More than just a graduation.

This weekend, M graduated. For the fourth (!) and final time. Two bachelor’s degrees, one master’s and now a doctorate later, and M is done, accomplishing something very few ever do, and I couldn’t have been prouder of him walking across that stage getting his degree.

It was the first time I’d truly seen such pride in his face. For once, basking in it, rather than brushing it off, or just going through the motions towards that finish line to

And while I wish I had known him throughout this entire process, seeing him through perhaps the toughest part of his degree, supporting him the best that I possibly could, and throwing him one hell of a party, makes me feel so blessed and fortunate to be a part of his life now, meeting him at such a pivotal time, for him, but also for me.

Because, you see, his graduation day also marked my one year barre n9ne 60 day challenge barre-o-versary. During a weekend of celebration, it was a weekend where I felt as though everything in my life had fallen into place exactly where I wanted, for the very first time. From my life, to my love, to my body.

And when I asked M if he were to make a speech, what he would say, he said ‘I would look around at my friends, my family, and you, and say that three years ago when I started on this journey, I never imagined the people around this table would be around this table today, but I couldn’t be happier.’ 

I couldn’t agree more. 

For him, through a marriage ending in divorce mid-way through his degree, to finding each other, at the exact right time in our lives, and for me, walking into barre n9ne a year ago, never expecting to experience a complete and utter transformation from mind, body, and soul, just as I feel the last three years of my life, in parallel to M’s has been. Full of complete change, struggle, sadness and pain, to strength, confidence, happiness and love.

This weekend, it was more than a graduation. It was the culmination of the last three years of our lives, so gently meeting at the same intersection, together. As it were meant to be. 

And if this picture doesn’t capture the essence of the weekend, and this culmination, I don’t know what does. As a friend on Facebook noted,: ‘you’ll look so content and happy and totally blissed out.” And she was right. ❤


I don’t normally cross-post to M’s blog, but he wrote a post that made me speechless. It really speaks to his journey from here until now, and if you have the time, please give it a read. Congratulations, love, you are amazing.


As for the 60 day challenge barre-o-versary, there is more to come, including a before and after picture. But this post just felt like the essence of what I was feeling and thus, the before and after can wait 😉

35 thoughts on “More than just a graduation.

  1. It’s great that both of you were able to overcome some shitty situations and really get what you wanted out of life. I think you both are living examples that you really can turn your life on it’s head and make it what you want.

    1. You couldn’t have said it any better, Lee. So true, you make life what you want, shitty situation or not. Thank you!

    1. Exactly. I am so impressed with M, most of all, and how he got through all of that WHILE going through a divorce. Hard NOT to quit, right?

  2. Oh this is beautiful! It seems together you have ended a great chapter and are starting a new, wonderful one together. How great that you can share such huge accomplishments together in your lives. M could not have said it better. You two are on such a perfect journey together. Congrats!!

    1. Thank you friend 🙂 I had him read my post and all of these comments, and he loved reading them. I am so proud of him, and so happy that we are in this journey together, at exactly the right time 🙂

  3. That pic of you two really does sum it all up nicely doesn’t it? You two totally intersected at the exact right moment. Your paths were meant to meet in the middle and now your paths are even smoother, even more beautiful, even more blissful. I love you both!!

  4. Not only do you look happy and blissed out…but he looks completely and utterly relaxed and in love. You two are most definitely in the right place in your lives right now…sometimes all it takes is a snapshot. 🙂

    A huge congrats to M on graduation, and you’re right…his post was fabulous. (I loved his flashbacks and fastforwards.)

    1. Thank you my friend, he is a great writer, isn’t he? And you are so right, sometimes it just takes a quick picture, an unknowing moment that says it all. We are at the right point in our lives, it feels so good!

  5. I am smiling hugely right now, reading this, looking at the pic of M, and knowing you both and how you interact together and how in love you are and how you support every aspect of each other’s lives!

    M’s post is beautiful too, I love you guys! XOXO

    1. aww, I smiled huge reading your comment, and M did too when he read it 🙂 I loved M’s post too, and keep reading it! XOXO! love you too!

    1. Aww! Thank you!! And thanks for stopping in, I must check your blog out, finally too, after tweets back and forth and all 😉

  6. I’m glad you guys are so happy and achieving so much. It really does look like you’ve found peace and balance in your life 🙂

  7. What an amazing Man you have there! He should be very proud of his achievements and I can tell that you are of him. You two are a perfect match and I am so happy to read what a wonderful celebration it was and how much it meant to you both. Congrats!

  8. I love this:

    “‘I would look around at my friends, my family, and you, and say that three years ago when I started on this journey, I never imagined the people around this table would be around this table today, but I couldn’t be happier.”

    How incredibly sweet and meaningful, yet simple and honest at the same time. You guys definitely have something special 🙂

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