Challenges anew.

I give up.

I need a new challenge.

I love ‘running to run’ and I love my commitment to the barre (and recommittment!) and continued focus in a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle. But I feel like I am going into a bit of maintenance mode and whenever I hit that I fear one thing: stagnation. And challenges are what drive me, let’s face it. Everyone needs a break from a challenge, whether it be physical, career or life-related, but then there are times where you want to – as one of my besties says – amp it up and challenge yourself.

So, this is me, challenging myself anew.

There are a few things I am toying with, mind you. One of them?

Running, of course. Relearn to breathe in humid conditions. Don’t let myself get to the panic point where the only way to calm myself is to stop running. (sometimes that’s just unavoidable but most times, it can be controlled before it gets to that point – that is the point I need to get to). And? Run farther. I’d love to hit 10 miles again. And I’d love to do it ‘sherpa-style’ and run with my sister on one of her long marathon training runs. So that’s my goal. Fix the breathing. Hit double digits. At least once before the summer is over. Just to prove I can do it (again). Faster, stronger, more confident.

The other challenge I am toying with?

Getting a road bike and – gulp – ride…clip-in style, to boot. (go big or go home, right??). I have a bike, but it’s not a road bike and I don’t even need a fancy one, just something beginner, something used, no bells and whistles (friends! any suggestions on brand, type etc?? Locals – recommendations where??). I want to ride. I want to feel the air rush past my face as I whiz past those runners (since I always swear at them as they glide along past me as I am trudging along feeling uber slow in comparison!).  I just think it would be the perfect complement to running and barre and an opportunity to also go long. Explore the area I live in. There are SO many great areas to ride here and running can only take me so far. 

So that’s my goal. I need to investigate and do some research but any tips and suggestions would be awesome. I think M will get one with me and it’ll be such a fun way to work out together, in addition to running together.

Challenges anew. Let’s do this!

(hop on over to NEW half marathoner (woohoo!) Melissa’s blog to see the Weekly Chase in Action – I completely forgot to add this earlier when I blogged this, so here you go! Mini update! Check it out and get motivated!!)

51 thoughts on “Challenges anew.

  1. I know a couple of people that have picked up road bikes cheap(ish) on E-Bay. I good idea is to go into a proper bike shop, get measured for a bike, then walk out and go on E-Bay as you now know exactly what size you need!

  2. I love your challenges!! I totally know what you mean about needing a challenge. You’re going to hate me for saying this but you know what helped me to regulate my breathing? Swimming. I think that getting a road bike is a great idea. I was so scared when I first clipped into my bike but it just takes a little practice getting used to. I just went around a parking lot, went around in a circle clipping in and clipping out of the pedals until I felt more comfortable with it. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

    1. Thank you! I know, I just love a challenge and when I am in between them, I embrace them but get antsy kinda quick! How did I know you were going to say swimming! I know, I know, swimming scares the crap out of me, but it’s on my list. somewhere 😉

  3. Nothing like new things to motivate you! Cycling is an amazing compliment to running:) I love my Trek bike but go to your local bike shop and they’ll fit you, etc. I am super excited for you.

    And you can totally crush double digits, that’s an awesome goal you should check off.

    1. Exactly! I can’t wait to get a bike now that I’ve written it down, I am really excited and know it’ll help my running and probably my breathing too!! Thank you for your support on both!

  4. I love this sis — I have to say I agree, I love challenges, big or small to keep me motivated and always moving towards something. I don’t know why but I always need that ‘moving towards’ thing happening in my life so I get it, totally!! PS. I think you should either join one of my UBER long training runs (hi 18 or 20 miles -eeeeep) OR run our next drop-back 10 miler in a few weeks with us. Sherpa-style!

    1. I love challenges, clearly, we both do!! they drive us and motivate and are FUN to achieve. And I definitely want to join those runs. let’s discuss 🙂

  5. As you know I’m ready to dabble in bike riding as well, so I think that’s a great challenge! One I know you’ll succeed and do well in!

    Running with Jess sherpa style for marathon training is a great idea too – I’m working on getting Kevin to do that for me!

    1. It is a great challenge!! ask that man of yours for suggestions on bikes, will ya 😉 I love that he is going to be your sherpa too!

  6. Bikes are like shoes – make sure you get one that fits YOU. Talk to different bike stores – they all sell different brands! It took me 4 stores and 3 weeks to find the perfect bike. 🙂

  7. Go to a bike shop and get measured. Then shop on Craig’s List for a bike.

    And yes, the next up-the-ante will be triathlon! #youcandoit

  8. Oh, I think biking would be great for you. I’m sort of interested in that myself, but need to save up a bit of money to buy a bike. Good luck! 🙂

  9. We have good ole Target bikes.Any form of getting Hardscape to work out is a pain in the ass but we have found bike riding helps especially when it is so hot out.The late eveningish hours are best. We managed to even go so far as to get headlights on our bikes and go on a few rides with friends on trails that usually end up at a bar but you know what, it is fun and something to do together:)

    1. Yea, I sort of wonder if we should do that…nothing fancy bikes to start. I DO have one actually, it’s stored at my sister’s. It might be an option, at least this year, and then if we both love it, get something a little more serious next season (since we’d only get 4 months or so max before the winter – sniff!!)

  10. I was just thinking about my goals this week! With school starting back and after being on summer break so to speak, I really feel like I need some new goals moving forward. I’m taking this week to really just focus on giving the kids one last fun week and prepare them for the school season ahead, then I’m going to work on my goals. I would love to improve my running too. I’m still just beginning, but every time I get out there, I feel the need to do more.

    1. That’s a great time to start goal-forming! For the fall and end of year (scary that it’s actually not that far till the holidays!!).

  11. There’s nothing like a good challenge to get you fired up! I’ve been trying to set a few new ones myself. I’m looking forward to hearing how the bike hunt goes for you. My husband and I have talked about getting some as well. Biking has never been my thing but I want to learn to love it!

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