Every single time.

Every single time I walk out of barre n9ne, I feel like I am finally starting to hit a good stride as an instructor. That I AM an instructor.

It’s been a little almost six months (!) since getting certified, and while there is a LOT more to learn, refine and develop…I just love teaching. Every single time.

Every single time, I feel that rush of adrenaline and excitement. I feel awake, alive, and refreshed (even if I may be crawling out of bed at 5:09 am – yes :09 to be exact – and wondering how on earth I’m going to be AWAKE enough to motivate, instruct and push!).


When I have a conversation with a 60-day challenger and see their elation over how well this program just works and how fit they are becoming and how motivated they are…it makes me proud. It keeps me motivated myself. Every single time.

And every single time, when I hear a groan, gasp or see someone shut their eyes and push through the burn, I smile. And then I push them more. 

When I look around, at my life, at my (busy) schedule, at my body, at my eats, at everything, it all comes back to barre n9ne and this lifestyle I’ve built for myself. I smile again. Every single time.

And every single time I have the opportunity, I pay it forward, my way of giving thanks, of spreading this passion, this life, this happiness. Because it truly is the balanced life I have looked for, strived for, yet never achieved the way I wanted. Until now. 

“Follow what makes you naturally curious…it will lead you to your passion and purpose.”

Expect many more pictures like this…fair-warning 😉

33 thoughts on “Every single time.

  1. Loooooooove this. And obviously I feel exactly the same — it’s an incredible family at the studio isn’t it? I cherish every moment I spend there – both as an instructor and a student of the method. b94life!! 🙂

    1. Ha! Best kept secret 😉 fake it till ya make it and surprise, surprise, it works! I ALWAYS feel so great moments after class starts. It’s the best feeling 🙂 And SO worth the wake up!

  2. That’s so great that you found something that you love so much! I wish I lived in Boston and could take your classes.

  3. I love pictures, spam me baby:)

    I have such admiration for instructors, it’s super hard work and I have no doubt you are an amazing teacher. Your patience and your passion – proud of you!

    1. Thank you!! We both love it so much and it is equally as fun being in HER class (and her in mine!) and seeing the passion and getting my ass kicked by her and vice versa hehe 😉

  4. Isn’t it great to find something so wondeful in your life that just works! makes you wonder how you made it all these years without it! You have done so well with it. Way to go!

  5. You and your sis both *glow* (even over the internet!) when talking about barre n9ne 🙂
    I so wish that this barre-train would come to Kalamazoo, MI!

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