The power of letting go: freedom.

Lately, M and I have been watching Joel Osteen on DVR on Sunday mornings and this week, though it was a rerun episode, it really struck home with me. The episode  (you can watch it here) was about letting go, and letting Him take the wheel.

Joel talked about how easy it is to fall into dissapointment, feeling bitter and let down, when something doesn’t work out. When you don’t get what you want. When life doesn’t go the way YOU want it to. But when you put your faith and trust in God, and let Him take the wheel to drive you towards your destiny, that is freedom

Emotional and spiritual freedom. 

Ding, ding, ding. You mean, trust that the RIGHT thing will happen at the RIGHT time? Yes, pray. Yes, have faith. Yes, try for your goals and dreams and aspirations, no matter how big or small. But when it doesn’t work out, when life goes in the opposite direction? Know that it was for the right reason.

When he said that, and gave some really good real-world examples of when live goes in the opposite direction you were praying it would, I suddenly felt calm. Joel said ‘it’s a freeing way to live. Not worrying. Trusting.’

Um, yeah, no kidding.

This goes right in line with my quest to quell my overthinking brain,to shift my focus, and to trust where life has led me, to know that anything I face, I can conquer. I think the biggest example of this for me, is two-fold. My divorce. Obviously. For as much as I try to recall the happiness in those ten years with my ex-husband (and can’t.), whatever happiness I had then, has NOTHING on the happiness I feel now, in a relationship with M, the man I truly believe I was meant to be with. As we drifted to sleep last night, I muttered to M, as I slid my face into the crook in his neck where it fits so perfectly, ‘I am so glad that we just ‘get’ each other so well. We have similar goals and interests and support each other so much. I love you.’ It’s amazing when I look back at the last 3+ years and think about how many times I questioned whether I would ever feel love again, and whether I’d ever meet someone that truly matched ME, not just sort of, not just mostly, not just in 9 out of 10 ways, but in every way. So to you, and to those I know are struggling with this very thing, let go. Trust. KNOW it will happen. And at the same time? Know that your decision, whatever it was/is at the time, was the right one. 

At that same time, going through divorce, when I was really struggling with defining (and redefining) who I was, what I wanted to BE and where I wanted to take my life (this is the two-fold part, for those following along!), it was easy to slide into resentment, frustration and sadness, and not see the big picture. To see, as Joel says,’ the bigger view from God. That He may have closed the door, because you were believing too small, because you shouldn’t aim for second best. Trust him enough to take the wheel, to bring you towards your destiny.  Don’t consume yourself with thoughts of bitterness, and unfairness, shake off the self pity, push aside the feelings of unfairness, let it go, move forward, confidently towards your destiny.’ <(paraphrased).

And now, looking back at what I have built up for myself, I know there were times where I may have been aiming for second best, or self-preservation mode (staying in a job for 2+ years too long, miserable, rather than pushing myself out of the comfort zone sooner, for a better, bigger opportunity, for example), or even, from a fitness perspective, forcing something that wasn’t ‘me.’ Group Kick…was not me. I thought it could be. But I’m no actress. My emotions are written all over my face. I’m naturally calm, deadpan (a little), and matter of fact. barre n9ne? Right. Up. My. Alley. One door closed, hurtfully, in a sense, at that time, but another door opened, just about 4 months later, and the rest…is history. I even think my ‘stint’ with running half marathons falls into this category. Wanting and willing for something that wasn’t me. That may never quite be me. Running for me, and my own challenges? Freeing myself of something that doesn’t fit? YES.

I guess I just have this topic in mind lately, as I have been talking to a few people, friends, family, etc, that are struggling with some goals, love, decisions, and change. And watching this episode of Joel Osteen’s ministry really reminded me, personally, to let go. Just a little bit more. To trust. And to those people struggling with some of these very same things? Please trust…whether you believe or not, trust yourself, trust this message, trust this premise. That everything truly falls into place at the right time. It may take patience, it may take courage, it may take shifting your focus and adjusting to the discomfort of leaping without a net or stepping out of the comfort zone. But no matter what? It’s almost always worth the risk.

So this is me….remembering to loosen the grip just a little bit more. To let go just a little bit more. To embrace that freedom. 

I love this…and again, if you aren’t religious, the message is somewhat evergreen, isn’t it?

31 thoughts on “The power of letting go: freedom.

  1. TRUST and EMBRACE. That’s what Joel’s message shouted out to me when I saw this episode. TRUST that He has a plan. EMBRACE that fact and let the rest go (the fears,the wondering, the what if’s, all of it). It’s a beautiful, freeing and calming sensation once you start to do BOTH of those things (trusting and embracing). To me, you need both in order to get “there”, know what I mean? His message and this very post speak so very loud and clear and dear to my heart right now too. I love this. And LOVE what this represents for you — such an incredible journey to where you are today. Lovely.

    1. You definitely need both to get there, I agree – trust and embracing that trust. It is a message I always want to harness, especially when things get frustrating, because half the time, the frustration is about something out of my control.

  2. You really can’t control all that life throws at you. You can do your best to be prepared, you can work hard towards goals & aspirations. But if they don’t happen the way you would like, it’s so important to try to learn from that perhaps. To see that there are other options and opportunities out there. I really believe it’s how you deal with life’s adversities. How you make the best of them, learn from them and come out stronger.

    1. Exactly. And if we could control everything in our lives, I think that would eventually get boring and not be a challenge. Stagnation! I love your perspective, friend, on having an open mind in tackling adversities. So true!

  3. I really enjoy watching Joel Osteen too. I love this message and really needed it in regards to pushing myself towards bigger and better opportunities in my career.

    Thank you for this.

    1. He’s so great. I wish I could see him live sometime! You are SORT of close enough, right?? That would be amazing. I am glad this message hit you at the right time too!!

