Some Friday #littlethings I’m lovin’…in pics!

I’m still digging these random Friday posts, so let’s have at it again, shall we? I decided to pick a few #littlethings I’m lovin’ this Friday, per my post earlier this week. Enough of this can’t-wait-ing’ syndrome, let’s enjoy the small things that make the world go round, right?

Changed up the running route this morning meeting my friend Steph for a #rundate at a lake a few towns over. This was the view this morning. Was a phenomenal run and though I had in my head 7, we did 5ish and I'm at peace with that. Good run outweighs miles. Post on that for next week...
I've been coming up with loaded salad concoctions like a champ of late. This one's got sprouts, cooked yellow beans, yellow tomatoes, mini peppers, chia and a few pieces of turkey rolled up with laughing cow. Mighty scrumptious this week.
My "Lentil Tuesday" kick continues. Made this for sister dinner with Jess, spicy lentil, kale and sweet potatoes! SO yum. (if you've seen my pinterest boards, they are filled with lentils, oatmeal and more lentils of late!)
Got my haircut this week! Choppy layers, sunkissed highlights and a few more bangs. Occurred to me that I haven't had layers in ages and forget how to style them. Playing around with them today, choppier/flippier. Cute. (M loved it)
I am in dire need of some niece hugs and kisses! Good thing M and I are hosting Easter on Sunday with the fam and grandparents (who haven't seen our place yet!). ❤

Just a smattering of things I’m lovin’ this week (and this GOOD Friday, to be exact!). What about you? Any #littlethings that made your week just a little bit better?  Cheers friends, have a wonderful weekend and Easter (if you celebrate).




28 thoughts on “Some Friday #littlethings I’m lovin’…in pics!

  1. I’m still dreaming of that dinner from the other night – the one I so smartly dubbed the “kale/sweet potato conconction ala Jolene” when I put it into my food log. hehe 😉

  2. I love the pretty, yummy food concoctions and your hair looks absolutely fabulous. Maybe I’ll chop mine off come summer or do something drastic; in need of a change! Luckily, my mom’s a hairdresser so I’m sure I can be her guinea pig hehe

  3. Love your haircut and your yummy yummy meals! They are starting to inspire me 🙂 You are so right – it is the little things that make a difference. The #littlethings for me this week were my crazy kids who have been recreating Easter egg hunts in the house all week long. Also my doc telling me that I should be trying to walk. Apparently I was already supposed to be doing that but didn’t realize it. Oops!! Yeah, a step towards recovery!!

    1. Thanks!! If I can inspire you, that is so awesome 😉 And post what you make and then I can try them too! I love your #littlethings! And yay for being able to start walking!

  4. LOVE the new cut, girl!!!

    And of course, I love the little cutie pants!!!!

    By the way…your colorful eats? They’re inspiring me to get off my ass and get creative again. My mind’s been so foggy lately, I have forgotten how to really whip up a good meal.

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