Snippets…in pictures.

When I wrote ‘live more, chronicle less’ I honestly didn’t think I would adjust to it as quickly as I have. And yet, a week has gone by and I haven’t written one post. Or thought about it much, either.

And it’s been great.

I guess it means it was the right decision for me right now, huh? Yet, I have all these thoughts and half-written posts flitting through my brain, yet nothing too earthshattering or ‘complete’ yet, so I figure I might as well keep it to myself (wink) rather than bore everyone with minutia!

However, I do have a few snippets to share…in pictures.

On capturing incredible images. Like this one, in Maine, after a fierce storm, just before I dove into homemade blueberry pie that my sister Jess and I made with my Gram on #lakation



Or checking off items on the summer bucket list. Like blueberry picking…

Or running in my sports bra…’naked’ if you will. And it felt freeing and with much-needed ‘air-conditioning’ as the weather was downright muggy and thick when we attempted this at the lake (running during lakation was a mental game, but I proudly ran 4 times and pushed through…how’s that for a mini run-imation?)


…and spending time with this man, who I love so very much. And sharing some moments that will remain unspoken, on the dock, lounging, talking, just being (reminiscent of this moment last summer…)

And spending much-needed niece and ‘Mimi’ (what Isabel calls my mom!) time together last week during one of our now (hopefully!) regular ‘sister dinners’ My niece is growing so fast, I can hardly believe it. She says auntie and calls for us, she knows us! She knows her ‘uncle’ Scott and her face lights up in recognition. It’s the most awesome feeling in the world, to know that she KNOWS me. ❤

I am living, not chronicalling, the details. And it feels better than I ever thought possible. There’s stuff I want to talk about, but it can wait. For time to do it. But right now, I’m having far too much fun living the sh#@t out of summer. XOXO friends, cheers!




26 thoughts on “Snippets…in pictures.

  1. ❤ this. Two of my favorite moments from the above? Making that blueberry pie with gram…in our bikinis with her watching over our shoulder as proud as ever. *And* hearing Isabel yell "auuuuntiiiiie" from the living room during sister dinner last week. And to realize that she was looking for ME while I was out of sight in the kitchen. It melted me into a giant puddle. She is the best ever.

  2. I’m catching up on blog reading, and it sounds like we’re on the same page right now! I’m living a lot more than I used to – since I spend a lot of time at the computer for work now, I’m disconnecting and getting out with Billy to explore the city, exercise, etc. with my free time. I feel the same though – oftentimes with blog posts half written in my head or notes in my iPhone. 🙂

    1. Exactly! We are really on the same page, I completely agree. I just find it more fulfilling for me right now, and my blog, at the outset, served such a different purpose than now. So I feel like this is the right thing to do.

  3. We are going to have to join you in Maine one of these times. I can’t wait to get Hardscape to NH! I’m so proud of you for sports bra running too:) Yay summer!

  4. I have missed you on the interwebs! But completely understand the concept of living more and chronicling less– it’s important to enjoy life and not just write about it as it passes you by : )

  5. So glad you’re having a wonderful time. Definitely think this is my bed year yet, having the best times and best days and nights out with family.

    1. Hugs you back! I love that!! And thank you – blush – you could TOTALLY run ‘naked’ too!! Hot stuff! (even with baby!) 😉

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