What never gets old.

when someone ‘gets’ how amazing a barre workout is, the first time they experience a class. (hello this girl and this one too!)

when they look over and immediately ‘get’ what it means to ’embrace’ the shake at the barre, to allow it to happen (because that’s ultimately proof that your muscles are going to failure, that they’re changing, working, and leaning!).

talking to others that also take barre classes, near and far, small studios and bigger chains, that, when you say ‘oh, you have taken barre classes too?’ and you get that knowing nod, that smile spreads across their face and you just ‘get’ it.

It never gets old.

that feeling after taking a class, focusing on proper form, alignment, the shake, the resistance and light weight training, and walking away feeling…euphoric. Every muscle worked. Every part of you feeling incredible.

it may sound borderline dramatic, but to those that have taken a class, even just one, just ‘gets’ what I mean. 

and on the first day of the second studio opening for barre n9ne, experiencing some new clients feeling the shake for the first time, and seeing them whisper to each other, wondering if it’s ‘good’ or bad, and then seeing their excited feedback after class...is incredible. 

teaching class on Saturday (my first in several weeks), and seeing the sweat pour down, hearing the mutters of ‘another set?!’ is the best feeling. it means its working. and I am helping others achieve their goals. 

It never gets old. 

Coming upon a year of taking classes, then training to become an instructor, and now reaching the point where I am teaching regularly, it’s just an incredible feeling. To see the progress of the studio, of the expanding list of clients and successes, and now to be such a part of it, is simply amazing.

What never gets old is doing something you love, helping others achieve their goals, and being part of a community of barre-a-holics that ‘get’ how phenomenal a workout it is, and how it perfectly complements something like running, and how much it conditions and strengthens in seemingly subtle ways.

26 thoughts on “What never gets old.

  1. I love barre so much that I completely relate to this! I can’t wait to show 3 friends AND my mom why I love these classes so much this week!! :0)

    Really I have you and Jess to thank – I found barre n9ne because I randomly found on of your blogs! Fate!!

    1. I know you can!! You really really do! And I cannot wait for your friends’ reactions to class!! This is amazing!! And I am so glad you found our blogs in the first place! you are awesome!

    1. You really should try one once you are recovered!! There are so many in your area, I’d be happy to help with some recommendations 🙂 (and come visit…!)

  2. I’m so jealous of this. Ok, note to self… the next time I have a weekend to myself, I’m going to drive down into Dallas and get to a barre class. I’m scared I’ll love it and there’s not one anywhere close to me! 😦

  3. That is so awesome! The barre class I had here is no more and there aren’t any others in the area. But it is the same feeling with someone who is a yogi with you. It is a great feeling

    1. Kick a** – I LOVE IT! It is so awesome to be able to take a class I love, let alone now teach it. Incredible!! Love for you to take a class, come visit!! 😉

    1. It truly is an honor and privilege. Not many get to do something like this in their lives…something they are passionate about!!

  4. I had an AMAZING time on Saturday. I was so glad that I got to experience the barre for the first time right in between you and Jess. I was glad to have you there to correct my form, and see the look on my face when my legs started shaking so bad I felt like I was going to topple over!

    I look forward to doing this again and again with you ladies! 🙂

    1. I am SO glad too!! it was such fun, never mind exciting, to see you experience it!! A tremendous workout, not that I am biased 😉

  5. I love this so much, Jo. It really brings me joy seeing you love something so much to share your passion with others. I was actually invited to try a Barre class…;) I can’t until May, but I’m definitely looking into it!!

  6. Love the evolution from your first barre class and the challenge with the studio to where you are now! Here’s to many more years at the barre! xoxo

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