A blissful weekend…in pictures.

As I trot off to California for the next four days, I will sear into memory a blissful weekend that I truly believe was even MORE blissful because of shifting my focus and not going into this trip with any sort of ‘dread’ (except for the goodbye to M, which is always, always so hard), but with perspective that it’ll be a fantastic experience, filled with growth.

Without further ado…

Another ‘happy miles’ run with M, even if a bee did chase me and I ran like the wind 😉
got my sushi fix on Friday night, with a glass of wine on the patio
Impromptu trip to the lake on Saturday…check out that glisten.
got to dip my toes into the lake, not as chilly as I thought, either 😉
a sister cookout at Jess and Scott’s, never complete without a photo bomb 😉
I ❤ my sisters!

Complete with dinner on the deck and a crisp rose, and the weekend rounds out to a beautiful close…

And on a weekend that has marked the passing of my Nonna (May 20, 2009), I couldn’t help but think that this picture perfect weekend is her, smiling down, happy to see the happiness and love in my life, and in my sister’s lives too. I hugged my niece a little tighter, with her namesake (Isabel) and just smiled, my heart happy.

She climbed right up into my lap…and though it was just briefly, it’s captured.


26 thoughts on “A blissful weekend…in pictures.

  1. I love weekends like that. Where you are just happy all weekend. Plus, sushi and a glass of wine on the patio sounds perfect, although I would have a glass of white instead!

    Hope the week passes fast! I think it’s okay to wish for that.

    1. I love weekends like that too!! Few in between, sometimes, but so so worthwhile! And I would totally have had white with the sushi but was craving red all week, so I went with it 😉

  2. What a perfect weekend sis – a great way to honor Nonna’s memory, by surrounding ourselves with the ones we love and cherish most in life. I miss you already but I know that this week, especially given your shift in focus, will go by quickly and you’ll rock it out there as you always do!! Love you!

  3. OMG, I’m so scared of bees.. I swear, that’ll be the reason for a PR someday..
    I love love LOVE all of these happy pictures.. The content and utter happiness just screams at you from the screen. It makes me smile that you’re so happy.
    Have an awesome trip, and I can’t wait to see your face! xoxo

    1. Haha! I knew we got along so well for a reason! I HATE bees!! I love happiness too, and I love that you are happy as well! AND that I got to see your face, even if briefly! XOXO

  4. I love that you shifted focus from dread to enjoying the moment you’re in – it makes such a huge difference, doesn’t it? It looks like an amazing weekend was had by all! 🙂

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