  4. yOU ARE TRULY AN AWESOME LADY! Now I know why my daughter thinks you rock so much…. you truly do………….Thanks for the column today….someone we both know really needed it!

    1. Oh, thank you so much!! Sam told me she forwarded this to you, as a fellow Joel Osteen lover, so I am glad that you liked this, and I of course, think your daughter is awesome, powerful, strong, and determined!

  5. this definitely resonates with me, friend! so much. just about everyday I think about letting go more, trusting, being present, and keeping my thoughts free of worry. let go, let God. 🙂 thanks for this beautiful post! it’s one to bookmark. xo

    1. It SHOULD be a daily thing, shouldn’t it? A constant reminder. Thank you for that! I am so glad you liked this message too! XOXO

  6. I read this a couple of hours ago and have been ruminating over it. I’m not what you would call religious, although I do have my own set of spiritual beliefs. Everything you said can be applied by anyone, believer or not, and regardless of whoever or whatever it is “up there”, the message is a good one. I do try to trust that everything happens for a reason, but it doesn’t always make it easy to let go and stop worrying about making the right choice – or no choice at all.

    1. I completely agree with you re: religion and faith. And that this message can be applied regardless. It is very hard to let go and not worry about whether the right choice was made…it is right because YOU made it. Ya know? And whatever happens after that…is also meant to be.

    1. EXACTLY! Your words give me chills, because I know how strongly and deeply you trust and believe. You are my inspiration to always trust more, have more faith and give more thanks. XO

  7. This post touched me because I have to be honest… I have trouble with faith. Always have. I wish I could let go and trust that things will work out, but, well, that’s tough for me. Because things don’t always work out for everyone. Even people with faith. I guess I should say things don’t always work out they way they want them to. They work out differently, and maybe that’s the way they should be. But it’s tough when your hopes and your dreams never come to pass. I really, really wish I did have faith and could trust. Honestly, I think it would give me much more peace if I did. But it’s not really something you can fake. I can tell myself “I have faith, things will be fine, I’m letting go.” But inside, it doesn’t happen – I can’t fake faith. At least, it’s not happening now. But I really hope one day it will.

    1. You’re right – so right – things don’t always work out for everyone. It’s not always a happy ending. But sometimes the crappy things that happen to us in life are still part of our destiny, whether they are good or bad things, because usually, something good is born out of the bad. At least that’s what I try and believe when things aren’t going my way. I am glad that this resonated, even if it’s a really tough thing for you. I think it truly is for everyone. XO

  8. I kind of love this post. Learning the power of letting go has been huge – not saying to I’ve mastered it but it’s been a huge shift for me to even begin embracing that idea. I’m so Type A and like to feel like I’m in control of things. But by starting to let things go – it’s been incredibly freeing.

    1. Starting to let things go IS an incredible feeling. SO freeing and peaceful, too, isn’t it? VERY hard to do, but sometimes, it’s really the only thing you CAN do.

  9. Having faith that the right thing will happen at the right time is always a tough one for me. I’m an impatient person by nature…so this one is always a challenge for me.

    1. I am impatient too. It is hard for me to see the forest from the trees sometimes too, but I do try, I do really really try to see the positive, even during the crappy times. But I know it is very hard to do.

  10. I have struggled with having faith, especially in the Bear department. What you said in this post is basically what I have to say to myself when things get really bad in my head. Let my faith be bigger than my fear. Clearly I can look back and see that HE had a plan for me the whole time but looking forward is tough to understand where I’m going. Trying to just let go a little is tough but when you do it opens a whole new world.

    1. ‘Let my faith be bigger than my fear’ – wow, that also gave me chills. It is SO SO hard to do, especially in an example like yours. Believe, be strong, focus on your faith that the right outcome will happen. I am praying for you that it does, and I think deep down, it will. XOXO ((hug))

  11. This is honestly making me a little emotional. Powerful stuff. Joel Osteen is uplifting and you have picked out some amazing passages. I want to give you a massive hug right now – you’re simply amazing.

    1. awww! ((hug)) <–how's that?? I am so glad this elicited a powerful response. I have watched that sermon several times now and it is by far one of the ones that resonates most with me right now!

  12. Great post. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately in regards to my romantic life. I’ve got disillusioned with it not being right in my romantic life and things not working out. I guess my life plan was to be married with kids by 30 but that life plan didn’t work out and the engagement was all wrong. So do you think it’s true about trusting in the process and the right man arriving? Is life about destiny and perhaps getting rid of the the life plans I have for myself and just letting go.

  13. I love the picture you left at the end of this, along with every bit of the post. (I’m sorry I didn’t comment last night. Maddie woke up about halfway through reading this post. And I fell asleep.) Anyways, you’re absolutely right. We need to trust that no matter what is happening, there IS a reason. It’s hard to understand that at the time that you wish you could – when it’s happening – but later, you go, “Whoa. THAT’S why that happened!!!” For me, it was my lay-off. (Come to find out they just recently laid off EVERY single person in the lab that had a family. Including a guy with five kids and a wife that’s undergone 3 open-heart surgeries over the past few years. His house is on the market now.) I’m so. incredibly. thankful. that I didn’t have to work in a toxic place like that any longer…and I started following my dreams. My dog bite on my foot…happened because my dog who was gonna get it ended up nearly dying after her surgery because she has a clotting disorder. My foot basically saved her life. It’s crazy. There’s ALWAYS something. You must trust.

    1. There is ALWAYS a reason, you are absolutely right! As frustrating as that answer is sometimes, it always leads to some sort of greatness, realization or even BETTER thing, doesn’t it? I think your layoff is exactly the right example to give here, look at your life now! It wouldn’t look like this AT ALL if that had not happened. Trust. It’s hard, but it’s so so important. XO

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