The Maine blogger summit recap: on simplicity and learnings (and a huge helping of pure epic-ness!)

I sit here not quite sure how to capture the ‘Maine blogger summit’ this past weekend. It was one of those weekends where words can’t adequately put it, but I think one of the biggest things from this weekend that I took away (besides absolutely LOVING T and her man GJ, Sunshine and CBG!) was simplicity and learnings.

Simplicity  and learnings in…

simplicity in…the ability to just talk and laugh and talk some more almost the entire weekend without skipping a beat. (and cheeks and abs that hurt, literally, from laughing so hard, ALL WEEKEND LONG)

learnings in...realizing that maybe I don’t express my thoughts or feelings as obviously as I thought, causing everyone think I was *not* having fun, when honestly, I don’t think I could have had MORE fun – future post on this coming later this week, I do believe 😉  (but hence my nickname for the weekend being ‘poker face’ – which resulted in a PRICELESS moment at breakfast, as everyone was ribbing me on my poker face…juuuust as the song ‘Poker Face’ came on the radio. Hi-larious!!)

simplicity in...lingering over glass (after glass…) of wine (and assorted cocktails!) all afternoon and into the evening and just connecting on so many levels (SO many levels…up till 1 am on our FIRST night together, with QUITE a few pictures that shall remain behind lock and key, and quote after hilarious ‘that’s what she said’ quotes to be said!).

learnings *and* simplicity in...continually looking around and still finding it incredible that such a different (yet, in many ways, similar) group of people could hit it off right off the bat, the entire weekend, after not ever meeting or, in some cases, even talking on the phone or Skyping. Living together, essentially, for 3ish days and it being as perfect and epic as you can imagine? The phenomenon of blogging, I do believe.

learnings in...firsts…my ability to roll with the er, action over the course of the weekend, was a first. I guess I started to see that maybe my ‘poker face’ stems back to the ‘me’ I thought I shed. Some former shyness and hatred over being the center of attention came bubbling up, admittedly, over some of the topics we discussed, but ya know? It stretched my boundaries a bit and made me realize that there is still a lot of discomfort to be had in the ‘ole comfort zone.

learnings in...falling in love with M even more as he seriously got along SO well with everyone. Given he is not into this blogging thang nearly as much as the rest of us, I wondered how he would handle it. But he was his usual hilarious self, garnerning himself his own nickname (‘little man’ as he sat on a small foot rest at the table, as we were down one chair, and he looked SO funny, low to the table, compared to the rest of it…the name stuck, along with quite a few of his dirty jokes and references, upholding his ability to TWSS with the best of them!!).

simplicity in...a constant musical playlist that seriously ROCKED. Good job, CBG, on tunes spanning the 80s and 90s (even a little Jon Secada…bitchin’) and an uh, interesting Canadian playlist, to boot 😉

As I close out this post (more to come, pictures etc), I still don’t think this adequately captures the weekend, but it’s what is swirling in my bran…but maybe that’s the beauty of it. That it isn’t something you *can* capture perfectly, unless you are there. Sort of like when T took a picture of the lake, sparkling blue, brilliant sunshine) and said ‘a picture can’t even capture how beautiful this is.’

And ya know what? She’s absolutely right. 

Thank you T, Sunshine, CBG and GJ for coming and spending a weekend with us…you are all truly amazing, beautiful, hilarious, loving and we had so much fun with you. Cheers…to hopefully crossing paths again. I do believe it will happen 🙂 


24 thoughts on “The Maine blogger summit recap: on simplicity and learnings (and a huge helping of pure epic-ness!)

  1. I think what is probably the neatest part of this whole weekend is that you learned yet AGAIN something about yourself, your former ‘self’ I should say, and are already looking into ways to apply that learning in your current ‘self’ today. Which feels so very full circle to me given how you met T and Sunshine to begin with – – back when you first got divorced and were dealing with all sorts of unrest and scary times. The fact that they brought out in you another side of you, and reminded you of a side you are more than happy to completely shed, is just awesome. Goes to show the power of blogging and how it can bring together some pretty incredible people, in a way that would never happen in traditiional “meet and greet” terms otherwise.

    I also just LOVE that you guys had such a fun (and WILD hehe) weekend in between learning so much about yourself all at once. I’m sad I missed out!!

    1. I know, it’s true, another unexpected learning, who knew, right? It definitely gave me food for thought, and gave me a whole new view into perception, too! and uh yeah, a little on the wild side! Missed you there sis!

  2. Oh my sweet friend! What a great post about an epic weekend! I’m not even sure I could write clearly as pooped as we are today. We love you, had way more fun than I imagined and hope we definitely see each other again.

    I’m also amazed at the ease of the weekend. And you and M were fantastic hosts! We miss you and the little man already! XO

    P.S. I definitely wouldn’t call you shy! 🙂

    1. I know, it was an epic weekend and I loved every single minute of it even if perhaps in my poker face way 😉 The ease of the weekend WAS the most amazing, wasn’t it? Beautiful, absolutely!! LOVED GJ too, he is truly awesome and you two are just…meant for each other in every way! The little man! Hehe 😉 Miss you! XO!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful meet up,and so cool that M was involved in the weekend and gets how blogging is so important to you. He sure is a keeper.

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I definitely understand the poker face thing. A lot of times people think I’m not having any fun, that I’m stuffy and bored, but inside I’m really enjoying the moment. I just forget to let everyone else know openly. And it’s definitely a throw back to extreme shyness for me.

    1. Girl, you and I are SO alike that way, aren’t we?? The poker face, yet we are having fun! It’s just my ‘resting’ face sometimes, or my ‘taking it all in’ face and it just may look unhappy or bored or whatever, but is SO not. And agree – definite throwback to former shyness perhaps too 🙂 XOXO

  5. Yes! It does sound like you had an absolutely amazing weekend. I love when things just click like that – so easy and comfortable. The laughs and drinks and conversation. I can *totally* identify with the poker face thing. Yes, I can often be mistaken as bored or uninterested or else that “sweet, quiet one.” Ha!! It’s definitely a shyness factor for me (defense mechanism?). xoxo

    1. YES!! Maybe a bit of a defense mechanism at times, but this time, I think it’s just the way I am I guess? It was an interesting reaction, but gave me food for thought! And it was, above all else, an incredible weekend!

  6. That is awesome, blogger meet ups have to be the easiest thing in the world! Glad you guys had fun! And I don’t recall you ever being so serious/pokerface…I do recall arm and arm skipping down the strip in Vegas…but that is another story:)

  7. It was definitely a weekend to remember!! You and M were perfect hosts and CBG and I are taking away some awesome memories from this trip for sure. Loved being able to spend this time with you.

    1. It was an awesome weekend!! And thank you for coming and sharing it with us, we are both so glad you had so much fun! And you two? I am convinced more meant for each other than I ever thought possible! XO

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