I vow…to chase (mindfulness).

My beautiful friend Melissa over at Live, Love & Run has started up what she calls ‘the weekly chase’ and it is an absolutely awesome way to focus on a weekly goal and to maintain accountability. At first, I thought I would hop into this in a week or so, after wine country quad-peat takes place, but I realize that is one huge goal that I continue to focus on. Not just weekly, not just monthly, but daily.

Being mindful. 

Some days it is easier to be mindful. With everything. From food, to living ‘in’ the moment, to being at peace with myself and maintaining balance.

But some days it is an internal battle with myself, a noisy riot in my brain. About everything. From what I choose to eat to whether or not I choose to have a glass (or two) of wine. To whether logging is still ‘working’ for me (or against me). To whether I should run more miles…or maintain peace with mileage and just run.

And as an ode to mindfulness (something written so eloquently by MizFitOnline in this guest post that I just adore), as I look back at a weekend where I felt a little bit mentally tested on one day (but completely at ease and satisfied with my mindfulness on the others – go figure), and as I set out on a trip where I will focus on balance and mindfulness (but not be so strict that I don’t enjoy the wine, the local cheeses and foods) and step away from my routine (my eats, my workouts, everything), I will vow to maintain mindfulness. 

And just be.


Friends, I urge you to check out Melissa’s Weekly Chase…and if you want to join in, link up to her post, and slap a badge on your page or your post. I think this could be something beautiful – motivating, accountable, and we can be in it together.

31 thoughts on “I vow…to chase (mindfulness).

  1. I was just thinking about how I need to live in the moment. For the first time in a while, I don’t have any specific events to look forward to. I feel sort of lost because of it, but I reminded myself that I don’t have to constantly be looking into the future. I’m missing out on the present by doing that.

    1. I feel lost, similarly, when I don’t have a goal to focus on. But we should enjoy that too! Live in the moment, be mindful of the NOW, now just what’s ahead.

  2. Comment take 2 (in flight wifi is being finicky, boo!): I’m ALL IN on this chase towards mindfulness. Not just this week while we’re away but always. It’s a work in progress but we’re getting there and what better way to chase mindfulness than by chasing it together, right? Pinky swear 😉 xo!

    1. ALL IN! Yes. I am so glad. We both need to keep each other accountable here, because while there is a line between mindfulness and letting go to the opposite end of the spectrum, we KNOW what that line is and I think we are doing a great job already. It’s more a shift in our minds than anything!! XOXO!

      1. sometimes i think being in wine country resets mindfulness. I know, i am dork, but it’s about the beauty of slowing down and living moment by moment. yes, each day!

  3. Mindfulness is a daily goal of mine, too, Jo. Whether it’s blogging, taking care of the girls, running, eating, you name it…I need to be more mindful. I feel like the mindlessness that I was so good at before was killing me. Literally. Killing my relationships, killing my body, killing my mind…I felt so weak. Now that I’m becoming more mindful about most things in my life, I feel more alive. More present. Busier, for sure, but present. Happy. Accomplished. Being mindless takes away from the glory of everything we’re capable of doing or being. I love this. So much. You should also add that a goal of enjoying every last second of your wine country vacation. That’s my goal for all of ya!

    1. That is SUCH a good point…mindlessness can totally kill everything, productivity, goals, all of it. And yes, I absolutely will enjoy and drink in (literally and figuratively!) every moment!! XOXO love this series, friend!

  4. I LOVE your description of the ‘noisy riot in my brain.’ I am right there with you. Thanks for being my motivation this afternoon!

  5. Mindfulness is something so important to chase – I’ve found myself working on that more and more lately. Do you ever find the more involved your life is the more of a challenge being mindful is? It’s times like that, we must sit back and really work hard on focusing on the mind and not OATTing everything to death! (Which I do so well…)

    1. It is harder and harder the busier you get, I totally agree! That is usually when I retreat and reset and get my priorities straightened out! and I feel so much better, and less OATTing too 😉

  6. I love that you’re practicing more mindfulness. Meditation helps me to remember that. 😉

    You, my friend, are making LIVING your meditation. That’s mo betta!

    Love you.

    1. I am sure trying to remember this far more often! LIVING your meditation – THAT owuld make an awesome t-shirt 🙂 love you too!!

  7. What a beautiful post. I read the MizFit article and loved it. I felt as if she were talking to ME. Thank you for this reminder to be mindful. One of my goals for the week was to be mindful of my words – a portion of what mindfulness covers but a very important part for me right now. Your post reminds me that I need to step back and be comfortable with the “pause” within everything I do and say. Lovely!

    1. Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate your words and for stopping by! I loved her post too, it was perfection. And mindfulness over words, wow, couldn’t be more true, could it??

  8. “A noisy riot in my brain” pretty much sums up what my head feels like most of the time. It’s funny, I felt like I finally cleared out that noisy riot over the weekend and was enjoying being in the moment, but as soon as I started to approach home and “reality,” the noise set back in (and has me up right now instead of sleeping. Boo!). So here’s the mindfulness. I love this goal so much and it’s where the chase really starts.

    1. That’s definitely what happens to me too, after being away, getting the mental reset, sometimes that riot comes back fiercely soon after, and it is such a bummer when it does. I hope you have pulled out of it and are channeling that reset!

  9. I so have to live in the moment. I think sometimes I focus on my life plans and wanting it all NOW rather than just enjoying the daily experiences and all the fun things in life like hanging out with friends, relaxing, working out, going out and just enjoying life.

    1. It is hard to have patience and not wantitallrightthisminute, but enjoying the in-between is really where the beauty of it all happens, isn’t it?

  10. Oh, mindfulness! It can apply to so much in life, from how we exist in the world to how we treat one another. And, you know, I feel like being mindful also means accepting those days when you can’t find focus. 😀

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