A riff on the Friday Five!

I have a shitton of things swirling in my brain today for a post but as it’s been sort of a crazy day, and some of these aforementioned things swirling in my brain are half-baked, I thought I’d share a few musings for the day, a la a riff from the Friday Five, something I love reading from Live for the Run!

1. I think I’ve had my epiphany about what to do with my running conundrum that I wrote about earlier this week. This is one of those half-baked thoughts in my head for a post, so I’ll share more later, but I think my #1 problem is running on tired legs. I have a rejigger to my schedule next week to best accommodate for solid runs, and I’m excited to see how it goes. After this morning’s awesome run with my sis and a fellow barre n9ne instructor, Julianna, it was the proof I needed that running fresh is what I need.

2. Week 1 of full-on barre n9ne teaching is (almost) in the books! Teaching my fourth class of the week tomorrow morning and am STOKED that not only do I have double digit attendance, a couple of friends I haven’t seen in awhile are coming!! AND I have tested out a few alterations on some of my go-to moves this week with my smaller classes and I cannot wait to put it all together tomorrow. But dude…I am TIRED. Teaching 4 classes a week is no joke, I cannot imagine how aforementioned fabulous Julianna teaches oh, I think 11?! INSANITY! But awesome. I lovelovelove it. And the side benefit of really working the arms and abs is already paying off, I am noticing some changes that I do believe I dig 😉 (oh! and I spied my bio up on the web site and got all giddy, I didn’t notice before! Whee!)

3. I finally feel like my weekends are a little less gogogo – breathe – gogogo. This weekend? Just ONE thing planned, officially! After some jammed weekends of late, I am reveling in this! 30th birthday party tomorrow for one of my close friends and I cannot wait to celebrate! Other than that? Pretty wide open, and in dire need of downtime, organization time, and veg-time. Bring it on.

4. Proud sister alert: My sister Jen defends her dissertation on Monday and while I won’t be there cheering her on, I will be there in spirit. I am just so damn proud of her and all that she’s accomplished, while going through her pregnancy, her illness post-c-section, and raising a spunky, beautiful, adorable going-on-2 year old! Love you sis and am more proud than I could ever put into words. ❤

5. Is it wine-thirty yet? Seriously, long, busy, tiring and challenging week this week. I am pretty close to crying tears of joy into my wine glass tonight. Ever have one of those nights where you truly cannot wait for that sip of wine? Like whoa.

Happy weekend, friends!! Make it a good one, will ya? Cheers!

22 thoughts on “A riff on the Friday Five!

  1. Enjoy your low-key weekend!

    I remember what running on tired legs feels like. 🙂 These days I only go four times a week (it’s about all I can manage w/ a full-time job and two kids), so I almost always feel pretty good. I do miss the days of being in top-notch shape, though! I started doing core work last week, and that’s going to make a big difference.

  2. High five for low-key weekends!!! I cherish them much more these days after going through the busiest month of my life. lol

    I love everything you’re joyful about Jo. Barre n9ne, your pride in Jen, running discoveries, everything. And congrats on stumbling upon your bio. 😉 I stalked…and read yours and Jess’. 😉

    1. Joyful! Yes, the updates are, aren’t they? Good observation 🙂 I bet you are embracing this weekend too!! Deserved!! (love the stalking hehe)

  3. First off, you are amazeballs. This has made my day…make that week!

    Running on fresh legs makes a whole world of difference. You are challenging your body, but I’m glad you recognize when to push yourself! I hope it works like a charm.

    wine-thirty – my FAVORITE. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

    Your sister is also amazeballs, can I be a long lost cousin?

    I want a calm weekend too. May is going to be nutso- in a good busy way I guess.
    Hope you have an awesome week!

    1. Yay!! I am glad you liked my ‘borrow’ of your Friday Five!! I am hoping the running on fresh legs thing works well too. Here’s to hoping, right? Wine-thirty is the best. I thoroughly enjoyed mine this weekend! Hope you have a great week, despite nutso-ness!!

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