Easter weekend, musing-style.

I won’t lie…this weekend was a blur. But it was also one that I cherished. For Easter, for family, for friends, for me. Here are some flashes of the weekend, some of the moments that made me laugh, some musings, and even an epiphany or two.

Hosting my first Easter dinner was a huge success. M and I are such a great team when we host. And the food was delish, I really must pat ourselves on the back for that one. Menu? Carrot soup (one of my faves that M makes!), leg of lamb that I marinated in red wine and lemon juice overnight (what compelled us to make our very first leg of lamb for a crowd of 7 is beyond me…thank GOD it came out good!) that was seriously so perfectly cooked, with a red wine reduction, roasted vegetables, potatoes and sweet potatoes in balsamic and olive oil and dill. And a variety of baked goods from my Gram and sister Jen, along with the best orange pudding on the planet – courtesy of Gram. The best part was seeing Grampa eat his right out of the bowl (after everyone else was served. It was hysterical. I think orange pudding is his favorite dessert 😉

I feel so lucky to have my grandparents in the health that they are in. Both in their late-80s, they are two of the most active people, it’s just incredible. I’m always struck by it, whenever I see them. For example, when we had that mini heat wave a few weeks ago? They both took a swim in the lake in Maine! In MARCH! I mean, sure, it was in the upper 80s, but the lake literally still had ice on it the week prior. I love that. I was totally cracking up when they told that story over dinner.

I played peekaboo with my niece Isabel through the cracks in my chair. I was sitting in a folding patio chair (only have 6 dining chairs) and she loved to peer through the mesh at me and poke my hand through it. It was so cute. Then she’d say ‘hiiiii!’ and peer around the side at me. I am always surprised when she says actual words (Jen left me a voicemail where Isabel repeated everything she told her to say, including ‘hi jo!’ ADORABLE).

It occurred to me last night that I didn’t eat any Easter candy yesterday, this weekend, and barely at all. I had a few Cadbury mini eggs but that’s really it. No sugar high for me, and I didn’t even miss it. Who knew?!

I have been trying to ‘go log-less’ a few days a week to see how I do, and yesterday, by nature of the day, was one of them. I was completely satisfied with a small breakfast, Easter dinner,  and a snack later on. My body is so used to my ‘number’ that it almost self-regulates itself now. It’s the coolest thing to realize and see in action. Almost a year later, this approach just works for me.

Speaking of a year later, the pictures of me from Easter last year and this year are amazingly different. I am looking forward to my sister and my one year-barre-o-versary and I am thinking of doing a before and after picture. Maybe. Still debating on it, but I just want to capture the essence of the change, inside and out. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize a mini epiphany here or there about my eating patterns now, feeling satisfied with wholesome foods and still being able to have some wine a couple days a week 😉

One of my cats, Kayla, was ill all day yesterday. I felt so bad. She looked exactly like a human would with a stomach bug. Lethargic, no appetite, just bleh. I was a worried kitty mama all day and night, but this morning, she greeted me with a little ‘trill’ and shake of her floppy tail and she seems much better. Sometimes I think a little kitty ‘bug’ reminds me not to take my furchildren for granted. I love them so!

Overall, the weekend was fantastic. Celebrating Easter with family (sans Jess and Scott, but I was able to spend Saturday evening with them with the ‘girls night’ crew, so that felt like our mini-Easter celebration, with our friends!), enjoying some good, quality time with family, and taking each day in stride.

So there ya have it…some musings and memories of the weekend, and what was that was on my mind, sort of mini-blogs all wrapped into one. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and is celebrating the #littlethings of each day, and not just the weekend. I’m gonna try and do the same today and everyday 🙂

38 thoughts on “Easter weekend, musing-style.

    1. Kitty is good! She looked so sickly! Poor thing. My grandparents are awesome. I just love to be able to spend time with them, and hear their stories, and laugh with them. And seeing how much they really like M is just an incredible feeling!

