Run-imations: The turning point mile and the bunny sighting ‘rules’

*The second in my mini-series on my ruminations run-imations on running: A snapshot into my brain, on the good, the mental, and even, the bad runs. What I learn, what inspires, what challenges*

This morning, M and I set out on a quick 5K(ish) run after I taught my 6 am barre n9ne class. While I try to avoid planning most of my runs right after teaching (or taking) a barre method class (specifically, since there is a lot of lower body work), I made sure to show more than do so my legs would feel fresh. We set out for a short run, regardless though, and off we went. The route we took, down a really long side road that is basically 1.5 miles one way (longest side roads ever, where we live – my sis can concur!), so we planned to run up and back.

I prepared myself to just ‘know’ that the first 10 mins or so might suck, as they sometimes do, but surprisingly, my legs didn’t feel like lead (chalking that up also in part to yesterday’s rest day). I read in Runner’s World yesterday how to warm up during a short run, and treating that first mile as less warm up and more as if it’s what it is – the first mile of your run, run it strong, and I think that really helped me mentally, but physically too. However, about 2 miles in, my breathing labored and I started to feel it, but instead of getting frustrated? I felt it, but let it go by. I realized then that my ‘turning point’ mile lately has been around mile 2.5-3. That’s when I really start feeling great and into the run. It made me wish our run was longer, and if we had time, I think we definitely would have gone farther today.

Isn’t it amazing what a rest day does for your legs when you run the next? Or even just an off day from running, period? 

Isn’t it amazing what being in tune with your body is, rather than just letting the mental-ness take over? 

And isn’t it amazing how much you can learn just by simple tweaks like that?


Speaking of running…M and I have concocted quite the fun game. Bunny sightings. Who sees them first (wins, obviosuly), and how many we see on each run. It has led to us looking like full-on bunny creepers, as we scan the yards, left to right, and then looking back into crevices, behind bushes etc, as we run, but it also helps keep my mind off the run and we both get pretty competitive, I must say.

So, here are the bunny sighting rules, for your reading pleasure 😉

  1. You see it first – it counts…but only if you point, and say ‘BUNNY!” (true story)
  2. A ‘fake out’ bunny sighting never counts. Even if you swear you saw a bunny. (and then it just magically dissapeared)
  3. A bunny sighing ‘repeat’ (seeing the same bunny twice – which really only happens on a short run, like today’s, where we looped back within 5 mins of seeing said bunny and saw him again, almost the same spot) only counts as ANOTHER bunny sighting IF the person who saw it again is not the original bunny ‘sighter’ (this was M’s rule and it totally backfired on him, as I scoffed, but then we saw ANOTHER repeat bunny and I called ‘BUNNY!’ and he said no, it doesn’t count, we saw him already. And I said, it sure does, because I saw him THIS time, YOU saw him last time! #winning).
  4. You cannot count a bunny sighting from the previous day in your ‘bunny count’ – it just doesn’t count, plain and simple. M tried to do this on Friday, but I didn’t let him slide 😉
  5. The winner of each day’s bunny sightings gets an ass slap (hey, everyone wins in this rule, don’t we?!)

That was fun to write 😉 I didn’t realize we actually had so many rules when I first thought of this post, this morning, after M’s bogus ‘bunny repeat sightings don’t count’ rule. (which I of course posted to Facebook to see who agreed with me!).

But it just goes to show how much fun M and I really do have running together and how much a bunny sighting sometimes truly gets me through a run.

If I haven’t said it before, I love summer running. Like whoa.


26 thoughts on “Run-imations: The turning point mile and the bunny sighting ‘rules’

  1. LOL – love the rules!!! I’m going to have to have deer sighting rules apparently as no bunnies on my routes these days. So glad you had a great run. Just love that surprise run, those that you sort of think might not be great, but end up making you want to just keep on going. That happened to me yesterday.

    1. Thought you might like the rules 😉 You definitely need some rules for deer and armadillo and whatever else you cross 😉 The surprise run, yes, that’s exactly it! Always a good feeling!!

  2. HA! I love the bunny sighting rules — this must make the run go by MUCH faster because you’re nicely distracted. I dig it. Plus, bunnies are cute, ‘nuf said.

    ALSO – i love that when you started to labor a bit, you felt it, but let it go by. THAT’S the key sis, to recognize it, acknowledge it but NOT let it freak you out and totally undo-you. All that is, is a reminder that running is HARD, as it should be, and you were just pushing yourself through that “hard” moment. If you think of it more and more this way, I think this mental block of yours, running-wise, will be gone before you know it (or MOSTLY gone, because running is definitely mental no matter what.).

    1. YES! Distracted = a happy runner 😉 It was a good run to just recognize it and feel it but then to move forward and keep at it. I am glad I did that! Thanks sis 🙂

      1. Agree w/ Jess on the “letting it go”.. It should be a fleeting feeling – recognize it hurts, acknowledge that it’s a sign of your body’s strength, and move on. It’s so easy to get drowned in that hurt, and cause an unraveling of what could be a strong run. Proud of you. 🙂

        1. Exactly. It’s a shift in my mindset, recognize it but let it go. It’s HARD to do sometimes! But I am learning. Thank youuuu friend 🙂 XO

  3. I guess it’s true what they say about bunnies then:)

    And can I get a high five about the how good does it feel when you give yourself a proper day off?! For real!

  4. Awesome. I love your bunny sighting game and especially the rules! So great that you had a good run (and a proper rest day)! I know what you mean – it often takes me about 2 miles or so to warm up and get into my run. But it sucks sometimes getting to that point!! 🙂 But so great that you were able to let go it and settle into your run.

    1. Bunnies make the run go round 😉 And you are right, the first 2 miles are still totally warm up or the most part, so on a short run, the last mile always feels the best!

  5. I love that you have such a lighter attitude about running and actually enjoy it more than you have in the past. Why not make a fun game of it? How fortunate are you to have M to run with and to make it more fun?!

    1. I am really trying to keep a lighter attitude with it so I am not THINKING so damn hard! I feel very fortunate to have M with me and to ‘play’ this bunny game with me too 😉

  6. Hahahaha, the bunny thing cracks me up.

    Since this training started, I’ve noticed that I cannot do a run that’s anything short of 3 miles. I lose my concentration so easily, focusing too much on the fact that I’m almost done. Just when I get into it, it’s done. 2.5 miles is right when I start feeling a groove set in now. The magic miles…I love them…and I love that before we hit them, it’s hard. Mentally, that is…and then suddenly, everything seems to be okay. 🙂

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