Bits and pieces.

**Just some bits and pieces flitting through my brain that don’t quite make a post in of itself, but together, make a lil potpourri of thoughts that I don’t want to lose!**


Can someone first explain to me, how is it *only* Wednesday? Whenever I travel, it feels like a time warp, backwards and forwards! Starts off with a bang and then mid-week, starts to wane, like whoa. I know I will catch my second wind for the tail end of my trip, but man, does traveling mess with me. Routine, baby, it’s where it’s at 😉


I am supremely amazed at how differently I’ve handled eating during this trip. While I have had several trips across three time zones since I started the barre n9ne challenge last year, which has made me more mindful and aware of eating when hungry, not out of habit or mindlessly, but this trip has just felt the most different of them all. For starters, I was *really* worried I’d be ridiculously hungry during Monday’s flight since it left at 8 am, and arrived at 2:30 pm (in my brain, but 11:30 PT) where I would have to endure what should be breakfast and lunch, yet only be barely lunchtime on the West Coast when I arrived.

For the first time, I forced myself to retrain my eating into West Coast times from the minute I stepped off the plane. And surprisingly? It worked! I wasn’t heinously hungry the entire flight, either. I scored some steel cut oats at the hotel (last minute score! Arm pump!) and just needed a banana to sustain me until I landed and could grab a bite once I got my car, maneuvered my way out of LA and go to my office, around 12:30 PT. That has seriously been my golden ticket this week. I haven’t woken up famished (hungry, but not wilting!), and I’ve generally been hungry at the ‘right’ times on the West Coast. Score.


I ran outside – alone – for the first time EVER since  I started this job 18 months ago. (well, that’s not entirely true. I did run on the beach AT my hotel when I first started…but that doesn’t feel quite the same, since there were people everywhere. If that makes sense). I knew I wanted to finally run outside, when it would be light enough to do so safely (many of my trips up until this point have been during winter months where it was just too dark to do it previously). And so I would not get lost, I came up with a genius plan (if I do say so myself!). I ran FROM my hotel TO my office. Since I know the route by heart and it’s about 2.4 miles one way, making for a solid just about 5 mile route.

What most surprised me, beyond loving being outdoors and running IN Cali and ON flat, flat, FLAT roads was how PRETTY everything smelled. I smelled flowers everywhere. I heard birds chirping. I even heard the electrical wires above me buzzing. It was quiet, even on usually-busy main roads (it was 5:30 am, I guess I can see why). I LOVED it.


We had our long-awaited event this week for work. (the reason I am out here this week) And it was SO cool to see an event come off without a hitch, one that my boss and I have been working on for months. It was fun to interact with those that arrived, from the students from a local college (that were part of the competition for this particular event), to my company’s executives, to the media that came, and to my co-workers, too. I finally felt comfortable chatting on the fly with people and not feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Perhaps it goes back to feeling confident in who I am, for the first time pretty much ever, huh?


This whole shifting focus, thing? Yeah, it’s REALLY working for me. I have not dreaded this trip much at all (besides the always hard goodbyes to M), I have looked forward to it. I have embraced the challenges, I have done new things (running alone, as I mentioned, for starters!), and I have just enjoyed the time and the opportunity. It has gone a long way, and I couldn’t be more glad, or more relieved at that.


So far, it’s been a GREAT week. And I guess the bits and pieces flitting through my head culminates into more than I thought it would, huh? 😉 


PS – THANK YOU to everyone for all of your feedback, compliments, and support on my post yesterday. It meant so much to see such positive feedback and enthusiasm. I was nervous to post before and after pictures for a number of reasons, but am so glad the message I wanted to get through as part of that came shining through, rather than it being uber focused on numbers and such. THANK YOU!

I wish there was smellavision (er, blogavision?!) – those flowers smelled GOOD!

27 thoughts on “Bits and pieces.

  1. You are kicking ass and taking NAMES this week sis. Seriously so so so impressed. And honestly? I have YOU to thank for helping me to get really adjusted to traveling for work, learning to eat on the right time zone (SO HARD!), getting workouts in, feeling confident in uncomfortable situations. I’ve watched you grow and change and evolve and it’s totally helped me to just get out there and DO it. I can’t thank you enough for that…AND I’m so excited you’re coming home tomorrow. I miss you 🙂

    1. Aww thank you sis 🙂 That means so much to me! I am so glad to help YOU too as you adjust to this stuff and you have helped me too! I love that we are in this together, even if it’s not the same weeks we go. It really does help 🙂 XOX miss you!

