“Shift your focus”

Shift your focus.

Sage words from my friend Steph as I was sharing with her and my sis my thoughts on this very blog post, as I start to slide into a bit of ‘dread mode’ heading into traveling (again) next week to California. As I’ve said many times before, these trips always take a lot out of me, from the cross-country travel, to the adjustment (or lack thereof!) to the 3-hour time difference, which not only messes with my sleep pattern but most importantly (lol) my eating patterns (since I feel hungry allthedamntime, hungry when I wake up, hungry when I get to work, hungry all afternoon, given my meals are at such different times there vs. here. The time difference just sucks, plain and simple, for eating!). And don’t even get me started on how much it messes with my beloved routine. 😉

But I am going to try something new this time. I am going to shift my focus. Focus on where I am, not where I am not.

Rather than look at the 7-day forecast (which we all know will change, anyway!) and seeing 82 degrees on the day I fly out and already wishing I wasn’t going to miss such beautiful weather, I’ll look at the 7-day forecast for Costa Mesa and realize that hey, it’s warm there *too*. Score.

Rather than be missing the rundates and the barre dates and the barre n9ne classes I won’t be teaching (or taking), I’ll focus on the classes I am taking in California, adjusting to the style of classes I may take, and experimenting with my very first outdoor run near my hotel (it’s always been uber dark in the morning when I’ve traveled there the last handful of times, but no more!), and a long-awaited dinner date with this awesome chick.

Rather than stressing about each and every meal and disliking that I am eating out more than I’d like, I’ll embrace the new places I plan to try, and request a mini-fridge in my hotel room and stock up on a few things at Trader Joe’s. And I’ll make every effort to make the best damn mock oatmeal bowl of goodness that I possibly can. Perhaps the best ‘mock’ bowl ever (next to homemade!).  Shifting my focus on adjusting to my environment, rather than wishing I was elsewhere.

Rather than missing M like whoa…well, I guess this one just won’t change, because let’s face it, I know I will miss him like whoa, but the goodbyes are the worst part and the welcome back hug and kiss are by far the best part, right up there with getting into bed, snuggling close, placing my face into the crook of his neck, where it fits just ever so perfectly, and falling to sleep smiling, happy to be home, but also happy to have focused on the here and now, not the there and future. 


28 thoughts on ““Shift your focus”

  1. Love it – love this idea of shifting the focus, especially on where you are vs where you are not. Think about the good things that can come out of the trip, like new classes, new running route, meeting up with blogger pal. So many things to really look forward to.

    1. Exactly. It’ easy for me to slide into can’t-waiting and wanting to get home when I should enjoy the opportunity I have. To explore, learn and grow.

  2. This is exactly the message and mindset I both need and need to embrace this week. I already feel much more at ease just thinking about a shifted focus while I’m out in Cali. It’s amazing what a simple little tweak can do for the mindset huh? You will ROCK it out next week sis, I have no doubt.

    Now, wish me luck on the mock oatmeal attempt when I get to the office in a bit. I. Am. Ravenous.
    And ps. I miss you LOL

    1. Exactly. We both need to embrace it and see this as an opportunity for so much! It is a simple tweak and it really does help. You are rocking it already and I hope to do the same next week! miss you!

  3. I’m always in need of a perspective shift. I have the worst wedding/baby fever these days. I need to shift my perspective into one that appreciates what I have and knows my life is very blessed.

  4. Yay so excited!! I was just thinking you haven’t seen our new place yet, so maybe rather than go out to eat we could have dinner at our new place? I’ll email you! And also if we are going to do barre class, we should probably reserve a spot now, they fill up so fast!!

  5. Sounds like a good attitude to me. There are certain things that you can’t really do anything about (traveling for your job, for example) and focusing on the negative aspects will just bring you down.

  6. Such a great way to think about things and I’m totally with you. I’ve started letting go of lamenting all these things that I couldn’t change and didn’t really have control over and instead have been trying to acknowledge it, move on and not let it bog me down. I feel like that in and of itself has done wonders for my happiness.

  7. Something so simple yet so hard to do:) Very good advice though. Also, so lucky you get to see erik and eric! Jealous! AND girl if I could hop a plane as much as you get to there is no way you could stop me. Too funny!

  8. This is such a great post because it shows how important perspective can be. We often can not change our circumstances, but we CAN change how we think about them. I like where your head is at 🙂 Enjoy your trip! And soak up that sun!

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