Run-imations: run-mesia

*The third in my mini-series on my ruminations run-imations on running: A snapshot into my brain, on the good, the mental, and even, the bad runs. What I learn, what inspires, what challenges*

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s 75 degrees at 7 am and 87% humidity. The air is heavy.

Yet you told yourself you were gonna run after teaching barre n9ne.

Even though M isn’t feeling well so this will make it a solo run.

You venture out. First few steps are okay, surprisingly. You let up the tension in your neck and set out at a good pace, not too fast, not too slow, watch the breathing.

And then, about 10 mins in, all hell breaks loose.

Every step feels ridiculously hard. Breathing labored, heart racing, sweat already pouring down your face.

You question why the eff you are running. It’s way too humid.

You question WHY you run. It’s too hard. It’s not fun. It’s too hard.

You swear at every step. You curse the wind (too hot), you curse the sun (way too strong for 7 am!), you curse your breathing (akin to running sprints yet it’s a slow and steady pace, wtf).

You want to stop. You want to quit. You seriously question your sanity.

Why run? Why do you like it? You clearly hate it. So stop, stop running. Right now.

It’s too hard. It’s too hot. The sweat is pouring down your face, and to top it off, no bunnies in sight.

(you snort to yourself…it’s even too hot for the bunnies to be creepin’!)

And then? You’re at the turnaround point to your quick and dirty 3 miler and you push it out of your head (it’s ‘only’ 3 miles and you are struggling? Stop being a wuss).

And you feel better. You feel stronger. You feel past the point of sweatiness where it doesn’t even matter that you’re sweating, and gross, and breathing hard.

Because this is what running is all about. Drenched in sweat from head to toe. Every muscle in your body doing its job. Working.

You look around at summer in full bloom everywhere you look. You embrace the heat, the hot sun, the warm breeze.

(because come winter? You’ll be pissed at yourself that you were actually bitching about that when you have snot – TMI – frozen to your face!)

And sure, you don’t see any bunnies today, but you usually do. Their ears peeking out from the blades of grass, their velvety fur and white fluffy tails.

You stop. At the end of your 3 mile run and you smile. Even with the sweat dripping down your body, including your upper lip (so sexy – not), the back of your neck and all through your hair. And smile.

THAT’s what running is about. THAT is why I run.

The end game. The feeling at the end of your run when you got through the mental game, and the physical challenge that running puts you through like no other.

And you realize that it’s yet another case of run-mesia (= run amnesia), as you walk up the three flights of stairs, legs burning, but mind, body and soul lit up, happy, content and proud.

Run on my friends, even when it sucks. It’s still worth it. 

That is why I run.

You might see the sweat, but I see the run-mesia setting in 😉


On a quick note? My weekly chase goal – one and only – is to run like the wind this week. Embrace it. Get four good, solid runs in (checking one off that list today!) and don’t go into it dreading it…because what’s the point of that? Self-fulfilling prophecy, no? I need to go into my runs with that end game in mind – harness the run-mesia. So, that, my friends, is my plan this week! Check out some other weekly chase goals on Melissa’s blog!

29 thoughts on “Run-imations: run-mesia

  1. Yep, that’s pretty much how my run went down Friday – only it was in the 80’s and it took me 5 miles to hit that damn wall. But then, I was cursing like a sailor and hating every minute. I don’t know which is worse, it just being bad from the start or starting off ok being slightly fooled that it’ll be a good one and then BAM.

    1. I totally thought of you as I wrote this post in my head as I ran – ya know, to stop thinking about how much I loathed the run itself 😉 I think it’s worse to start off and the run is already sucktastic than for it to hit you later, but then again, it also sucks to be humming along and then sucktastic-ness sets in!

  2. This might be my favorite running-themed post from you YET. I LOVE this. It has me totally amped up to rock my long run tomorrow where I’ll surely be channeling this vibe, this energy, this passion from you!! ASSLAP SIS!!!! THIS is what running is all about!! Wooo!!

    1. Heehee, thanks sis 😉 Glad you like it!! I will be channeling YOU tomorrow during our run and will be there virtually with you! I am excited the humidity is down! Sure for some killer running weather 🙂 XO

  3. You question why you run – absofreakinglutely. You hit so many good points on the head of why you actually do it.

    There’s that little bug in all of us that wants to keep competitive. Hats off to all the summer runners!

  4. I’m glad I saved this post from the “mark as read” list. (That sounds really precocious, I’m sure.) I’m really proud of you for pushing through and not allowing the, what I refer to, lazy part of your mind get the best of you. The days where I feel laziest are the days where it’s absolutely disgusting out. Like today. I’m so glad I’m on a running hiatus to allow my whatever-it-is heal, because I walked the dog today and immediately felt everything just melt. I wasn’t wearing makeup or anything…but I felt everything on me melt. Thick air, nasty heat, hazy imagery…horrible. I’m secretly glad that half training is done. I’m proud of you for pushing and remembering what you really have in you as a runner. Remember…you’ve motivated and inspired me MANY times.

    1. Glad you read it too because I know you can totally relate as well!! It’s hard to push past the mental, but the more I remind myself that I am capable of doing just that, the more I can do it. YOU motivate and inspire me daily, I am pretty sure 🙂 XO

  5. UGH I’ve been there so many times. It’s been over 100 where I live for weeks and I started doing indoor exercises and treadmill work but it’s not the same. I miss running outside when the wind hits my whole body not just my face. But oh man…I’ve so been through that same mental argument with myself!

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