  2. You have an office in LA too? You must be pretty important =) Congrats on the run outside…to be honest, I am often nervous and worried when I am in a different place to run outside…so it’s awesome that you did =) Hope the rest of your week and the return trip go just as smooth!!

    1. My office is based in Orange County and I work from home 90% of the time! So when I am here, I have gotten used to what’s around and finally realized – duh – I can run TO my office and back and not get lost. I know that route! So I finally took the plunge and it’s been great! Thank you!

  3. Sounds like you’re settling into things beautifully! So excited that the job being across the country isn’t hindering the eating plan. That’s tough! Go girl!

    1. Thank you! It is tough, and of course ,after writing this post, part of today was tougher than usual. Was just ravenous, but then, this afternoon ,after a bigger lunch, I was fine, all the way through a barre class and then eating at what felt like 10:30 pm in my brain! So the adjusting and being mindful is totally working. Who knew? 🙂

  4. I love this, sis 😉 I just wanted to call you that because I just read Jess’s comment!

    You are really doing awesome this week – from your immediate shift in focus, to your eating habits, and running outside! Plotting to run an out and back to your office was indeed genius, that way you knew you wouldn’t get lost but could still step outside your comfort zone! Way to go! 🙂

    1. Aww, thank you sis! 😉 I feel good this week, I am glad I altered things just enough to make it work and work WELL for me. The office route has been great, and a modified one today. One more tomorrow morning I am hoping before I hop on that plane!!

  5. I spent Monday and Tuesday sick in bed, and now that it’s Thursday I’m all confused and in a panic because I only have one day to finish all of my week’s work!!!

    I’m glad your week is going well 🙂 Besides being sick, mine’s actually going really well, too – I got the doctor’s clearance to do light exercise, and he’s okay with me jogging 5km (but no marathons! He didn’t mention half marathons, though ;), so I have started C25k and haven’t died yet. I’m feeling really good about it! Last night I too ran outside, alone, which was scary for me but also curiously liberating. I guess, being a town of 1200 people, it’s a lot safer to do that in the dark than in a big city…

    1. Oh I am glad you are feeling better! I hear you on the shorter week – more work to be done! Always the case, isn’t it? So glad you got cleareance to do some running!!! You must feel great to get back to it. Slowly but surely 🙂 awesome!

  6. Yay for running solo outside!! Seriously, nothing beats running in California. Why is that?? Congrats on your event too! No doubt you did an amazing job. I have no idea why it’s only Wednesday either. Longest week ever. I’m heading into work travel over the next two weeks and this is making me more excited about it rather than dreading it.

    1. Ya know ,running in Cali IS awesome! You are so right. I am glad I am embracing it more too. And love how flat it is hehe. Glad you too are starting to embrace your work travel upcoming!! Love to hear your approach for going into it too, hope you blog about it 🙂

  7. S-M-A-R-T! What an awesome idea to run from the hotel to the office, and definitely a great distance. Take advantage of new surroundings!

    I thought yesterday was Tuesday. I am a mess this week, and don’t have the travel excuse:)

    1. Smart, right?! How I never thought of it before, I have no idea!! And glad to know I am not the only one thinking it’s a different day of the week!

  8. SO glad you’re feeling so comfortable and settled into YOU (your life, routine, your shifted focus, barre, running…)! I’m so comfortable in my regular greenway route, that I get super nervous running solo in an area I’m not familiar with. It’s awesome that you just embraced it and ran with it…literally. So proud of you!

    1. Thank you friend! This was a huge shift for me too! running in a new area…but I guess it’s not AS new to me since I know my way around well enough now to be able to wing it slightly. Felt so good to do!! XOXO

  9. I just wanted to tell you … and I tried last weekend but couldn’t figure out how to add a comment from my phone … that I’ve been so busy but reading your blog when I can and as always you’re inspiring. I just don’t get the chance to tell you enough right now! Hopefully, I can catch up when things die down for me a bit. 🙂

  10. I love love love running outside right before sunset…love the wind in my whole body instead of just blowing on my face like on the treadmill. Love your musings! I’m glad I don’t have to travel like you…I don’t think I’d like it. ❤

    1. See, I’m the opposite, I love running as the sun RISES!! It was gorgeous this week! And thank you, yeah, travel has its ups and downs, I try to embrace it when I need to do it 🙂

  11. Glad the trip went well. I say it really must b beautiful in California at this time of the year. We finally have sunshine here and it makes such a difference.

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