Some Friday lovin’ up in here!

It’s Friday (finally) and although it was a really great week, even with my work trip, traveling always makes the week pretty long and tiring, regardless. And given this particular weekend is staged for epic-ness, I can’t help but celebrate this day just a wee bit more than normal.

Soooo, some things I am lovin’ this Friday? Let’s discuss.

These sneakers I exchanged for the ones that just weren't a good fit. Ghost 4s! They've gotten me through several runs this week and so far, so good! My legs felt strong during my interval run in Chicago in particular. Could it be the breakthrough I needed?! #runchallenge ❤
Capturing a gorgeous sunset patio-side on Monday night for (early) date night in before my trip to Chicago, with M. ❤
Proof that anything grilled and any sauteed veggies atop wilted greens is a damn delish dinner (aforementioned date night dinner) ❤
The NEW barre n9ne location...snapped a pic before Tuesday's 7 am class that I taught. It's beautiful and 5 mins from my house! And I am teaching 3-4X a week starting Monday!!! ❤
Oatmeal goodness a la the Protein Bar Chicago with @amber4miles this week in Chicago. Dude. The place is DELISH and I wish there was one here!! (and for the record, Amber is AWESOME!)
My first solo dinner (full-on sit down meal, wine included!). Finally (wo)man'd up and ticked this off my travel bucket list this week. It felt damn good!!! and the food was utterly delish!
This man...who I cannot wait to surprise on Saturday with the most epic surprise party e-ver!!! ❤

Wow, like half of these are food related. Go figure 😉 I am so excited for the weekend ahead, it’s a little ridiculous! The barre n9ne grand opening is tomorrow and it is going to be phenomenal! My sis and I worked our PR chops a bit and scored some awesome giveaways and samples (I’ll share more details on this on Monday and perhaps a giveaway of my OWN too!!), there will be demo classes, food, drink and fun, fun, fun. I cannot wait to share some pictures and more on Monday!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!! And raise a glass on Saturday night to M, as we celebrate, will ya? 😉 *clink*

26 thoughts on “Some Friday lovin’ up in here!

  1. I knew the ghosts would work for you — I will never run in anything else again! They ROCK!!

    WHEEEEE!! This is going to be an incredible weekend. I can’t wait to surprise M almost as much as you!! haha

  2. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh aweeeessoooooooooomeeeeeeee! I am so happy all of this awesomeness is happening to you / for you. I wish I could join the party tomorrow – virtual cheers going on here!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Sounds like a blast of a weekend! An oatmeal bar? How cool is that?!

    I’m proud of you for doing the solo dinner. I think it’s fun now and again. And makes great people watching. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Sounds like you have some FANTASTIC things to love. Thank you for sharing that epic sunset and all of your delisicious looking food. Oh, I am so inspired to find a barre class sometime soon.

    I hope you enjoy that surprise party and have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I am running in the Ghosts too and was stupid and didn’t wear them for the marathon. My toes noticed the change so it is back to my trusty Ghost 4’s. 🙂 I love the new studio and look forward to going to another class soon.

    1. Ah! Another Ghost 4 fan! they are great! So glad you came today, glad you liked it and can’t wait for you to come again 🙂

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