Healthy is…

I’ve had a few ideas for posts rolling around in my brain of late, centered around this lifestyle I’ve created for myself, in large part due to the barre n9ne 60 day challenge well over a year ago now. This is a lifestyle that is constantly changing and evolving and I am learning more and more each day. So rather than write about each of those things that I’m learning, today I thought I’d define my healthy. 

To me, healthy is…

…an individual journey, with no end game. Defined only by me. And only by you. Empower yourself to find ‘your’ healthy. 

…a balanced, wholesome life. From eating, to living, to my workouts. Because too far one way or the other is going in circles and counterproductive.

…eating foods that nourish, that are fresh, and that fuel. But sometimes giving in to a craving is okay too. In part because it makes you realize that the fueling foods actually make me feel *better* and happier than that nacho, pizza, or chinese food may have ‘in the moment.’

…movement. Plain and simple. Moving the body, working it hard, but smartly. And always honoring rest. It is always needed.

…moderation. Not deprivation. There’s no sense in off-limit foods or calorie restriction to the point of starvation. That again speaks to counterproductivity. 

…understanding your why. And applying it to this healthy life. 

…paying it forward. Helping family, friends, coworkers ‘find their healthy.’ Because what works for me may not work for you.

…healthy is…happy. Plain and simple. 

What is your healthy? 

Now THIS is a healthy mantra. ❤

27 thoughts on “Healthy is…

  1. LOVE the concept of “finding your healthy” — because it truly IS your own version of healthy, not someone else’s definition, not an approach that works for the general population, but a version of healthy that fits YOU. It’s a very personal thing, and something that I think we each have to find, define and own ourselves. And over time? That definition can and should evolve and be refined. It’s a never-ending journey, but the best, most gratifying journey there is. LOVE this post sis!

    1. Exactly. It’s your own path to healthy, everyone is slightly different. Sure, what works for me MIGHT work for someone else, but it might not, and that’s ok. Trick is finding what works for you that is sustainable and life-long.

  2. Yes! Being healthy is a WAY OF LIFE 🙂
    Making small can changes can make a big impact, and I always keep that in mind when I am feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. To me, healthy is not so much about how I look, but rather how I FEEL…feeling strong and able.

  3. I LOVE this post! Isn’t it true?!? There is a vibrant part of us that is dying to get out and be free. It may take activities and diet that are different from what you’re doing now… or different even from what I’m doing. Your body knows what’s best for it. Can you slow down and be aware enough to listen to it?

    Amen. AMEN.

    1. A vibrant part of us dying to get out and be free – YES!! I love how you put that! Our bodies know what works, we just need to be aware of it – yes x100!

  4. I love this. I love how you mentioned that “healthy” is defined by the individual. It’s all about perspective, and my eating disorder recovery is a prime example. For me, healthy is shedding perfectionism and embracing progress instead.

  5. Great post, I agree it’s all about the balance and enjoying the exercise and the food. I like too how you mention the journey part, it really is a constant journey and I love learning about health, wellness, nourishing the body.

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head with the healthy is leading a balanced, wholesome life one. I really feel like all aspects of healthy living really lead back to that, being balanced in everything that you do, or at least striving for it.

  7. Amen sistah! We can’t define what healthy is for others, only guide them on their way to figuring it out for themselves while leading by example!

    For me healthy is living by leading – leading with proper food choices, leading by exercising, leading by showing others what it’s like to be happy, fit, and well.

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