And so, the ‘Maine blogger summit’ BEGINS!

Aptly named, a la CBG in his post yesterday, the first-ever Maine blogger summit is about to get underway and I couldn’t be more excited! It was an idea spawned back and forth between Sunshine and me a couple of months ago (originally, last year, actually, but we weren’t able to swing it!), and I do believe it is going to be one of those weekends that is unforgettable (including not only this fabulous couple but also T, and her man GJ! I’ve known this little group since almost the very beginning, it feels so incredible that we finally get to meet!).

It’ll be one of those weekends where I realize – yet again – how much I love blogging in very large part for all of the beautiful people I have ‘met’ throughout the 3+ years Β that I have been blogging here, and in my old blog. It’s truly amazing how connected I feel to some people that I have never actually met in person, who ‘get’ me almost scarily so well, who support, laugh, and share in my journey with me, as I with them. Through the years, the blog-o-lution, everything, I have some amazing friends here, and this weekend is truly one I will cherish, with people that have ‘been there’ since just about the very beginning. And wow, how different then vs. now, for all of us.

(In fact, I was just telling this girl all about the weekend at barre n9ne yesterday morning and realizing, as we spoke, that WE too met through this very blog, and she mentioned another blog (this girl!), a girl I just so happened to have also met ‘IRL’ two years ago and who I have the honor of attending her wedding in Mexico this fall! Talk about six degrees of separation!!)

*end meandering thoughts <–one of those can’t-concentrate-days – forgive me!*

I look forward to much laughter, much wine, much lake and jetski time together. I look forward to sharing this haven with some really special people, and doing everything in my power to make it as fun, relaxing and worry-free as possible. As hostess to people flying in from halfway across the country, and driving 10+ (!) hours to meet? It’s the LEAST I can do.

So, cheers friends, and let the Maine blogger summit BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!


25 thoughts on “And so, the ‘Maine blogger summit’ BEGINS!

  1. Isn’t blogging just the craziest?!?! I saw a comment LovedYouMore posted and followed her blog to yours and Jess’s and then to b9! πŸ™‚

    Have a super fun weekend – we’ll miss you at b9!!!

  2. I hope you have a blast, girl! Right now, we have to be careful with $$, so traveling is out of the question this summer. BUT!!! We have a pool, a deck with palms, and some outdoor speakers set up…and Bob Marley is on them ALL the time. lol So, it’s relaxing…and like being by the lake/beach. (Perfect for after runs!!!) I love reading your Maine posts…you’re always so refreshed and full of love.

    And yes…blogging is crazy. I do recall being a Tina reader and finding two ladies I knew from high school that didn’t know me because they were seniors when I first showed up there. πŸ˜‰

    1. Your backyard set up sounds IDEAL!!! that’s the way to go, it’s simple yet perfect and screams summer! And yeah, how weird to have found each other THIS way after being in the same damn school and not even knowing it!! XO!

  3. Cool enjoy the Maine blogger summit, that will be fun. If it wasn’t for your blog, I would never have met you and Jess and done a Cathe road trip.

  4. I hope you had an incredible weekend at the lake! I think you did from the looks of your Instagram photos. πŸ™‚ there’s nothing like a laidback summertime weekend at the lake. bliss is right!

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