  1. I love that this weekend reminded you just how great of a team you and M are. It’s probably the most important quality in a relatoinship – to feed off of eachother’s strengths and to develop that “team” mentality early on in a relationship. It’s that “team” mentality that will carry you two through anything and everything in life, from hosting fabulous parties, to getting through stressful life events together. You two are so awesome and I love seeing the growth you two make together, and as individuals, as time goes on. I LOVED spending time together Saturday night too –it was sorta like “friendsgiving” but Easter-eve style, huh?

    1. We are an excellent team! He is a good host, very engaging and I LOVE that about him. Remind me to tell you when he accidentally whipped his spoon at Grampa though, that was hysterical 😉 (Saturday night was Easter-giving with friends! so fun).

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend! And I must say, my mouth watered just a bit (ok, A LOT!) when I read over your menu. MMMM! Carrot soup and leg of lamb, be still my beating heart!

    Loved catching up on your blog this morning….it is so refreshing to read because your writing shows that you are in such a comfortable, happy place. 🙂 And your new hair cut…super cute! Love layered bobs. Wish I did not have such curly hair so that I could pull off that look!

    1. LOL! The meal was SO GOOD! I am so glad it turned out so well. And I am touched that you caught up on my blog! so sweet. I am in a comfortable place, it’s a good feeling!

    1. Thank you friend! Yes, they are doing wonderfully, all things considered. And I appreciate them and love them so much each day!

  3. That sounds like an amazing weekend! The meal you served sounds AMAZING – You two are a couple of awesome chefs!

    It’s so great that you’re able to have your Easter dinner with so many generations of your family – mine was the same, and I am so grateful for that. From grandparents to second cousins – we were all there.

    I’m so glad your kitty is feeling better – I hope she stays better. I always worry so much about my little furbaby when something doesn’t seem right!

    1. Dinner was AWESOME! You’ll have to come over…and bring dessert 😉 Your Easter sounds great too, love a big family gathering 🙂 Kitty is much better, thank you!

  4. I am dying for family pics!! I love seeing you all in action. too cute. And yea for log-less weekend. I didn’t even know you did log. It’s freeing to go without!

    1. It did feel freeing! I am slowing trying to wean myself off it, and each time get more confidence that I can do it and not fall into old habits!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Your grandparents remind me of my grandma. She lives on a lake in northern Minnesota and still goes swimming all the time, too. I hope I can remain as active later in life!

  6. I’m glad you had a great Easter. Mine wasn’t too bad…but not that great either. CB’s uncle died, so he’s been really sad. His mother flew in today and I got to meet her. It’s been a whirlwind, but nice to meet her, even though the circumstances aren’t that great. But on a whole, it’s been good reflecting on Christ’s resurrection.

    1. So sorry to hear about CB’s uncle. That’s so sad, and what circumstances to meet his mom. But so great you can be there and support him through this right now. ((hug))

  7. I love hosting holiday meals because I love seeing people enjoy what my husband and I put together. We made brunch this year and I was so proud of how it turned out as well. I had thought about making lamb but changed my mind at the last minute. I am thinking we need to try it next time.

  8. Sounds like you had such a great weekend! Easter dinner sounds amazing and your grandparents sound so awesome!! It’s great to be able to celebrate the holidays with so many generations. I hope you’re kitty is feeling better! And I do think that you should do before and after pics. Just saying…

  9. I ate enough candy for us both, sadly:)

    You are incredibly blessed to have great grandparents. We still have my nanny and she’s active as ever.

    Glad you had a wonderful Easter.

  10. Sorry about your kitty. 😦 I hope she’s feeling back up to her kitty self today.

    As for your Grandparents, man, I’m so happy they’re healthy enough to partake in some silly shenanigans together!!!

    And you, my friend, DO look a lot different this year…you guys look Barre-ific!!! Okay, wow…cheesy much? 😀

  11. Aw, your family sounds amazing… how lucky to have grandparents in their late 80s still so active and energetic, very inspiring!

    Congrats on all the positive changes as well : ) So neat to look back on previous years, huh? Oh and by the way, way to go on the lamb! The entire menu sounds absolutely delicious,

  12. Aww – this made me smile! I’m not surprised that you and M are such a great team! Need to see if there are photos on Facebook :). xoxo

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