these two elderly women on a certain stretch of road (they always end up about half mile from each other, they must do their morning walks at the same time or something), they always smile, wave, and say hello. And that truly makes my run improve immensely. So I have started calling them my running angels because when I see them, I stand a little taller, run a little faster and smile and wave right back. And then I’m perked up enough to finish out my run strong. #itsthelittlethings

I’m loving my sisters and my niece. As always. More than ever.Β 

First of all, just LOOK at that face. I just want to kiss it and snuggle! She looks so much like Jen right now, it’s ridiculous. And warms my heart every single time.

I die of cuteness overload. ❀

My sisters, well, what can I say? I had such a fun sister/niece night about a week ago with Jen and Isabel and the little moments are just the best. Her SECOND birthday is coming up (!) and I’ve already snagged the cutest outfits from Rue La La, not to mention other toys I am conniving πŸ˜‰ She will be spoiled and there’s nothing more to say than that. As for Jess? Well, the more we learn about our own capabilities as barre n9ne instructors, runners, and working on that elusive thing called balance, the more we – for lack of a better term – balance each other out. More than ever, we are helping smack each other into reality when we OATT too much, fret over something that really doesn’t even need fretting over (yes, I am using the word fret, what of it?), and just trust and believe in ourselves and each other. I’m looking forward to a sister ‘date’ tonight with her and I think it will be fabulous (there will be wine involved, I mean, how could it *not?*).

M’s ability to ‘stand me.’

Given aforementioned longest.week.ever, I’ve been, shall we say, a tad bit grouchy. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how M just rolls with the (proverbial!) punches. If I bitch about socks in the corner, he shakes his head (and then puts them away), if I complain that he made a mess in the kitchen, he laughs it off (and then offers to clean, which I decline, because he just made dinner and I’m just being a brat). And when I tell him that I don’t know how he ‘stands me’ sometimes, he tells me ‘I stand you because I love you. More than anything.’

Swoon. (and I broke my rule about talking about M here, but sometimes, I just can’t help it <3).

Last, but not least, I am loving that this week is just about over.Β 

I know, I know, stop can’t waiting. But sometimes you just gotta give in to it and work for the weekend. And that, my friends, is exactly what I am doing. Finishing out the day and then amped for a jam packed but fabulous weekend ahead. Teaching 3 barre n9ne classes, another wedding with M (yay, I love dressing up!) and #sundayfunday of course.

Happy weekend, friends, and I hope you embrace every second just like I plan to πŸ˜‰ Finally Effing Friday!!

23 thoughts on “FEF: what I’m loving.

  1. She’s such a doll. How can she be turning 2 already???? And don’t you just love those little things like seeing the same friendly person on a run? A couple of weeks ago (when I was struggling of course) Jason and I passed an older gentleman on the sidewalk, he stepped aside and raised his hand like a high 5 and told Jason “Lookin’ Good.” And me “Go Get’em Tiger.” As bad as the run sucked, how could I not smile?

    1. I know! TWO! How fast was that?! And how cute, I love that story! Go Get em Tiger! Even in my worst mood, I’d still have to smile! so cute!

  2. Awww I love this post so much!! Especially because you talk of our sister date tonight which I totally can’t WAIT for!! We’re gonna have a blast. πŸ™‚

    Ps. we have running angels too, come to think of it — there’s this one woman we see EVERY single time we run, especially our long runs and she know recognizes us and waves and shouts a good morning our way. Always perks me right up, I love that!!

    Pps. I wish I had egg salad today after seeing your wrap, I drooled on cue. Legit. I love food.

    1. sister dates and sister dates with beautiful nieces are the best πŸ™‚ Running angels are the best, especially in the form of the elderly πŸ™‚ mmm egg salad was so so good!

  3. Oh man, I feel you on the longest.week.ever. I’m feeling so fried lately – just need a vacation. Um, your niece is the cutest thing ever. Seriously. And yes, you have to come visit NYC so that we can eat lots of Chobani. We could just hunker down there for the day…or two.

  4. The humidity killed me this past week – lowest mileage in a loong time, but its just not worth running at 95% humidity to feel crappy all day

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