5 for Friday!

Raise your hand if you are incredibly glad it is a) Friday and b) a long weekend!! *raising hand so high, like that eager 5th grader, holding it so high, you have to hold it up with the *other* arm high, because you really want everyone to know your hand is raised wicked high*


I’m gonna keep it simple and do a little 5 for Friday action. Here you be:

  • 3 ‘fit’ things I did on my trip this week: I went on 3 strong runs, outside, by myself. And save for a few side cramps (I’m always less hydrated when I travel, just by nature of less readily accessible water. Probably my number #1 peeve when I travel!), they were good, strong runs. I wasn’t up in my head, I smiled, I looked around, my mind wandered, I smelled flowers, I heard birds, I breathed fresh air, and it was honestly the best way to kick start my day (especially yesterday, before my long trek home. Nothing worse than parking my a$$ on a plane all day and being inactive before it!). I took a barre class at a local studio I discovered on one of my visits last fall. Got a mini-barre fix but admittedly cannot wait to get back to taking and teaching classes today and this weekend!
  • 2 meals I ate: Well, let’s back up. I made good choices during all of my meals this week. Yep, all of them. People ask me how I still manage to stay on track with my ‘number’ when I travel and my answer? While I can’t be sure, most of the time, what the calories are in a particular meal (unless I can find it online and I am a pro at googling, myfitnesspal’ing and web site stalking to find it!), I can draw conclusions based on said googling or ‘like’ restaurants or meals and simply make a choice that will satisfy me – high protein, lottsa veggies, and as fresh as possible. For example, at lunch with my boss, I ordered a roasted chicken salad, which came with dates (YUM!), almonds, corn, chicken, shredded cabbage, greens and goat cheese. When it arrived, I evaluated the cheese serving – and it was perfect, just a few crumbles (given that could be a huge hidden calorie bust!) and I requested dressing on the side, and with all those yummies loaded in, I didn’t even need the dressing. Had some olives and white bean hummus that my boss ordered as an app and ya know what? I was completely satisfied all the way through that barre class I took, did not even need an afternoon snack. Go figure. My most favorite meal was the Jamba Juice apple cinnamon oatmeal I scored (thanks sis for highly recommending a la Naomi!), holy CRAP, it was so good, I honestly was blown away. SO EFFING GOOD. (Oh, and I always pack a few Dove promises as a little treat before bed (just like at home!)).
  • Coolest thing that happened while I was traveling: M bought a new car! I totally CALLED it last weekend when he just happened to mentioned being interested in a possible trade in for his SUV for a Mitsubishi Lancer and I said, ‘you’re going to pick me up at the airport in a new car, aren’t you?’ And yep, I called it. Brand new black Lancer…and he looks HOT in it, let me tell you 😉 Swoon!
  • Number 1 thing I am looking forward to this weekend: The official kick-off to summer, plain and simple. The weather is going to cooperate, and I have lots of outdoor things planned, including my sister’s bash for my brother-in-law’s birthday, the BEACH and perhaps even a day trip to Maine (game day decision!), or another picnic at the park. There’s something so euphoric about summer, isn’t there?
  • Best part about coming home from this work trip: That first hug and kiss from M. And the realization that after 3 work trips in 6 weeks, I am DONE *fingers crossed* for the time being, and my next trip…only for pleasure, at the end of June. I’ll share more details soon, but it may have to do with wine 😉

CHEERS friends, I hope you have a fabulous long weekend and spend as much time as humanly possible outside! I know I will be!!

18 thoughts on “5 for Friday!

  1. ASSLAP sis!! I will say it again and again – you KNOCKED IT OUTTA THE PARK on this trip. You stuck to your guns workout and eats-wise and probably impressed the hell outta your colleagues for that very reason (and about a million other reasons too!). Staying fit and healthy when traveling might be hard but its definitely not impossible and you are PROOF of that!

    PS can’t effing wait for this weekend!!!!

    1. Thank you sis! It was a challenge, but I feel like I faced it well this time, a good mental attitude really helped. Can’t wait too sis!! LIKE WHOA!

  2. That’s awesome that you were able to get your workouts in while you were travelling. I’m usually okay at eating while travelling, but I have such a hard time getting my workouts in.

  3. Nice. Enjoy the long weekend and hope you don’t have to travel for a while. Having a beautiful week here, sun is shining and i had the full week off after working a week of nights.

  4. CHEERS to you for making the most of your trip. Can’t agree more than wanting to get in a good workout before sitting on your bum all day on a plane.

    Jamba Juice, oooh if I had one by me – I love that place. So good when you want a light snack or even breakfast.

    New cars…the smells, enjoy driving in this amazing weather this weekend. And enjoy being back home:) Have a great weekend!

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