It’s Friday…let the countdown begin! (12 days!)

It’s Friday, and I’m tired, yo.

I felt like I came crawling into Friday today. And have felt that way for several weeks now. Busy weeks, busy weekends, lots of teaching, lots of running, lots of LOTS going on.

And then it dawned on me. I’m tired because I haven’t really had a break from work and traveling, plus barre n9ne training and right into teaching, and dude, I am TIRED.

I realize that I need a break. I look at my weekends and they are jammed with so much. So much fun. So much Maine. So much barre n9ne. So much, so much! <–I love being busy, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes my overplanning self gets the best of me, thus why I am trying to simplify!

And then I realized something else.

In 12 days, I will step onto a plane and go to wine country for my FOURTH trip in as many years to my ‘mecca’ – Healdsburg! Five days of nothing but 6 people, renting a house, hitting up our favorite (and some new!) wineries, and just enjoying. Soaking it in. (oh and don’t forget all the wine…but isn’t that a given?). Perhaps a run or two. Maybe a little barre n9ne session out by the salt water pool (can’t wait for that!). But nothing over extravagant.  No work. No email. Nothing but bliss.

It is a much-needed time away. It is do-over time with my sister Jess and brother in law Scott that we missed last fall when M and I went because they couldn’t come at the last minute. And it is a second trip with another fabulous couple that I adore (that came with us two years ago), celebrating birthdays bucket-list style with ziplining over some vineyards (Wheeeee!!! How exciting is that?! When I excitedly shared this plan with M – booking it before telling him, because I know he is a bit afraid of heights – and told him ‘but it’s a bucket list item!’ and he said ‘yeah, YOUR bucket list, not mine!’ teehee).

And it is an experience with M that I cannot wait to have again. We had such an amazing time last year, as I introduced him to my mecca, and he too, loved every minute. It was a trip where I think we fell in love that much more. The gazes. The smiles. The time together with each other and with friends.

So today, on this Friday that I’m crawling into, I am counting down the days…12 days and counting, and I will cheers to that (over and over!) this weekend to that. 

Happy weekend friends!

Bliss ❤

19 thoughts on “It’s Friday…let the countdown begin! (12 days!)

    1. I WISH you were coming!!! You would adore it!! And you are right, no matter how much fun there is to be had, it can take its toll!

  1. Wow. I think Jess is a little bit excited too. 🙂

    I’m tired too. I love staying busy and occupied but it does get the best of me. I think we ALL need some downtime.

    Ya know what helps me? Meditation. (Have we had this discussion before?)

    Seriously, finding 10 minutes to stop and be still every day makes SUCH a huge difference in how rushed I feel all day.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Nah, she wasn’t excited at all 😉
      I agree, we all need downtime sometimes!!And I know, I need to follow your lead and meditate and also do some yoga! Yeah yeah 😉
      Have a great weekend too!! XO

    1. wish you could come!! (and no I haven’t tried that wine yet! it’s so far into the wine fridge, I keep forgetting it is in there!! Maybe next week when Jess and Scott come for dinner, we’ll open it and send a pic to you!)

  2. Um, jealous of your trip to wine country? Can I come in your suitcase? Please? I know what you mean about being go-go-go. It’s been like that for me too and feel like I can’t catch my breath. I was hoping that things would slow down after this week but that doesn’t look to be the case. I mean, on the one hand, it’s good right to be working, etc? But vacation and break and rest is desperately needed!!

    1. Yes!!! You should def plan a trip sometime, it is gorgeous there!! I hate the not able to catch your breath feeling too! Vacations are always needed though too, just to reset and feel refreshed.

  3. I’m with Heather – I wish we could all go! 🙂 I’m so glad you get to have this much needed vacation to unplug, unwind, and WINE. I understand the feeling of being tired – I really do. I had a talk with Billy about it today looking back on less than 2 months in NYC and all the changes/transitions. I really am tired, and I’m trying to take it easy on myself. for some reason I’ve been equating “tired” with failing…here’s to a fresh new week ahead! xo

    1. I wish you could too!! And yes, you two have had quite the whirlwind two months, especially with your injury, and your new job. You NEED some downtime! Tired does not mean failing, at all. I hope you got to recoup a bit this weekend!

  4. Nice, wine country will be so much fun and a lovely holiday. Holidays are just the best and I think it’s the time out from real life and being away from home and the routine of daily life and work with great company that make it a great break.

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